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California Giving Reparations To Victims Of Forced Sterilization

slave reparations

California is set to pay reparations to the victims of eugenics, which is a practice that determined that certain people, including those with mental illness or disabilities, shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce due to “undesirable traits.” Once approved, the state will give about $25,000 to the survivors who experienced sterilization, as …

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California Middle School Students Assigned Huffington Post Op-Ed ‘Why I’m A Racist’; Parents Outraged

The "Why I'm a Racist" assignment at Oak Middle School.

California middle schoolers allegedly said an assignment surrounding a Huffington Post op-ed made them “uncomfortable.” Earlier this year, students at Oak Middle School in Orange County, California, were instructed to analyze a 2017 op-ed from The Huffington Post, titled “Why I’m a Racist.” The assignment immediately drew backlash from parents, …

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California Introduces $116 Million Covid-19 Vaccine Lottery


California announced its plans to give away $116 Million to incentivize people to get the COVID-19 vaccine before the planned reopenings in the state that begin in June. Governor Gavin Newsom announced the vaccination incentives, which include a chance for ten residents to win $1.5 million just for getting the …

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