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Coronavirus Triggers Cases Of Fungal Infections In India

covid-19 hospital

The coronavirus has triggered cases of fungal infections in India. The New York Post reports that the deadly Covid-19 virus is triggering a fungal infection, which could have a 50 percent chance of resulting in death. According to local reports, the outlet says the infection can also lead to blindness …

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Illinois Couple Turns Unused Van Into Mobile Dining Room

mobile van

With little options left for dining out during a pandemic, an Illinois couple turned their unused van into a mobile dining room.  Thanks to coronavirus, the couple’s business is old hold, leaving their van sitting for the time being. It gave Kim and Doug White the idea to use the van for …

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Doorman Attacked By Patron Refusing To Wear A Mask

Joshua Vaughan

A Texas doorman was attacked by a patron who refused to wear a mask after being asked multiple times to wear one inside of a bar. The altercation took place on Monday night at Houston’s Grand Prize Bar. Joshua Vaughan was stationed at the door when a customer entered with …

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Antarctica Reports First COVID Cases


Thirty-six COVID-19 infections have been reported on a Chilean research base in Antarctica, making the coronavirus a world-wide epidemic. “The detection of cases of COVID-19 in Antarctica will impact upon a range of areas, from planning and logistics of human activity on the continent through to high-level decision-making back home,” …

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