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Gangrene and Swollen Tongues Added To List of COVID-19 Symptoms

The list of COVID-19 symptoms continues to grow and now includes gangrene and swollen tongues, which is seen in the most severe cases. In Italy, doctors were forced to amputate three fingers of an 86-year-old woman back in April, after they’d turned completely black from developing gangrene. COVID-19 caused severe …

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WHO Confirms That Coronavirus “Most Likely” Stemmed From Animals

Man Dies From Coronavirus

The World Health Organization says it is unlikely that the coronavirus originated inside a Chinese laboratory. The announcement came on Tuesday following the WHO investigation into where the virus initially came from. Scientists have been working the past four weeks in the county where the first case was found, Wuhan, …

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Biden Administration To Send COVID-19 Vaccines To Retail Pharmacies


The Biden administration will begin distributing COVID-19 vaccines directly to retail pharmacies as early as next week. The administration will announce Tuesday, which will detail its plan to provide a limited supply of vaccines to pharmacies throughout the country to meet the growing demand for the vaccine and speed up …

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Oklahoma Wants To Return $2 Million Worth Of Hydroxychloroquine

Oklahoma is looking to return a $2 million supply of anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine purchased as a treatment for COVID-19. The large quantity of the drug was purchased after former President Donald Trump promoted it as a reliable remedy to combat COVID-19, despite clinical trials showing that the pill was nearly …

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The U.S. Has Reached 400,000 COVID-19 Deaths

The United States has reached 400,000 deaths due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and bypassed 24 million cases. The grim number was announced on Tuesday, as Donald Trump prepared to make his exit from the White House after a tumultuous presidency that drew wide criticism in most areas, including how …

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New Strain Of Coronavirus Is Detected In California

Coronavirus Updates

A new strain of coronavirus has popped up in California. Unlike the newer strain identified in the UK, a third strain of the virus has been seen in a dozen California counties, including LA,  health officials said Sunday. This comes as California has 3 million infections, with Los Angeles being …

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Multiple NBA Games Postponed Over COVID-19 Concerns

NBA Bubble

The NBA has been forced to postpone multiple games following a spike in COVID-19 cases sweeping the league. The New Orleans Pelicans and Dallas Mavericks game scheduled for Monday has been delayed, and the Boston Celtics matchup with the Chicago Bulls, which was initially slated for Tuesday. Over the weekend, …

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Florida Governor Will Not Prioritize Teachers For COVID-19 Vaccine

Ron Desantis

On Monday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced that teachers and other school staff members would not be prioritized for the COVID-19 vaccination. “Not at this time,” DeSantis confirmed during his press conference at an Orlando Health hospital in Seminole County when asked if educators would be amongst some of the …

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