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KY Officer Fired For Sharing Department Information With BLM Organizer

A Kentucky police officer has been let go over accusations that he gave a Black Lives Matter organizer department information about other officers working protests. According to Fox News, Lexington police officer Jervis Middleton gave the organizer information that could be used to “insult, intimidate and harass.” He was fired …

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Leader NFAC Militia Grandmaster Jay Arrested On Federal Charges

Grandmaster Jay Arrested

The Black militia leader ‘Grandmaster Jay,’ legally known as John Johnson, has been arrested on federal charges, WDRB News reports. Grandmaster Jay led protests last summer in Louisville, Kentucky as the leader of the “Not F***ing Around Coalition.” Court documents state he has been charged with “assaulting, resisting, or impeding …

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Cop Involved In Breonna Taylor’s Murder Says She’d Still Be Alive If Her Boyfriend “Didn’t Have Time To Get His Gun” and Bodycam Footage Would Exonerate All Officers

You know it’s the playing with our intelligence for me. According to one of the responding officers involved in the murder of Breonna Taylor, Taylor would still be alive if her boyfriend didn’t have time to get his gun. He also feels that bodycam footage would exonerate all of the …

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Over 100 Absentee Ballots Found In Kentucky Dumpster

mail in ballot

An investigation is underway in Jefferson County, Kentucky, after a contractor found 112 absentee ballots in a dumpster. “It is unfortunate that ballots and general mail was dumped by a disgruntled employee,” said Nore Ghibaudy, a spokesperson for Jefferson County Clerk Bobbie Holsclaw. In a statement to Newsweek, Special Agent …

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2 Louisville Police Officers Shot Following Grand Jury’s Decision To Not Charge The Three Officers Involved In Breonna Taylor’s Death With Murder; Suspect In Custody

Larynzo Johnson

Following the grand jury ruling in the death of 26-year-old Breonna Taylor, which resulted in a decision not to indict the three officers involved on murder-related charges, protests erupted in Atlanta, Chicago, New York, and Louisville where two officers were shot. A spokesman for the Louisville Metropolitan Police Department issued …

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Kentucky Attorney General Goes After ‘Celebrities, Influencers And Activists’ After Breonna Taylor Decision, Says Celebs And Other Social Figures ‘Will Try To Tell Us How To Feel’

Daniel Cameron

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron called out  the reactions to Breonna Taylor’s grand jury decision from “celebrities, influencers, and activists,” warning citizens to not allow famous people to “try to tell us how to feel.” The news that Taylor’s murderers would not face true justice is a decision that is …

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Kentucky Grand Jury Indicts One Officer In Breonna Taylor Shooting

Breonna Taylor's Murderer

The Kentucky attorney general has announced the highly awaited decision on the death of 26-year-old Breonna Taylor, one officer has been charged in connection to the case. The two other officers have not been indicted. On Wednesday afternoon, attorney general Daniel Cameron discussed the decision from the steps of the …

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