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“Grey’s Anatomy” 16th Season Cut Short Due To Coronavirus

Grey's Anatomy

The medical drama “Grey’s Anatomy” is shortening its 16th season in response to the real medical danger posed by coronavirus. According to Variety, ABC network announced Friday that the season finale of the long-running series will now air on April 9, which will be the 21st episode of the season. …

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What Has The Year 2020 Taught Us So Far?


So far, 2020 has been trash. Between tragic and unexpected losses, both high profile and personal, Coronavirus, and the never-ending political circus that has become the United States, it’s been a lot going on, and we are only in March. As an eternal optimist, I find myself trying to find …

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Over 300 New York Police Officers Tested Positive For Coronavirus

NYPD Precinct for Interns

Over 300 police officers in New York have tested positive for the Coronavirus, with many more still waiting to be tested. On Fox5 Morning Show, Police Commissioner Dermot Shea stated that 322 officers tested positive for COVID-19. These jumps are very significant,” Shea said. “What we’re seeing here is that, …

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Civil Rights Leader Joseph Lowery Dies Of Natural Causes At 98

Rev. Joseph E. Lowery passed away Friday at his home in Atlanta, GA, surrounded by family members, according to a statement made by his family. “He died from natural causes unrelated to the coronavirus outbreak, the statement said. The King Center in Atlanta honored Lowery in a tweet Friday night …

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Convicted Rapist Harvey Weinstein Test Positive For Coronavirus

Harvey Weinstein Times Up

Convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein has tested positive for the Coronavirus just 23 days after starting his 23-year State prison sentence, according to Daily News. The disgraced movie mogul is one of two inmates Wende Correctional Facility in Alden that has tested positive for the virus. According to officials, it’s possible …

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U.S. Treasury Secretary Says Quarantine Will Last 12 Weeks

Settle in, because the coronavirus quarantine will probably last into June , according to U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin. Mnuchin was featured on Fox Sunday and said he expects the outbreak to last 10 to 12 weeks. For tens of millions of Americans-that number will almost certainly grow  which means …

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“You’re An Imbecile, And Especially A Threat To Yourself.”: People Throw “Corona Parties” Worldwide, Ignoring Government Orders to Stay Home During Virus Pandemic

People Throw “Corona Parties” Worldwide

From Florida to Australia, to Germany to France, young people ignored government orders to stay indoors and threw “corona parties” worldwide. “Some consider they’re little heroes when they break the rules,” French Interior Minister Christophe Castaner said. “Well, no. You’re an imbecile, and especially a threat to yourself.” According to …

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