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Young Thug Goes Back To Court For Criminal Drug Case

Young Thug

Prosecutors in Young Thug’s criminal drug case have filed an appeal against the recent decision to throw out all evidence, which means the Atlanta rapper is headed back to court. Thug called the legality of the traffic stop into question in court and the judge agreed that the traffic stop …

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NBA Youngboy Charged In Atlanta Drug Case

NBA Youngboy

NBA Youngboy has been officially charged in his Georgia drug case from February with two misdemeanors, possession of less than an ounce of marijuana and disorderly conduct. Although the charges are only misdemeanors, they could impact his separate and ongoing criminal case. NBA was previously arrested along with a female …

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Stagehand At Coachella Dies While Setting Up For Festival

Stagehand at Coachella dies

A worker setting up for next weekend’s start of the Coachella festival died tragically on Saturday.  The stagehand was helping to assemble one of the many stages at the venue site and fell about 60 feet from some scaffolding. Eyewitnesses on the ground said the guy was climbing the scaffolding …

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