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Battleground Lawsuits Rebuke Texas’ Lawsuit To Invalidate Millions Of Votes


Four states targeted in a lawsuit by Texas filed blistering briefs in the Supreme Court on Thursday. The lawsuit aimed at overturning Donald Trump’s election loss, CNN reports. Pennsylvania’s defense team called Trump’s campaign team’s effort a “seditious abuse of the judicial process.” The three other battleground states included Georgia, …

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Amy Coney Barrett Has Been Confirmed To The U.S. Supreme Court

Amy Coney Barrett

Judge Amy Coney Barrett has been appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court just days before the election. Republicans voted 52-48 to approve Barrett. Senator Susan Collins was the only Republican who voted against Trump’s pick.  The appointment of the 48-year-old Republican and devout Catholic has already been the topic of …

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In Historic Ruling, Supreme Court Protects LGBTQ Rights

House Democrats Introduce Bill Seeking To Establish Term Limits For Supreme Court Justices

In a landmark ruling, the Supreme Court ruled that an existing civil rights law will extend protections to gay, lesbian, and transgender workers. The decision on Monday said Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which bars discrimination based on sex, also covers sexual orientation. The decision upheld …

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