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Popular Hairstylist Charged For Violence During Capital Riot

A well-known Beverly Hills hairstylist has been charged after using a bullhorn to yell at Capitol police officers during the Capitol riot. Gina Bisignano was charged with several crimes relating to storming the Capitol on January 6th with fellow Trump supporters. She is one of many rioters believed to have …

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QAnon Leader Tells Followers To Move On With Their Lives

Prominent Pro-Trump QAnon leader Ron Watkins has told his followers to get on with their lives following Donald Trump’s presidential defeat.  Watkins, who ran a popular message board that held QAnon discussions, has told dedicated believers of the conspiracy theory on Telegram that it was time to get back to …

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Donald Trump Impeachment Trial Could Begin On Inauguration Day


Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial could begin on the same day that President-elect Joe Biden is sworn into office. Trump will face trial when he leaves office on January 20th after being impeached on Wednesday. The impeachment comes one week after he encouraged his supporters to storm the Capitol in …

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Washington D.C. On Lockdown Ahead Of Inauguration

Washington, D.C. has decided to lock down the week before the presidential inauguration in anticipation of violence. The deadly riot at the Capitol on January 6th has “impacted the way we are approaching working with our federal partners in planning for the 59th inauguration,” Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser said on …

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Every Deleted Parler Post & Location Data Have Been Archived


It has been discovered that every deleted post on the Parler app has been archived, including those containing location data. Parler has been called into question for its involvement in helping Trump supporters plan the deadly Capitol riot on January 6th. A single researcher, who asked only to be identified …

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Philadelphia Detective Being Investigated For Her Role In Capitol Riot

The Philadelphia Police Department is investigating one of their detectives for her role in the pro-Trump riot that gripped the Capitol on January 6th. Sources close to the department confirmed that detective Jennifer Gugger was removed from her position in the Recruit Background Investigations Unit on Saturday. Her removal comes …

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Georgia Attorney Admits His Involvement In Capitol Riot: “The Deep State Cannot Stop Us”

A practicing Georgia attorney has admitted his involvement in the Capitol riot that took place Wednesday. In an exclusive interview with the Atlanta Newspaper, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, attorney McCall Calhoun said he was among the many that stormed the Capitol doors on Wednesday when a mob—self-described as “Anti-Communist Counter-Revolutionary—breached the U.S. …

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Man Holding Nancy Pelosi’s Lectern In Viral Photo Arrested

Adam Johnson

Florida authorities have apprehended the man seen in a viral photograph carrying Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s lectern through the Capitol’s halls during Wednesday’s violent pro-Trump attack. Adam Johnson is said to be the man waving at a camera as he casually strolls through the Capitol halls holding the lectern. He was …

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Trump Supporter Charged After Forcefully Exhaling Onto Two Women

Raymond Deskins

A Trump supporter has been charged with assault after he forcefully exhaled onto two women outside of Donald Trump’s Virginia golf course. Another day, another Trump supporter getting caught doing something nasty and weird. On Saturday, 61-year-old Raymond Deskins was caught on camera pulling air into his mouth and blowing …

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