Tales From An Industry Insider will be a series every week. I was asked by the person to post it for them.

(All the stories are 100% true – the names of the people are changed to protect the guilty)
So I skipping around in my lifes experiences to wrap up the tale of Teasha and Jess.

So about 4 years go by and I’m living in NY working for another label but I’m still cool with the old label they just had budget cuts (anyone in the music business knows it’s nothing but musical chairs). But I go back home (and I’ll never tell where that is cause everyone would instantly know who I am) for a vacation. Now anyone from where I’m from knows it’s super boring on any days other than fri or sat. So on a random tues (or maybe weds it was a week day damnit) I float off to this random strip club in the hood. So while I’m there I’m fucking with the dj working records from my artists. So he plays some new music from one of the lesser artists at my old label. And this one stripper knows the song word for fucking word. So I ask how do you know this guys song. She (let’s call her dee dee)says my sister put me on him. Now what you’ve got to realize is that unless you know him personally or you live on his block in Brooklyn, there’s no way in hell you know about him. So I ask who is her sister and she says teasha…I swear to God my jaw hits the floor. And I’m like get her on the phone. Sure enough it’s THAT TEASHA!!!! So after a little back and forth she says she’s going to drive where I am later that night when she gets off work. So in the mean time she tells her sister to “entertain me” until she gets there. So DeeDee takes me across the street to her Apartment (if you want to call it that) and shows me that freak must be hereditary because she was just as freaky as her sister. So about 4 hours go by and there a knock on the door and who is it but Teasha. So she runs up to me and hugs me, she hasn’t really changed in 4 years except for her hair color. So after we exchange pleasantries she goes on to tell me that after I put them on the bus in atlanta (she and Jess) they got kicked off the bus at the stop in Greensboro NC for smoking weed. So they didn’t have any money to get back home. And her mom wouldn’t send them any money cause she couldn’t stand her for getting the car impounded.

So what she wound up doing was just as crazy. While we where all in Raleigh on the tour we went to a strip club. While there she had gotten the owners number. Now Raleigh and greensboro are about a 45 min drive from each other. So when they got kicked off the bus they called him and explained their situation so the club owner drove down and told them they could work there that night get some money and go home in the morning.

BUT as you’ve seen so far stuff doesn’t go exactly as planned on Groupie world. So they go to club and 1 night turns into 2 then 3 then a week. Keep in mind they are sleeping in whatever bed they can. So after that week and scraping up $500 (it’s raleigh nc not atl or miami so don’t laugh at the amount) Teasha gets on the bus to go home only to find out her mom has changed the locks to the house and won’t let her in. So she then goes to live with her dad in South Carolina for the next few years. So I ask her what happened to Jess and her kids. And she says that all she knows is that Jess stayed in Raleigh and has no clue what happened to her (that was pre-email days and only people with money or real jobs had cell phones to keep in touch).

Now to jump around a little so you know what happened to Jess, while I’m there (at home not at the strip club) I meet my ex-fiancee (her groupie story that made us break up is coming). So we are dating for months. So it’s now time to go meet her family. It just so happens that her family lives in raleigh. So while in Raleigh I go out for some “bonding time” with her cousin BO. BO is a security guard and has worked at most of the clubs in the area. So he asks me what’s some of the craziest stuff I’ve seen in the business. And as I’m telling this same story to him that I’m telling you, he stops me right around the part of them getting kicked off the bus. And he says to me ” that sounds like these 2 dancers I used to know” he says that they showed up at his club one night with the owner and started dancing barefoot cause they didn’t have stripper heels but where all proud cause they just spent the week with the unnamed rapper and where showing pictures and what not. Even crazier he tells me that one stayed in town about a week and vanished (Teasha). So I tell him that I know what happened to her but no one knows what happened to Jess. What he tells me next I wouldn’t have believed if I hadn’t lived most of this first hand. He says that Jess winds up “dating” this other girl that worked at the club and moving in with her. When Jess finds out that DCW has her kids but are placing them with the father, she sees no reason to go back home so she spends about a good 2 months in Raleigh gets pregnant by some local dope boy and gets caught taking a key of coke up to jersey for him and gets 6 yrs federal time.

Now back to Teasha. Seeing as how I’m back in touch with her we hang out a few times (hey she gave great head). So when I got back to NY. I invited her up. The weekend she decides to come there’s a big show in Manhattan with some of my new artists and my old label. Once the old guys see her they already know what time it is. While I’m setting up the list and talking with the promoters, these guys start a train. Put it like this by the time I come backstage (as I understand) she’s sucked off everyone from main artists to the dj’s record carrier. Now once again there’s a catch. She never took off from her 9-5 job. So the next time I see her she’s on the pole at the same strip club with her sister. But the crazy part is she’s not mad at any of this. To this day she swears that those where the best times of her life. Go figure.

I’ve got tons more of these but I’m only going to give you the ones that make you say shame. And who knows I might have a story about one of you out there.

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