Taliban Official Says Amputations and Executions Will Resume

The Taliban has announced that it will reinstate the practice of performing amputations and executions on people as a way to enforce their idea of Islamic law.

In an interview with the Associated Press, former Taliban leader Mullah Nooruddin Turabi told the news outlet that foreigners should be warned not to get involved with the new regime in Kabul.

“Everyone criticized us for the punishments in the stadium, but we have never said anything about their laws and their punishments,” said Turabi. “No one will tell us what our laws should be. We will follow Islam and we will make our laws on the Quran.”

Since the U.S. exited the country, the Taliban has reinstated the Ministry for Propagation of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, which the U.S. had abolished while occupying the country. Some of the strict and brutal rules the Taliban has enforced include making women wear burqas, forcing men to grow beards, and prohibiting smoking and other forms of entertainment.

Convicted thieves, murderers, and other alleged criminals have been subjected to amputations. Others have been executed. “Cutting off of hands is very necessary for security,” Turabi told the AP.

Some of the changes the Taliban has made are their new decision to allow people to watch television and use mobile phones, which they say is “because this is the necessity of the people, and we are serious about it.”

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