Social Justice Leader Tamika D. Mallory Calls Out White Male Music Producer JW Lucas Over Alleged Harassment

Social justice leader, advocate, and community organizer Tamika D. Mallory says a white male music producer has been harassing her online.

On Tuesday, Mallory took to Instagram and shared screenshots of a conversation between her and music producer JW Lucas whose Instagram handle appears to be “jwlucas702.”

“This is typical white male privilege and disrespect for Black women. I have asked #JWLucas jwlucas702 to stop harassing and contacting me. He continues to find ways to contact me. A white man choosing to track me down and make comments and to tell me about other Black people that he claims to be working with since he defamed and disrespected Breonna Taylor and her family,” Mallory wrote in her post’s caption.

She continued: “I am so tired of white men and their racist obsession with Black women. I hope Black people (especially Black men) will see this message and understand what Black women go thru on a regular basis. By the way…my book is doing AMAZING!!! Thank you all for the support! And my podcast @streetpoliticianspod is the people’s podcast. We don’t talk about nonsense, we cover topics to inform and educate our community. You should all be listening.”

In the texts shown, the man claims that he can contact whoever he’d like on the internet, especially “when they are one of the most divisive humans on earth.” Mallory responds, saying, “You are harassing me. I have told you several times not to contact me. This is harassment.” The man then calls her names and says her book is going “to flop.”

No matter how many times Mallory tells the man to stop direct messaging her, he continues to DM her and eventually sends her a photo that is now viewed from the screenshots. “Since you decided to contact and harass me again, I’m calling my lawyer this morning,” Mallory says. The man responds, “Do what you have to do I have multiple lawyers encouraging me to sue you for defamation.”


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