Tamla Horsford Was Suspiciously Murdered During A “Football Moms” Sleepover With 7 White Women & 3 White Men, No Charges Have Been Filed

40-year-old, wife, and mother of five, Tamla Horsford, was murdered during what was supposed to be an all women slumber party, and nothing has been done about it. 

Horsford of Cumming, GA, was found face down in a yard after she attended a “football moms” sleepover on November 4, 2018, which included seven white women and three white men at a home in Forsyth, GA. Horsford was severely beaten on her head and face, and her body was discovered by the homeowner’s aunt around 7:30 a.m. However, 911 was not called until 9:30 a.m.

One of the men in attendance was Jose Barrera, a former probation officer for Forsyth County Court. By “coincidence,” his girlfriend owns the home, where the incident took place. According to reports, Barrera was terminated from his job as a pre-trial officer on December 20th after he accessed personal information of at least five people and used his position to access confidential files on an ongoing investigation, in which he was a witness in Horsford’s investigation.

Michelle Graves, a close friend of Horsford, told WSB-TV in Atlanta that the original story was that Horsford drank too much and passed away from alcohol poisoning. She also said her friend might have fallen from the second-floor balcony, but ultimately she just wants to know what happened to her. Graves told reporters that party attendees tried to intimidate her when she questioned Horsford’s death, even going as far as to have her arrested. She then said she learned through a warrant affidavit that one of the attendees, Barrera, had access to her information. Another “coincidence.”

Major Joe Perkins told Forsyth County News, “What Barrera did may not rise to a criminal level, but we’re outraged as a sheriff’s office about it.” However, no charges were filed against Barrera for that incident nor was he investigated in Horsford’s death. “It didn’t violate the law,” Perkins said, referring to Barrera accessing personal information. “But it did violate trust with us.”

For three months, Horsford’s death has gotten little to no media coverage and all partygoers, remain free. There’s also no further information on the investigation from law enforcement. Now, the homeowner’s attorney has released a statement about the case, claiming it’s a wrongful accusation. The statement claims Horsford’s death certificate was filed by Forsyth County Coroner, and her cause of death was falling from the balcony in addition to “acute ethanol intoxication,” but the family still hasn’t even received a full autopsy report yet. The attorney’s statement said the party attendees have been receiving death threats, which “need to stop.” 

Tamla Horsford left behind her husband, Leander, five sons, Jayden, Payton, Gaven, Braydon, and Mason, ranging in age from 4-14, and her stepdaughter, Akieshma. 

#JusticeForTamla NOW!

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