Tell Your Friend To Mind Her Business

When Andrew Bynum of the Los Angeles Lakers said the reason the team wasn’t playing well in the playoffs could be because they had trust issues, he may have been referring to a little rumor that has been floating around the Laker locker room. Rumor has it that Pau Gasol had been cheating on his fiance while on the road. Apparently Kobe Bryant shared this tidbit of information with his wife Vanessa who then in turn told Gasol’s fiance and lead to their break up.


In my opinion, this was the perfect time for Vanessa to mind her business. Allow me to explain why. First of all, Kobe and Gasol don’t strike me as the type that play golf together on the weekends nor do I think Vanessa and Gasol’s fiance are BFF’s. No matter what or how much she thinks she knows, it was not her place to put Gasol’s alleged infidelity on blast. In the end these actions may have caused the Lakers to lose their shot at the championship, and for what? We all know these ballers are doing dirt Vanessa, even yours!


I believe that unless this person is a CLOSE relative or a very close friend, you should keep your mouth shut. Let’s be honest, you didn’t tell her because you felt that you were doing the right thing. You told her because you wanted to inject yourself into someone else’s business, probably to avoid the drama that you have in your life. You didn’t have any emotionally invested reasons for sharing information that you weren’t 100% sure about, nor are you trying to spare her feelings or keep her from getting hurt. Frankly, it’s just being messy. Understandably, there are a small percentage of people who are genuine and want to help someone. They feel that if someone is possibly getting mistreated they should say something. But face it, you guys are not best friends, this is not THE GAME and you are NOT IN THE SUNBEAMS! The only reason you should divulge this type of information to a woman you aren’t close to is if it involves you. Let that man get caught in his own web of lies and tend to yours.


And this isn’t the first time Kobe Bryant has done this….

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