Ten Members of Phi Delta Theta Receive Warrants from LSU Police After Fraternity Pledge’s Death

Ten members of Phi Delta Theta fraternity at Louisiana State University have just been issued warrants of arrest by the university police.


After the investigation of Maxwell Gruver, a freshman, who died last month pledging the fraternity during a night drinking game. Officials have determined that the case has gone from hazing to a homicide – which are the exact charges.

Ernie Ballard, a University spokesperson, said in an email that the students turned themselves in on Wednesday to LSU police, according to NPR.

Police officials said they found Gruver dead from a drinking game the frat called “Bible Study.” The rules were for pledges to be quizzed on facts of the fraternity. If a pledgee answered wrong, they were ordered to drink.

All 10 of the members have been charged with hazing, except one, Matthew Naquin who was charged with negligent homicide.

Accounts of the incident date back to Sept. 13th when Gruver participated in the game.

Witnesses say they, “noticed Gruver was highly intoxicated at some point after midnight and laid him on the couch before leaving for the night,” according to the school’s newspaper, The Daily Reveille.

The next morning Gruver’s body was motionless and he had yet to move from the couch he was placed on. He was then taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The Reveille reported Wednesday that the East Baton Rouge Coroner, William “Beau” Clark ” confirmed Gruver’s death was an accident. Clark said his death was a result of “acute alcohol intoxication with aspiration.” Gruver’ alcohol level was a .495 at the time of his death.

The university has stayed on contact with Gruver’s family and kept them up to date on all arrests.

The president of LSU, F. King Alexander, said in a statement, “Today’s arrests underscore that the ramifications of hazing can be devastating. Maxwell Gruver’s family will mourn his loss for the rest of their lives, and several other students are now facing serious consequences — all due to a series of poor decisions.”

Phi Delta Theta was completely removed from the campus on Sept. 18th.

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