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NFL Spokesman, Michael Signora, confirmed further investigation into text messages sent to the Cleveland Browns during games.

None of the texts have been made public but are said to have been about staff and player changes as well as play calls. Who sent and received the messages, are also classified, but were enough to ruffle the feathers of offensive coordinator, Kyle Shanahan. According to Cleveland.com, the texts played a role in Shanahan’s leaving the team as he suspected they were an “interference from the front office regarding coaching decisions,” reported ESPN.com. Signora did not release or imply any other information concerning the messages other than launching a full investigation on the matter.

Texting on the sidelines is considered an infraction of the NFL’s rules on electronic devices and communication. And it’s no wonder why. Stipulations are applied from 90 minutes prior to kick-off until the end of the game, including halftime. Staff and players are also prohibited from using – below listed – electronics in locker rooms. The only exceptions are the “league-issued Microsoft Surface tablets,” used to view still photos on game day.

The rule, as written says: “Unless specifically permitted by league rules, the use of cellular phones, smartphones, tablet devices, computers, wearable electronic devices such as Google Glass, and other electronic equipment by coaches, players and other club personnel is prohibited in club-controlled areas including, but not limited to, sidelines and coaches’ booths.”


(NFL looks into texts sent to Browns’ sideline: Pat McManamon, ESPN.com Writer)


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