Tha Baller Alert Show: Episode 146 Featuring Upcoming Artist ELHAE

What’s up ya’ll? The Baller Alert Show podcast is back with a brand new episode, featuring upcoming singer-songwriter ELHAE (pronounced el-aye).

Episode 146 kicks off with Incase You Missed It where Su keeps listeners up-to-date with the latest news including, Chanel Westcoast claiming her Yung Money deal didn’t work out because Nicki Minaj wasn’t feeling her being part of the clique. Gorilla Glue Girl is coming for all the coinz, as she’s dropping her very own haircare line. Plus, Meg The Stallion graciously paid for a fan’s funeral service.

Baller Mail

“Dear Rari, I love my fiancé but I can’t STAND his daughter. She’s 12, and she don’t like me, and I don’t like her. I feel absolutely terrible about it. But this little girl is too disrespectful. I’m considering recanting the wedding over this little girl bc once I marry him, of course she comes with it. Pls help!”

Su and Rari share their opinions.

“This sounds like a problem,” Su said.

“I would suggest you guys explore counseling,” Rari mentioned.


Born in North Dakota, raised in Georgia ELHAE is an upcoming artist. He talks about going from being an independent artist to getting a label deal, the ‘love’ themes in his music, what and who inspires his music, touring and more.

Listen to the full episode below:


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