That’s Baller: Ghostface Killah Launching His Own Cryptocurrency

These days, most rappers have no problem investing in business ventures other than music, and Wu Tang’s Ghostface Killah is no different. So is he creating a clothing line? Will he invest in a liquor company? Maybe real estate? Nope, this emcee has chosen to put his money into a new cryptocurrency startup.

A play on one of Wu Tang’s biggest hits, Cream Capital, is a cryptocurrency firm that will operate similarly to Bitcoin. Ghostface will serve as the company’s Chief Branding Officer, and his fellow investors seem to be pretty excited about the partnership, including co-founder/CEO, Brett Westbrook.

“Ghostface is a very forward-thinking person and has a keen interest in emerging technologies. It’s hard to ignore blockchain tech today even when you’re a busy, touring hip-hop artist. I personally connected with him during a Reddit AMA on /r/hiphopheads last year when he was seeking tech-inclined people to work with in future technology focused projects.”

An initial token sale of the cryptocurrency, Cream Dividend, will take place on November 11th.

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