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Sunday night marked the 57th annual Grammy Awards. In the world of music, attending the award ceremony, let alone being nominated for the prestigious award is the pinnacle point for any artist and his/her work released during the eligibility time frame. It isn’t just another award show. Or is it? I can no longer tell. The coveted gold plated gramophone once depicted the hard work that many artists and creative partners poured their soul into. The performances were once electrifying. Now it appears it’s another award ceremony where the red carpet(albeit an enjoyable segment) matters more. The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) always seems to miss the mark more than nominated artists and fans would like. And yes, I know that everyone can’t win, but there were some categories that definitely deserved a revote ( Jeb Bush is that you?)


Well opinion aside (not really), NARAS managed to hit the nail with some of their selections. Lecrae scored a Grammy for Best Contemporary Music Performance. Sam Smith went to market at the Grammys landing four of the coveted awards. Beyonce received three including one with her husband. Pharrell scored three as well. Kendrick Lamar tied for two (if memory serves me correctly) with Eminem and Beck. I am still unsure how Beck scored Album of the Year or how Common or Schoolboy Q missed the Best Rap Album category, but eh, what do I know?  I was extremely happy for Robert Glasper and Toni Braxton. Good music deserves to prevail. Everything else was pretty much a blur because the drawn out ceremony failed to keep my attention. I think I have ADD. I take that back. I know I do.


Although some performances were less gratifying than watching paint dry, I did enjoy AC/DC and Ed Shareen. Pharell Williams’ grand performance was a great picker upper. Common and John Legend were pretty awesome. In fact, they were my favorite. I even enjoyed the Katy Perry set. However, most of the performances were really solemn. I didn’t know if I wanted to call my ex up and mend our relationship or just shoot myself.  I don’t do emotions well.(That is a post in itself). The Grammys pulled the stunt of the year with Beyonce. I suffered through waiting for Bey to give us another VMA performance and all we got was Bey displaying her wondrous range and riffs. No neck whipping or body rolling.[Sigh]. That last riff made me consider if I was living right. [The jury is till out on that.] Can I say Bey looked gorgeous in white? She was radiant.


You want to know my all time favorite part? Kanye almost pulling another Kanye.  The fact he caught himself said more than any words he could have offered. You can always count on Kanye to be Kanye. He is very consistent. That’s more than the some of us can say [excludes myself from the general population].  Did I miss anything? Probably so! You guys will fill in any voids as usual. I am so tempted to do a Baller Alert version of the Grammys. I might add a wild category like “Lyrics/Bars That Make No Sense”.



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-Niko Rose

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