The Baller Alert Show: Ep. 274 - Asia Nae Talks Stripping, Music and Dating

The Baller Alert Show: Ep. 274 – Asia Nae Talks Stripping, Music and Dating

Welcome to another episode of the Baller Alert Show, available everywhere you get your podcast. On this episode, the cast is joined by Asia Nae to discuss Tory Lanez, Ashanti & Nelly and Asia Nae’s journey to becoming a rapper.


“Did you all see that surveillance footage of TSA taking that man’s money out of his wallet?” asked OCT.

“How much are you all paying them people at TSA? Y’all not paying them enough if they steal people’s money,” asked BT.

The cast shared their stories of being checked at TSA and feeling uncomfortable.

“Tory Lanez’s motion of appeal for the Megan thee Stallion case was denied,” shared OCT.

“He’s not going to do ten years. He’ll probably do seven years,” said BT.

“Megan is getting a lot of slander,” said BT.

“Can we just leave Megan alone about this Tory thing anyway?” asked Ferrari. “She’s in a great space mentally.”

Love Vs. Money

On this episode, the cast discussed whether Ashanti and Nelly are together for love or money. 

“This is definitely love guys. This is a spunt block. He went outside the city limits and realized home is with Ashanti,” said Ferrari.

“I really think these two will continue to love on each other and start making out in front of everybody,” said Ferrari.

 “I do hope this lasts forever,” said OCT.

Pocket Watching

On this episode of Pocket Watching, the cast discussed Edwin Castro, who won $2.4 billion.

“This man bought four mansions. He’s probably building a real estate portfolio,” said BT.

“Even if he paid cash on these houses, it’s taxes on these houses,” said Ferrari.

The cast agreed that it wasn’t a smart purchase.

Asia Nae

“Where is Asia Nae from?” asked Ferrari.

“I was born in Maryland but moved to Atlanta as a baby. I don’t even rep Maryland at all,” said Asia Nae.

“How long have you been doing music?” asked Ferrari.

“When I first started rapping, I was dating a rapper. I used to be in the studio with him, and I’ll be coming up with words he should be saying. My little brother was making beats, and I started doing little voice memos on my phone. I went into the studio and started investing all my money into it,” said Asia Nae.

Asia Nae shared where the Mermaid Gang came from.

‘My sister watches all of my interviews, and she can’t wait to hear me tell the story of how she came up with the name. She started calling us mermaids. We used to call each other Powerpuff girls, Cheetah Girls, so she just started calling us Mermaids,” said Asia Nae.

“I’ve never seen Asia Nae dating anybody,” said Ferrari. “Is that never going to happen?”

“I like my men exclusive. Everybody got somebody,” said Asia Nae.

“Are you guys smashing on each other?” asked Asia Nae.

“Occasionally,” said Asia Nae.

“What do you have going on right now?” asked OCT.

Asia Nae shared that she has a fun song out and a visual.

“I’m opening up for Fredo Bang’s this Saturday,” said Asia Nae.

Baller Mail

“Dear Baller Alert,

My lady low-key hurt my feelings with a low blow during an argument. I mentioned it to her, and she called me soft. Now, I don’t want to share my feelings with her. Is this a good thing or a bad thing for our relationship?”

“Man, grow the hell up,” said BT. ” That’s lil tinder.”

“Sassy,” said Asia Nae.

“You gotta grow up and learn how to express yourself. You all going to hurt each other again,” said BT.

“When men let their guard down with a woman, they are in love,” said Ferrari. “For him to say that, it’s a little deep. Maybe she’s projecting some other shit on her.”


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