The Baller Alert Show--Ep. 422 Sukihana Joins the Cast to Discuss Viral Song "Eating," Love & Hip Hop, Whether Her Kids Listen to Her Music, Dog Walking Photo With NLE Choppa and More

The Baller Alert Show–Ep. 422 Sukihana Joins the Cast to Discuss Viral Song “Eating,” Love & Hip Hop, Whether Her Kids Listen to Her Music, Dog Walking Photo With NLE Choppa and More

Welcome to the Baller Alert Show, available everywhere you get your podcasts. Sukihana and Afro B join the cast to discuss Gabrielle Union, Rihanna & A$AP Rocky and Megan Good.

“Gabrielle Union says she and her husband go half and half on the bills,” said Ferrari.

“In my ideal relationship, I would like a man that proves for me and takes care of everything, but me personally, being a hustler, and I like to make money and provide. I would want to be paying for certain things,” said Sukihana.

According to Radar Online, billionaire Rihanna is in no rush to marry her baby daddy, A$AP Rocky. Agree or disagree?

“They’re already behaving like they’re married anyway,” said Afro B.

“I love A$AP for Rih Rih. I feel like that’s the man that she deserves,” said Sukihana.

Players Ball

What do you guys think about Ja Morant being caught with a gun on live for the second time?

“At that point, it’s his circle. Nobody is pulling him up,” said Afro B.

“One thing about America, black America, they do not like somebody messing up their money,” said OCT.

“He has a $230 Million contract, and it seems like it’s just a code of conduct that he’s violating,” said Ferrari.

“Is he being targeted? Is it any crime with that? If it’s not a crime, then he can do what he wants,” said Sukihana.

Love Vs. Money

On this episode, the cast discussed if Megan Good and Jonathan Majors are together for love or money.

“Megan good deserves the di** that she gets. She has been with that pastor for so long,” said Sukihana.

“I don’t think it makes sense,” said OCT.

“I think it’s fake,” said Ferrari.

“It would be better if she were dating NLE Choppa. That would’ve really been the news,” said Sukihana.


“My name is Sukihana, Suki With The Good C**chie. It came from a Chinese restaurant,” said Sukihana.

“Who would you say your personality comes from?” asked Ferrari.

“I wouldn’t say my personality came from my family. I’m not even like them. It just happened. I’m just this. I was born funny,” said Sukihana.

“I’ve been rapping since I was 6. I was the sweetest girl in class,” said Sukihana.

“You’ve been talking some shit in these records. what is the motivation behind Suki With The Good C**chie in these verses?” asked Ferrari.

“When I make music and some of the songs when I’m saying crazy shit, I think it’s funny and makes me happy.

“I’m saying shit that the average woman is scared to say,” said Sukihana.

“Sukihana shared that she came from a church family.

Who wrote that record?” asked OCT.

“I wrote it. What? Do you think I’m not a writer?” said Sukihana. “I’m an independent artist. I work with artists, but I like to write.”

“What’s your creative process when creating a hit record?” said OCT.

“I was very happy in my life when I made Casamigos. I wanted to sing about something that made everybody happy,” said Sukihana.

Afro B shared that he loves Suki because she works hard.

“Who inspired your song Eating?” asked Ferrari.

“When I made the record, I was just in the studio and got writer’s block. I made it and said, ” let me just put this out,” said Sukihana.

“Can we talk about Sukihana, the mom?” asked Ferrari.

“Do your kids listen to your music?”

“No. Why would they? I’m an adult entertainer. I raise my children to be children,” said Sukihana.

“One of my sons wants to be a rapper. I’m raising funny ass kids,” said Sukihana.

“Who does Sukihana talk to, and how do you deal with stress?” asked Ferrari.

“I just pray a lot and talk to God a lot. I ask God to order my steps in his word,” said Sukihana.

“Is Sukihana in a relationship?” asked Ferrari.

“I’m single,” said Sukihana.

Baller Mail

“Dear Baller Alert,

My man and my ex know each other, and it’s making me uncomfortable. I’ve been dating my man for about five months. During those five months, he randomly met my ex, and they often hung out. Yes, I admitted to my man that his new friend is my ex, and he’s completely cool with it. However, I am not cool with it at all.”

“She’s not cool with it? why?” asked Sukihana.

The cast agreed that she needed to tell her man not to be his friend anymore.

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