The Baller Alert Show: Episode 138 “Fanbase,” Featuring Special Guest, Isaac Hayes III

It’s a new week and you know that means the Baller Alert Show is back with a new episode! On this week’s episode, Ferrari, Octavia and special guest, Isaac Hayes III, chat about Shock G, Black Rob, Kanye West and more. Hayes III also talks about his new app, Fanbase, a social media platform that allows users to monetize their content via subscription.

Episode 138 kicks of with In Case You Missed It, where the crew shares information on Shock G’s and Black Rob’s funerals. This sparked the crew to talk about the Hip Hop industry’s need to push health care at record labels.

Next up, the crew discussed Pretty Ricky’s Baby Blue and his shooting incident, and how he popped up at the club not long after being shot.

“Heal from your wound sir,” Rari said, as the rest of the world was thinking.

The crew moved on to chat about the Yeezy and Walmart logo drama. Apparently, Walmart is not too happy with Kanye, claiming that Ye’s new logo design resembles their logo they’ve been using since ’07. Moving on, they also talk about Khaled’s new album, the covid-19 vaccine and more. Hayes III shared why he decided to take the vaccine. Octavia then updates listeners on the CDC’s new eased mask guidelines.


“This may be controversial but don’t judge me. I am craving, wanting, needing and desiring a married man. We happen to work together and I see him with his wife at social events. I smile in her face and kiss her ass but as soon as she is out of sight I am doing anything and everything for her husband’s attention. I text him pictures of myself along with dirty texts in hopes that he will “take the bait” He sometimes flirts back and I can tell that he wants me. He refers to me as caliente because I am Puerto Rican. I don’t think he is happy in his marriage because when he is around me I see him getting aroused. I have never felt this way about a man in my life. Please Help.”

Ferarri tells this woman, as she should already know, “You don’t mess with a married man.”

“I’m just letting you know, do not sleep with this married man. It could end real bad for you and him.”

Issac chimes in with his opinion, saying,

“You’re definitely setting yourself up for some bad karma.”

The conversation transitioned into one of the internet’s hot topics this week, thanks to a video of Steve Harvey from 2010 resurfacing saying that he doesn’t have female friends.

The cast discusses whether this serves true to them.

The show then wraps up with Isaac Hayes III talking about his new app, Fanbase and how people can invest in the company. Hear the episode in its entirety below:


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