The Baller Alert Show: Episode 141 Featuring “Quicksand” Singer Morray

The Baller Alert Show podcast is back with a brand new episode this week! Episode 141 feature’s “Quicksand” singer, Morray. He chops it up with the crew about new music, collaborating with J. Cole, family life & more.

The show kicks off with the crew noticing Morray’s new “ice” since the last time they saw him. The conversation transitions into Morray “come-up.”

“Who is Morray,” they asked.

“Morray is a regular guy that’s been through stuff like everybody else, whose really just trying to make better out of my worse,” the singer said. “Take everything I’ve learned from the bad, turn it into good and just be positive.”

He reveals his phone was turned off when he found out he got a record deal. Executives had to call his wife to let him know he had been signed.

Prior to “Quicksand,” he got his start in the church and was raised by a single mother.

“When you’re a boy being raised by a woman who had to work like a man, it’s really hard to figure out which ways to go. My mom worked so hard, I really didn’t have anybody to tell me ‘hey don’t do that, don’t do this,’ or to hug me – because she had to work so much,” he said.

Morray explained that as a result of this, he found himself trying to find himself in other people, often people who didn’t have their heads on straight. Later on, he had a realization of what type of person he really wanted to be.


“It’s easier,” Morray said when asked about his success and being married.


Morray reveals he got his deal in late July-August. He joked about not wanting to re-release his now hit single “Quicksand” out of fear that he would lose his initial 3K views.


Morray said he traveled the day after he got the call from J. Cole to work on the rapper’s latest projects. He shared how J.Cole embraced him and his crew when they showed at the studio.


“I really wanted this project to be me,” he said. “I want people to hear my project and be like, I know who Morray is now.” He then mentioned he hopes to collaborate with other artists on his next project, however, these artists have to be people he has genuine relationships with.


The Baller Alert Show podcast crew keeps listeners up to date with this week’s latest news including the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame inductees, new music from Migos, J.Cole and Nicki Minaj, plus in interesting news of the day: Rolling Ray claiming Nicki was inspired by him on her song, Fractions. The crew also chats about Tank revealing he’s going deaf, Porsha Williams‘ shock engagement and Pretty Ricky’s Baby Blue heading to prison for PPP Loan fraud.


Hey Rari, my lady is pregnant but I’m starting to have my doubts. We had a break and we each went and did our thing. We got back together and have been locked in since the break, but she pregnant and has been acting weird towards me like she is nervous about having the baby. If the baby ain’t mine when he or she arrives, I’m out. I can’t raise another’s man kid. Only issue is, I know the dude she slept with. We not cool or nothing, but what do you think? Should I approach her about it, mention it to him or be patient and let things play out?

Morray and the cast chime in with their opinions. Hear what they had to say and the entire episode below:

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