The Do’s & Don’ts Of Sexting

We live in a day in age where technology is all around us. More so, we live in a time where everyone is so busy that we can hardly make time for ourselves, let alone another individual. If we can’t make time for a loved one, how do we keep the spark alive? That’s easy, sexting. Sexting is the act of Text-Sex, sending flirtatious and sexual messages via SMS or MMS. Sounds corny until you’re horny. How else are you supposed to keep your Baller interested when he’s got an Away game?

Before you break out your smart phone and try for yourself, understand that their are certain rules to sexting that are designed to protect you. Check them out below and add more if you can.

1  – First rule is for the Ballers and other Public Figures, Never have your face or any visible tattoos in nude photos. Your face and body art are dead giveaways of your identity. Of course we’re not thinking about this when we’re sending nudes out, but as many Ballers before you have learned, people can be evil. If you absolutely must send nudes to your significant other, crop your face out of the pic.

2 – When sexting, mood is everything. Stay prompt with your reply. The minute your reply time begins to delay, the entire mood is lost. Once the mood is lost you realize just how foolish you are for sexting. Sexting shouldn’t be done if you’re busy. Stay interested and do everything possible to keep your significant other interested as well.

3 – Speaking of moods, be mindful of your use of smiley faces and emojis. These faces are used to be more funny than sexual. You can’t say something incredibly raunchy and follow it with a 🙂 , it’s a bit juvenile.

4 – Be mindful of the time. Try not to sext during church hours and understand that your honey may be busy during work hours. The best time to sext is late at night when you and your Baller are not busy, but are away from each other and missing each other. Sending a quick nude during work hours can be quite enticing also, especially if you are trying to get him riled up before he comes home.

5 – Keep it suggestive until mulual interest is expressed. The point of sexting is for both parties to not only be involved, but for both parties to benefit. Don’t embarrass yourself by forcing sext on a person who’s obviously not interested or too busy to participate. Use a few sexy keywords to let your Honey know you’re missing him and how much you want to see him. Gradually work your way up to the Sexting part once you have determined that everything’s a go.

6 – Angles! Angles! Angles! When taking photos angles and lighting are everything. I know most of you are not professional photographers but it’s so important to know the best angles to take photos at. Taking nudes is a full time job. Women, make sure you’re properly landscaped, clean and that the area around you is tidy. Men, if you’re not working with a huge member, try to keep your hands out of the photo, don’t take photos unless you’re completely erect and views from above tend to look best when we can’t see your feet.

7 – Be careful who you sext with. This really should be rule number one. I have a rule of thumb, If you have ever posted a screenshot of a text message before, you are on my “No Nudes For You” list. Don’t think that your nudes are safe in the hands of someone who has shown signs of putting people on blast whenever they don’t get their way.

What are some of your sexting rules?

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