The Fabulous life of K. Wilson – part 1 – Apparently, she has it all… (New weekly series from Lady Lynxx!)

‘Kay! Kay! Wait! You need to sign this release form before you leave…they’re going to try and get the first draft to the printers tonight…’ screamed Melanie breathlessly
Kay turned off the ignition on her executive 2008 Jaguar XKR coupé and let down the electric window so that Melanie could pass her the papers. Try as she might, Kay could never manage to leave the office before seven in the evening and have a regular social life like everybody else. She guessed that she couldn’t complain though; there were not many women that Kay knew black or otherwise, that owned their very own advertising company before the age of 32. ‘K-Maxx advertising’ was the baby that she had created after working in the heavily male dominated advertising industry from the age of 21. Back then she’d started as a lowly mail room assistant, which also meant being the coffee girl, collector of dry cleaning and any other degrading task that the pool of secretaries could think of dumping on her. It was only a chance conversation with the head of a rival advertising company on the subway home one night that changed her fortunes forever. He was looking for an assistant and decided to give Kay a shot at the game, from being in awe of her sharp wit and eye for detail. He didn’t actually find out the level of her previous job until she was headhunted by a much bigger firm two years later.

Even though she hadn’t bothered with the formality of going to college, Kay had the mental capacity to soak up information like a sponge. Over time, she began to build a strong reputation within the industry as one of the up and coming young hot shots; her specialty being the women’s middle-market beauty sector. By the time that she hit 30, Kay knew that there was nothing that anyone in the ad industry of the Unites States could possibly teach her that she didn’t already know. It was also at that point that she realised that there were no female orientated ad firms in the business. It would take another 2 years for Kay to build up the capital and compile a suitable business plan to present to a group of key investors. That was ten years ago and since then, Kay had never looked back.

She signed the document and watched her secretary run back into the office building before making her way onto the freeway. The digital clock on the dashboard declared that the time was 7:15; Kay smiled at the small consolation that by leaving work so late, she had missed most of the evening traffic.

At 42 years old, Kay had had the mis-fortune of being born in the 1960’s. While this certainly wasn’t a curse, it did however open an individual up to the possibility of possessing an unconventional first name. Her parents had seen fit to name her Klymaxx Aurora Wilson and in many ways her name had inspired the name of her own company. Most people were simply unaware that Kay had such a suggestive first name; wisely, the headmistress in her kindergarten school insisted that she be addressed as ‘Kay’ in the morning register and all school documents to save the ‘poor child’ from embarrassment as she put it. It still didn’t stop a few kids from making fun of her in the playground though. Kay learned to be tough from an early age since her parents had clearly subjected her to a given name that was sure to make her the butt of all jokes. Both being college educated professionals, Kay had expected them to know better. When she asked her mother one day why they had chosen such a name, Kay was told that her conception and the subsequent birth were the most climatic events of her mother’s life. Inwardly, Kay begged to differ considering the alarming rate at which her mother could consume a bottle of Jack Daniels. In the end, it was the alcoholism that broke up her parents’ marriage when Kay was just twelve. As a result of this, she swore she would never have children or get married, but had only managed to keep up half of that bargain.

Kay had planned to attend college like her parents and grandparents before her, but found herself pregnant with her son Troy David at the age of 18. After struggling to raise Troy with his father Frank for three years, Kay did the seemingly unthinkable and abandoned them both to go back home and live with her mother. Elizabeth Wilson was dying of cirrhosis of the liver and had no one else to take care of her in her last days. It took three long years for Elizabeth to finally die, but by that time the bond had already been broken; Frank had moved on and found himself a new girlfriend that doted on Troy as if he was her very own son. At the time, Kay was hurt by the fact that her young son didn’t even recognize her and addressed Frank’s new woman as ‘mama’. This point in her life also coincided with the meteoric rise of her career and if she were to be honest with herself, raising a kid would have only gotten in the way. On hindsight, Frank actually did her a favour. Kay made herself a part of Troy’s life whenever she could and more substantially, paid for his entire college tuition. Even though their relationship wasn’t perfect, mother and son had a reasonably good rapport; Kay thanked whoever was looking down on her from above that her son didn’t hate her. But then again she wasn’t really a religious woman, Kay was sure that the custom detailed Cadillac Escalade that she had presented him with on his 21st birthday had surely swung in her favor.

Once she got home to her spacious apartment, Kay jumped into the shower and got ready for the evening ahead. It was now past eight and she was expecting him to arrive just after nine that night; maybe by some small miracle she could grab a bite to eat. Kay didn’t usually like to have anyone over mid-week on a work night, but she didn’t mind bending the rules a little for Doug. As far as he his wife knew he was attending a late physiotherapy session, however the ‘therapy’ that Kay was going to give him was far removed from medical purposes. They had been doing this regularly for the past ten years since he met her as a young ad industry hot shot that was trying to start her own business. Doug was one of the prospective investors and took a liking to her ballsy attitude. The fact that he was fifteen years older than Kay and was also CEO of one of the top 100 companies on the Dow Jones didn’t seem to phase her one bit. He invited her for a drink and she invited him home after that. The rest was history.

Just before the clock hit nine, Kay set up the spare room and put on her outfit. When Douglas Buchanan arrived at her door, she made him wait a little before finally opening it. As usual, he dropped down to his knees once she shut the door.
‘Mistress Klymaxx…can we play tonight please’ he said in a voice too pathetic for a man of his stature
‘Did I say that you can speak slave?’ said Kay sternly
‘No mistress!’
‘Then from now on, only speak when you are spoken to. Now open your mouth you feeble dog!’
She put the ball gag in his mouth and put the straps behind his ears to secure it.
‘That’s better’ said Kay loudly ‘now follow me to the dungeon on your hands and knees’
Doug did as he was told and crawled on the floor behind her as she walked to the guest bedroom; her high round booty never ceased to amaze him and it looked even better in the patent leather panties that she was wearing. He looked down to the thigh high and equally patent black boots Kay was strutting in and instantly got hard. Doug knew that she would be mad that he was already aroused, but he just couldn’t help himself. Clearly, she was the only woman alive that could bring him to his knees. If it wasn’t for the fact that Kay had sworn herself off men and serious relationships, then he would have made her wife number two a long time ago.

Kay didn’t know why she liked being a dominatrix. It all started when she worked as a post room girl back in the day and needed a side hustle. With a sick mother to support and a young yet absent son, her small salary just wasn’t enough to make ends meet. She hated the lack of privacy of being a stripper and the degradation of being a prostitute. An ad in the back of a sleazy tabloid paper one day gave her the happy medium that she was looking for. Apparently there were many rich and powerful men that liked to be dominated by a woman behind closed doors; having sex with them was purely optional and many would pay to simply be spanked and humiliated.
Once she got into the game, it seemed that her parents had named her perfectly after all. Being Mistress Klymaxx helped Kay channel all her feelings of anger and resentment in her life and work towards a poor sap that would actually pay her for the pleasure of doing so. To this end, her driving license, passport and all other legal documents all held the first name of ‘Kay’. The only way that anyone could find out her real first name was if they happened to get a copy of her birth certificate. Thankfully, for the duration of her adult life thus far, nobody had ever bothered to.

Doug was sweating buckets by the time that she’d finished tanning his white hide with her leather covered paddle. She then took off the gag and he knew what was coming next; he salivated at the thought of it. Kay picked up one of her tools and lubed it up; she put on a strap-on dick and began to finger his asshole a little bit. She kept teasing it knowing that it would drive him crazy. Doug started to stroke his shaft at the risk of getting a slap for doing it without permission; Kay did what he wanted and expected by slapping his head sharply from behind. She then drove the sex toy into his butt and proceeded to fuck him quite hard. It turned her on no end to have a man so powerful on his knees being poked like a bitch; but she could never understand why Doug felt the need to be degraded in such a way. As she sped up the stroke, he continued to jerk off frantically like a man possessed; apparently, the best orgasm for him was when he simultaneously had a dick up his ass. Just as Kay was beginning to feel like they were going for a marathon workout; Doug announced that he was about to blow.
‘Please Mistress…can I come?! I need to come Mistress’ he cried
‘Are you begging me bitch? What will you give me if I let you come?’ she asked
‘Anything! Anything Mistress Klymaxx!’
‘Fine then…I want $10,000 in my checking account by the end of the week understand?’
‘Yes Mistress, anything! Can I come now please?! Please!’
‘Yes slave…you may come…do it all over my boots’

Kay pulled the strap-on out of his ass and stood up in front of his face; Doug looked up at her in ecstasy as he unloaded his prime stock onto her shiny boots.
‘Good boy slave…now lick it off’
‘Yes Mistress…’
Doug licked his own fluids off her boots and Kay cringed a little; it made her sick that he would do virtually anything for her and over the years she had fought her own conscience to make sure that she kept her demands of him in check. Doug was worth over $100 million, so the $10,000 that she had asked him for was only a drop in the ocean for him. Once he’d finished licking her boots, he wanted to service her a little bit.
‘Mistress…is there anything I can do for Miss Kitty tonight. I’d like to see her please’ he asked gingerly
Kay wanted to get an early night yet at the same time in her opinion, Doug gave the best cunnilingus this side of the moon. She also figured that a mind-blowing orgasm would help calm her stress levels a bit.
‘Miss Kitty wants to be licked’ said Kay and lay down on the bed with her legs spread open. Doug eagerly scooted over to her, and then struck a fat finger inside her. She gasped loudly and held his head in place firmly; his tongue moved a hundred miles an hour as he licked her clit with enthusiasm. The one finger became two since Kay had loosened up a little and Doug moved them in and out of her while tickling her g-spot simultaneously. He finally pushed her over the edge when he sucked her clit hard but kept his tongue action going from inside his mouth. Kay’s face contorted as she screamed from the shuddering orgasm.
‘Fuck me Doug! Fuck me now!’ she cried as the waves of pleasure took over her body
‘Yes Mistress…’ he replied and stuck his already hard penis into her waiting slit.
The subsequent pounding made Kay come a few more times until Doug begged her to let him release once again. This time around she let him come inside her; Kay’s tubes had been tied before Troy was a year old so and she had never worried about unplanned pregnancy since.

They took a shower together and once done assumed their regular identities. Kay would clean the room up once he had left as usual. They spent a few minutes enjoying coffee together in her kitchen and catching up with each other’s lives. She liked his company, but still found herself wishing that he would leave soon.
‘So what’s new in the world of K-Maxx advertising sweetie? I’m so proud of how well you’re doing Kay. Remember how it all started?’ asked Doug wistfully
‘Yes of course I do…and we’re doing great. I just signed a release form for the new Black Diamond haircare range that Ebony Laboratories want to launch; it’s gonna be a big deal and they’ve signed that hot r n’b singer Keyshia Keys to be the face of the campaign. The initial posters have gone into print as we speak…’
‘Wow Kay…that is a big deal! In fact I’ve met a few guys that are into your field that could help take your company to the next level. Have you considered partnership or even floating the business?’
‘No…I don’t want that. You know me Doug, I have to be in control…you know what happened to my mama’s business. I can’t believe that you’d even mention it!’
‘Oh come on honey…that was then and this is now. What happened to your mama was a result of her unfortunate ignorance and some slimeball opportunists. You and I both know that not everyone in the business world is like that or you sure as hell wouldn’t be head of your own company today. Just think about it okay. And how is young Troy? Seen him lately or is he busy chasing the ladies?’
‘What do you think…I haven’t seen him for two weeks, but I guess I’ve been busy as well. How is your family though…Dana and the kids?’
‘They’re fine as can be expected. Dana’s found a new charity in Africa that she’s passionate about and the kids are doing well with college. Nothing new…so same time next week?’
‘Of course Doug. Anytime for you…and drive safely’

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