The Fabulous life of K.Wilson part -12 – Confrontation – parts 1 & 2 (The Almira fight!)

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Kay walked into Jack’s apartment full of anticipation for a night of good loving after a hard day at the office. Once she was in, he kissed her the way he always did, yet seemed a little agitated. Kay dismissed it and decided to get on with the subject in hand. She made a gesture to stroke his arm, but missed as he sat down in front of his PC screen; he seemed to be concentrating on something.

Kay went ahead and said what she had to say in spite of this as a little R & R was the only thing that was on her mind.

“Hey baby, so what shall we start with the food or the sex first?” she asked.

“Well I was thinking we start with something different.” he said as he sat down at the couch and typed something in to his computer and turned the scene towards her.

“Sorry my connect is slow tonight,” he began, “I found out something very interesting at work yesterday and I thought we should start with that. Oh here it is, there…so care to explain this Kay, or should I say Mistress Klymaxx?” he asked smoothly.

Kay’s heart sank to the pit of her bowels as the full realisation of what Jack had discovered hit her; even though her face was not visible on the webpage, there were still enough detail on the body shot for him to recognize that she was indeed the dominatrix on display. She could not lie, there was no where to turn and while her old self would have brazenly asked him “so what?” the new Kay that was madly in love with Jack struggled to find a suitable explanation.

She put her face in her hands in despair; if only she’d shut the site down the previous weekend as she’d intended to; Jack would have never found out and they could have continued as normal. The truth was that Kay had procrastinated and it had cost her dearly; this was something that she never dared risk in business, yet she had left herself open to vulnerability in her personal life. Jack had his arms folded and lips pursed in wait for her answer.

“I’m waiting Kay…I’m hoping that you have a dammed good explanation for this,” he remarked coolly. Internally, Jack was as mad as hell but had an uncommon knack for keeping his emotions in check at all times.

“Jack…I can’t…I don’t know what to say; how can I even begin to explain?” she said.

“Well you better damn think of something because my patience for this situation is wearing thin.”

“Baby please…when I did that, I was a different person. I’ve changed so much since I met you Jack. What you see on that page is a representation of what I once was….”

“Oh please cut the bullshit Kay! It says that your last log in to the site was three days ago, that doesn’t seem so long ago to me. It’s just great isn’t it?” he said laughing, “I meet someone that I think I can finally have something substantial with, and she turns out to be…well I don’t need to finish that statement. We both know what is going on. So how much do I owe you so far Mistress Klymaxx? Were you gonna wait until I got hooked on it like the other losers on your site and then hit me with the bill?” he added scornfully.

“Don’t say that Jack! Please baby, it’s not like that! It’s not that way at all!” she begged.

“So how is it?!” he barked. “TELL ME SOMETHING KAY! Tell me that this is all some sort of mistake and that isn’t you on that webpage!”

Her silence confirmed what he already knew.

“You can’t can you? And to think that I discovered this as part of a simple computer diagnostic check at work. The link was on Jim Templeton’s machine report…the idiot actually looks your page up in his office. So Kay, is he once of your regulars? That how you kept up your JMC connection…by fucking him?”

“Oh come on Jack…please believe me; that isn’t the person that I am anymore! I was gonna even shut the site down last weekend. If I’d done that you would have never found out!” she cried desperately.

“And you wouldn’t have told me would you? You know….” He mused, “I guess this is a blessing in disguise. With Almira, I had no idea what I was letting myself in for when I married her; at least in your case I have the chance to get out before I get burned.”

“Jack! I am nothing like your ex-wife! I didn’t wanna tell you because I didn’t want you to get hurt!” Kay retorted. “Tell me, what would you have done if you were me?”

“Well for a start, I wouldn’t have been offering my sexual services for money. I wouldn’t have prostituted myself.”

“But put yourself in my situation?”

“Okay, okay!” he said softening a little. “But I don’t understand Kay; even before you became a millionaire, you were comfortable enough. You didn’t need the money…why would you do it?”

“I did need the money…well at first anyway. Troy was just a baby when I started to do Dom work. I didn’t have to have sex with the men; they paid handsomely enough to just be humiliated and teased. It was just that, when I broke up with Frank, I swore that I would never let another man into my heart ever again. I just dove head first into work and to be honest, a lot of the men that I worked for became my clients….”

“Oh now you’re telling me that you fucked your way to the top? Oh jeez, what else are you? An axe-murderer?”

“Call it what you want Jack,” Kay replied sternly. “As a female in this business, you’re either a secretary or some executive’s puppet. I wasn’t prepared to be either and I had to find a way to get people to be interested in me and take me seriously.” She explained. “I wasn’t gonna let a few blow-jobs or being bent over a table stand in the way of my success. Do you know how much power I wielded as a Dominatrix? Those men were putty in my hands and would do whatever and I mean whatever I asked of them; it’s not like I didn’t bust my ass in the office too, but when you have that kind of information on a man, he won’t try to fuck with you.”

She paused a moment following her tirade to look at Jack’s expression; he still had a stoic face, but at some level it was clear that she had gotten through to him.

“Jack, I was cold and ruthless before I met you. You’re the best thing that has happened to me in a long time and I’ve become a better woman for knowing you. Mistress Klymaxx isn’t all that I am; it was just an outlet at the end of the day…I’m come to realise that everybody needs love, even if they are searching for it in other ways.”

“So that room in your apartment…is that where you….”

“Yes – it’s called a “dungeon” Jack. That was where I did my work. To be honest with you, since Doug died, I’d been winding down anyway…my heart isn’t in it anymore.”

“You still didn’t answer me about Jim.”

“Oh…Jim was one of my clients until the bastard double crossed me. I’ve already punished him for that. But…Jack, please…please forgive me,” she said and got down on her knees to beg him earnestly. “I love you too much to let you go…please baby. We have a good thing, please don’t let this ruin it!”

Jack walked away from her, he didn’t know if he could forgive her…was this the only secret she held? What if she was just an “Almira Lite”, what then?

“Kay…I don’t know okay. I gotta take a walk. You can stay here if you like and wait for me to come back or you can leave. I need some time to think, alone.”

Kay sobbed into one of Jack’s cream leather seat cushions as he walked out and slammed the door. She wasn’t sure what fate befell them; but at this point, things didn’t look good at all.


Jack took a deep breath once he hit fresh air; a walk the part near his building would help to clear his head. The thought of what Kay had said hit him hard; who was he to judge her? It wasn’t as if he hadn’t made some mistakes in his life too neither was he innocent. The thing was that he had strong feelings for her and was finding it very hard to deal with the fact that she was basically a pussy for hire. Even though he hadn’t said the L-word to her yet, the way that he felt was pretty dammed close; in his heart, Jack knew that she was nothing like Almira. They suited each other and it was perfect. Well at least it was perfect.

His brother Shaleef’s words also haunted him as he strolled down the pathway briskly; should he cut his losses and end things with Kay as he had suggested? Or should he give her another chance? Jack could understand her needing to use her body to feed her kid, and even further her career, but he couldn’t deal with the fact that she’d continued to do it even after her money had become long. She even had a website for crissakes.

“Dammed women!” Jack cursed to a seemingly empty park.

“Well you men aren’t so great!” said a passing female within a pack of joggers that had overheard his outburst.

“Sorry lady,” he replied. “Girlfriend trouble….”

Jack flashed a quick smile at the lady which was duly reciprocated.

“It’s okay; have a good night,” she shouted back at him.

“Good night.” he replied and continued to get lost in his thoughts.

What on earth was he going to do with Kay Wilson?


Kay became frantic as Jack left her in his apartment; what the hell was she going to do? How the hell was she going to wrangle out of this one?

Think Kay! Think! She said to herself. She would be dammed if she was going to let Mistress Klymaxx rob her of the man she loved. Finally, Kay’s ever resourceful brain ticked into action.

She logged into her webpage and accessed the site settings; it was possible for her to simply disable viewing of the site from all apart from herself since she was the webmaster after all. A few clicks later and the site was all but gone all eyes apart from her own. Kay had been through too much with Mistress Klymaxx to just delete her just like that; there were too many memories to consider and in her heart, Kay didn’t know if she could truly leave her behind.

After she was satisfied that the page could no longer be viewed; Kay logged out of it and did a test to check it on Jack’s machine. She put the address in the browser and got this message: : URL not found (HTTP 1.0/404) – please speak to your Internet service provider, said the Mozilla browser.

“Bingo!” Kay said out loud.

But when is this gonna stop, said an internal voice. I know when, the voice said, if marriage ever comes into the picture then Mistress Klymaxx is gone for good. Those were her terms and she intended to stick to them. Jack just didn’t have to know…..


Jack ventured back to his apartment an hour later after making his decision. Upon entry, Kay seemed to be a bit less hysterical, but still visibly shaken. He figured that she had probably prepared herself for the worst.

“Jack?” she said quizzically. “So what now?”

“Come here….” he said in a velvety tone. So did this mean that all was forgiven?

“Oh Jack…how can I ever say sorry enough for this? I hate myself for doing this to us,” said Kay meaningfully.

“If I can deal with Almira’s crazy ass, then I can deal with you. So are you telling me that this entire Dominatrix for hire thing is over?”

“Yes Jack,” she replied half-truthfully.


“I’m positive. I even deleted the site forever…let me show you….”

Kay held Jack’s hand and showed him the error message on the screen.

“All gone,” she lied. It was a rotten feeling to be dis-honest to him, but there was nothing else for it. Kay Wilson never lost and she wasn’t about to start now at 43 years of age.

Jack was beyond moved that she had deleted the site so swiftly; so she was really a changed person after all. His prior anger with her had faded somewhat and if he really thought about the situation, it was a plus; since she didn’t want to be a Dominatrix anymore, her toys could be put to their own personal use. He hadn’t intended on giving her an ultimatum at all; Jack had been prepared to compromise with her on that as long as she would eventually quit at some point. What she’d done in her life ultimately made her the person that he cared for deeply; sometimes one just had to take the rough with the smooth. At least she didn’t kill his spirit as Almira once had.

The fact that Kay wanted to quit of her own accord was actually an added bonus.

“Okay baby, here’s what I think we should do now…lets go do what you came here to do and food can come later.” Jack whispered. “But promise me something….”

“Anything Jack,”

“Apart from the obvious one of no secrets between us, you’ve gotta show me how some of those toys you have stashed on your dungeon work one of these days,”

“Like I said baby, anything for you…..”

Kay swooned internally as he picked her up in his arms and carried her petite body to his bedroom; Jack hated the fact that he had made her cry and fully intended to make it up to her in kind.

He eventually made her cry again when he made love to her that night; conflicting emotions that she had never felt before consumed Kay’s body and mind. Jack had taken his time to kiss her from head to toe and then spent the best part of half an hour ravishing her pussy with his lips which led to uncountable orgasms. He didn’t allow her to breathe before flipping her on top of him for an impromptu cowgirl ride; looking down into his eyes made the tears flow even faster. How could she have lied to such a man? How could she live with herself? They were questions that wouldn’t be answered that night as she rode Jack to an earth-shattering orgasm of his own.

Once they both came down from the waves of ecstasy, they lay together spooning and listening to the sounds of the night. Jack sniffed the skin of Kay’s neck with delight, he couldn’t believe that he’d almost let such a formidable woman go. Dominatrix or not, Kay Wilson was still Kay Wilson. She was the best he’d ever had.

“You know baby….” Jack mused.

“Yes, what’s on your mind.” Kay replied.

“I don’t know how I’m gonna top what I did for your birthday this year, next year…I’d better start thinking.”

“Baby, you are Jack Benjamin-Ames. You’ll find a way.” she giggled.

So that was it then.He definitley saw her as a part of his future; maybe Mistress Klymaxx was going to be just a part of her history a lot sooner than she had imagined.


“Okay lady, this is my favourite brunch place. Ciccone’s is a family owned business and I’ve been a customer for too long,” said Jack. They were shown to one of the choicest tables that were arranged outside the restaurant as he was a valued patron of the establishment. Kay was pretty impressed when old Mr Ciccone came over to exchange pleasantries with her man.

“Hello Jack!” said Mr Ciccone. “And who’s the lovely lady,” he said while patting Jack heartily on the back.

“Gino, this is my girlfriend Kay,” Jack said.

The old charmer took Kay’s hand and kissed it warmly.

“Bella! You’re much welcome here sweetheart, any friend of old Jacky boy’s here is a friend o’mine.”

“Thank you Mr Ciccone,” Kay replied.

“Please…call me Gino.”

Mr Ciccone eventually left them to their brunch which consisted of some of the freshest New England clam chowder that ever passed her lips. Kay was looking forward to the main course when she heard a shrill voice call a familiar name.

“Jaaaaaccccckkkkkk!” screamed the voice.

A window came down at the side of a blacked out limo and a beautiful Arab woman peered out of it; her hair was black and silken and her skin the color of the Saharan desert sand.

“Shit!” said Jack sounding quite pissed.

“Who is that?” asked Kay, but her heart already told her who it was.

“That, my dear lady…is the lovely Almira. Well I guess this is Showtime.”

Part Two

Almira had treated herself to a relaxing day at the Hilton Regency spa; she was in desperate need for some downtime and pampering after the disastrous discovery by Ishmael. Her limo had just picked her up and was driving down the boulevard when she spotted him; there was Jack and some bitch that he had that balls to take to “their” restaurant. He had promised her that he would never take another lady to their special place; Ciccone’s where Almira and Jack had spent their best times together.

First he’d betrayed her by leaving Ishmael to beat her up and now this; it was time to let Jack know that he couldn’t just change the game and think he could get away with it.

“I’m getting out in a second so go park around the block,” snapped Almira to the chauffeur.

“But madam, Sheikh Al Aziz insisted that I bring you home immediately,” the man replied shakily.

“Ishmael does not control me. Now do as I say if you want to keep your job!”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Almira pushed the button to let down the electric window and let out a yell in the direction of the restaurant. When she was sure that she had his attention, Almira let herself out of the limo clutching an obscenely expensive limited edition Hermès Birkin. Walking up to their table almost in slow motion, she took stock of the beautiful black woman that he was sitting with. The female was about the same age as Almira was and quite stunning; this did not sit well with her one bit.

“Jack…how are things these days?” Almira sneered. “You seem to have forgotten about your family since last week. And whom may I ask is your companion? It seems that you have also forgotten that Ciccone’s is our special restaurant Jack…does she know that?”

“Almira. I’m not going to go into that with you here. Let me introduce you to my girlfriend Kay Wilson,” Jack replied and gestured to her. “Kay, this is my ex-wife Almira.”

Kay stretched her hand out to shake Almira’s of which she promptly ignored.

“Pleased to finally meet you Almira; I heard so much about you,” Kay offered.

“It would appear that I haven’t heard anything about you. Anyway,” she said dismissively while turning back to Jack, “I need you to come over to the house and talk to Ishmael…this is getting out of control,”

“I’m sorry?” Jack said. “You interrupt my meal with my lady, and then have the nerve to demand things from me…I swear Almira you’re delusional if you think…..”

“I’ll show you delusional!” Almira screeched, and promptly smashed Jack’s glass full of red wine on the side of his face. The spray splashed on Kay’s peach silk Armani dress; that changed the game and she immediately saw red. Jack reeled backwards off his chair and Kay could see the waiters running over to see what the commotion was.

Almira was just about walking away from the carnage when Kay leapt from her seat. She lunged out at her long black hair and slammed Almira down onto the side walk; decades of being a dominatrix suddenly came into play.

“Aww hell no bitch; this shit ain’t gonna go down like that,” Kay barked.

It was on.

Jack got up after the shock from Almira’s attack and touched his cheek.

“Shit!” he exclaimed as there was bright red blood on his hand when he removed it; Jack then looked around for Kay and watched in disbelief as she pummelled Almira to the ground.

“Arghh!” Almira screamed, as Kay checked her face from the right and held her down with her un-naturally strong thigh muscles. There was a struggle, clothing was ripped and hair was pulled. Almira tried in vain to slap Kay back as she was being dominated completely and had to at least try to do something. This wasn’t the same as being hit by Ishmael after he’d caught her cheating; this was a very public beatdown.

“This is for touching my man!” Kay exclaimed as her fist came down hard from above and connected with Almira’s delicate lip. There was blood on her knuckle when the hand came back up. Out of desperation, her weaker opponent scrambled for anything to use as a weapon; Almira grabbed the leg of one of the dining chairs and aimed it for Kay’s head. After that, she was able to scramble up from the floor and ran in the direction of her waiting limo.

“This isn’t over bitch!” Almira declared. “Not by a long shot! And you!” she directed towards Jack, “this is just the beginning. You think you can leave me to the mercy of Ishmael and get away with it? Wait and see….”

Kay was dazed, but about to get up and run after Almira, but she had already run off; the handle of the beautiful Hermès bag was left behind in its owner’s wake.

Jack and Gino ran over to Kay along with probably the entire restaurant’s waiters.

“Oh my God Jack,” said Kay, “you’re bleeding! That woman is a lunatic!”

“Yes Kay, now you’ve seen it for yourself, that’s why she is my ex-wife.” Jack said. “But I’m so sorry that you had to get involved in that. She had no right…”

“Damned right she didn’t!” Gino added. “I never liked the Arab one Jack; I was glad when you cut her loose. I like your new lady a lot better,” he said turning to Kay. “You got one hell of a right hook lady! You can sure handle yourself so you’re welcome at Ciccone’s anytime. In fact, today’s chow is on the house.”

Gino patted Jack on the back before going back inside the restaurant. “Look son, you better get that cheek cleaned up or somethin’. The boys will clear up this place and somebody will drive you home; the valet’s gonna bring the car round….”

Kay watched old Gino walk off and then finally checked the damage done to herself; Almira’s sneak attack had left her with a sore head and her dress was in ruins. The only consolation was that Almira had come off much worse.

“Baby are you okay?” Kay asked. “Lemme see that,” she added and turned his face to hers. The blood had dried into a small cut; it had looked worse at first, but now that the majority had been wiped off with a napkin, Jack wasn’t looking too bad.

“I’m fine; trust me, I’ve had worse episodes with Almira…let’s just go,”


“Drive, drive, drive!” Almira screeched at the chauffeur.

He pulled off in a hurry and she finally sit back and laughed to herself; what a surprise, she didn’t expect Jack’s whore to be that strong at all. In fact, that was the first fight Almira had ever lost in her entire life; most women would have run off screaming after seeing what she had done to Jack’s face. The bastard had it coming, she thought. The only thing she didn’t know was what she was going to do about it.

As the limo drove on, a light suddenly switched on inside Almira’s head. Everybody had dirt and she assumed that Kay Wilson was no exception. She quick found the contact number she was looking for on her platinum plated Vertu cellphone and dialled it.

“Hello? Yes put me thru to Sam Connolly.” Almira demanded.

“Is that the private investigator ma’am?” asked a mature female voice.

“Yes of course the private investigator, why else would I be calling this number? I need to speak to him immediately,” she replied and cursed the missing strap on her Hermès when the bag subsequently fell off her lap spilling the contents on to the carpet.

“I’m sorry ma’am, this the reception; he isn’t the only person with an office in this building. I’m putting you through ma’am.”

“Well that’s the best damn thing you’ve said in the past thirty seconds.”

There was a click and Almira was put through.

“Sam Connolly,”

“Sam, it’s Mrs Al Aziz,”

“Hello Almira; what can I do you for?” said Sam in a brisk Irish-American voice.

“A name for you; Kay Wilson. I want everything you can get on her; I need it fast and I need it to be as dirty as you can find. I only want the grime, you can forget any simple stuff. I will pay your usual retainer; there will be $10,000 in your account before the weekend. Good enough?”

“Fine, fine. Always good doing business with you…I’m still working on trying to find anything on your husband. Nothing so far; but as you know, there is always something.”

“I know; but he is no longer priority. Put his case on the back burner until further notice. I’ll tell you when to re-start that pursuit. Kay Wilson is the new target.”

“You got it.”

The line went dead and Almira put on her Dolce and Gabbana cruise collection shades; no it wasn’t over by a long shot, or her name wasn’t Almira Al Aziz.


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