The Fabulous life of K. Wilson – part 2 – Boss lady… (new series from lynxx!)

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Kay smiled to herself as she flicked through copies of a few popular urban haircare magazines that were sprawled across her desk. The Black Diamond campaign was doing very well and the initial sales figures were much higher than even she had expected. The marketing plan devised by her crack K-Maxx team had worked wonderfully. Thanks to an idea from one of the younger members of the team, the timely use of Keyshia Keys has considerably raised the profile of what was essentially just another mediocre hair product line. Kay had even tried a few samples of the range herself because the packaging was so pretty. The products didn’t seem make a difference to the quality of her hair at all; thankfully that wouldn’t stop Kay from selling them to the public as if they were made of pure gold.

Whilst she worked hard to maintain a tough exterior at work, most of her employees would be surprised to discover that Kay was actually a sucker for anything pretty and girly. She’d learned a long time ago that in the world of advertising, such feminine frivolities were best left outside the office. Kay did however allow herself to look nothing less than immaculate; she wore only the finest tailoring and had her face touched up throughout the day by K-Maxx’s own in house professional make-up artist. A twice weekly mani/pedi was of course de rigueur to complete Kay’s power bitch look. Image was everything to a successful women her field and those that failed to realise this were woefully left behind.

As she picked up the final glossy magazine, the telephone on her desk began to ring; after a few seconds of musing, Kay picked it up.

‘Yes?’ asked Kay languidly
‘Hi Kay, I have Edgar Moses on the line. He’s Chairman of Ebo…’ Melanie didn’t get to finish before Kay cut her off;
‘I know who Edgar Moses is Melanie. Put him through’ replied Kay sharply

There was a click and a split second’s pause before Edgar’s deep Southern brogue invaded her right ear drum.

‘Kay! It’s Edgar…how’s trick’s lil lady’ he asked exuberantly

Kay cringed inwardly at his patronizing way of speaking to her. At 50 years of age, he was had only eight years on her yet insisted on addressing her as if she were a school girl. Such behaviour was par for the course however and Kay knew how to be able to bite her tongue firmly in order to clinch a deal. In fact she wouldn’t have even given a damn if he’d called her something like a cut-throat bitch or worse. The bottom line at the end of the day was to win the contract.
Kay cleared her throat and replied Edgar sweetly.
‘Eddie you dog you! How are you doing? Well I guess I have an idea judging by the opening week sales for Black Diamond. I told you that K-Maxx wouldn’t fail you…’
‘Well baby girl you came through alright. The factories have gone into the production for the second batch of products two weeks earlier than expected. You did good Kay Wilson…you did good. I had a good feeling about you since the day that you hunted me down at the Macpherson fundraiser last year. You’re very special Kay and in my estimation your balls are almost as big as mine. Only in the metaphorical sense of course…’
‘Oh come on Eddie, I know what you mean and I wouldn’t have been able to make it so far in this industry without a cast iron set of balls, not to mention a sense of humor. What do you say that we have lunch to celebrate the success of the launch? I’ll have my assistant call yours for some dates say within the next two weeks?’
‘That sounds fantastic Kay. Oh, and rest assured that Ebony Laboratories will be using your firm to re-vamp some of our older house brands. It seems like you guys have the vision to help us shake off the fuddy duddy image that we’ve had for the past decade. In fact, if you make good those as well, I’ll sign over our entire account to K-Maxx’
‘Eddie…trust me. You will not be disappointed. I’ll try to make that lunch date asap so that we can discuss the dynamics of this re-vamp in more detail…’
‘I look forward to it Kay…’

Edgar ended the call from his end and Kay gulped in disbelief at what he had just told her. If he made true on his offer, the account had the potential to make K-Maxx over $83 million a year in fees. Ebony Laboratories was a worldwide brand that had outlets in over 20 countries; Edgar would be effectively giving her the tools to take her company to the next level. The amount K-Maxx stood to make was four times what the firm usually made each year. Before she got lost in the facts and figures of it all, Kay called Melanie and instructed her to set up a crisis meeting with the crème de la crème of K-Maxx’s developmental think tank. They were the brains responsible for coming up with the innovative advertising campaigns that were the company’s bread and butter. Kay was smart enough to poach the young and hungry graduates fresh out of university that were eager to prove themselves in the game; she promised them better pay than most other firms and more importantly, some respect. All that she demanded from them in return was their loyalty. Kay had learned in her twenty plus years of experience, that real loyalty was a commodity that could not be bought.


The day went by at full speed and before she knew it, Kay was facing the weekend.
It was her favourite time of the week and meant that she would get to see her son soon.
Troy and Kay made a point of it to see each other each Sunday for dinner; even though they had lived the majority of their lives apart from each other, there was a remarkable bond between them. Troy was immensely proud of his mother and was deeply in awe of her achievements in contrast to his father’s. It was the example of Kay’s determination and drive that had encouraged him to pursue a college education. His father Frank on the other hand, had only expected Troy to take on a manual trade just like he did. In fact Kay’s sense of guilt about her absent motherhood only hid the truth from her eyes; had she not influenced his life in the way that she had, her son may have ended up possessing no ambition to succeed in life at all.

The rest of Kay’s weekend was filled up with appointments with her own personal clients. Upon arriving home that Friday evening, she put on her pc and opened up the Mistress Klymaxx web page.
The site displayed an image of her body in full dominatrix costume from the neck down (thus ensuring anonymity) and also details of all the services that she provided.
Kay checked her private message box on the site and it was almost full; as usual she would spend the rest of the evening sifting through the messages from her regular clients, weirdos and any new slaves that were begging to be added to her list of highly paying playthings.

After much thought and deliberation, Kay eventually decided on her date for the following Saturday evening.


She had instructed him to pick her up at eight o’clock sharp from one of the most exclusive apartment blocks in Chicago. He wasn’t aware that being a dom paid so well; upon reaching the building Marcus Hudson turned off the engine to his BMW Z4 and looked around. He suddenly saw her standing there looking quite angry. Mistress Klymaxx was all that he’d imagined and then some; he knew instantly that she could give the type of discipline that he’d been yearning for for so long.
She gestured him to come over to her with a neatly manicured finger. Marcus’s legs jumped out of his vehicle and ran across to her.

‘You’re Mistress Klymaxx?’ he stammered
‘Only speak when you are spoken to slave, that is the first thing you should know about me. Take me to dinner’ she replied coldly

He drove her to Tru restaurant in relative silence. When they finally arrived at the venue Kay was as nice as pie to the waiting staff as well as the Maitre’d, but did not address Marcus once. She knew that her behaviour would only peak his arousal as most submissives enjoyed being completely humiliated. For those that seemingly had it all at their feet, the amount of her clients that were obscenely wealthy never ceased to amaze her. Marcus Hudson was a trust fund baby that could have spent the evening with almost any woman that he so desired, yet he opted to spend four weeks emailing Mistress Klymaxx begging to be allowed to be in her presence. After watching him fawn over her throughout the main course, Kay decided to relent a little and let him speak to her.

‘You may speak slave…’


Marcus turned out to be a quite a kinky guy; once they got to her apartment, he wanted to be put in a full-head rubber face mask, slapped about and stabbed in the groin with her sharp 4 inch heels. Kay turned her face away as she cringed at the abuse; making someone’s balls turn purple on purpose was something that she could never get used to. As a rule, she never had full sexual intercourse with her charges on the first encounter with them; but at the same time, Kay’s mastery of tease and denial could literally bring grown men to their knees.
She ordered Marcus onto his feet from the floor and unzipped the mouth hole on the mask and made him stick his tongue out.

‘Keep it there…’ said Kay and then proceeded to expose one breast from her corset.
She pulled his head down to her chest and he opened his mouth to her nipple as a reflex motion.

‘Lick it slave…suck it good. If your mistress likes it then you may get to meet Miss Kitty next time’
As he made her titty wet with his eager tongue, Kay pulled his already hard d*ck out of his tighty whities and began to stroke it with her gloved hand. Marcus quivered at her touch and struggled to keep quiet as she brought him close to the edge. At the point that he could barely breathe, he was finally forced to speak.
‘Please Mistress…I…’
‘Don’t you dare come slave, do you hear me?!’
‘Please…I can’t hold it back anymore…’
‘Oh really?’
Kay grabbed the base of his shaft and squeezed hard instantly cutting off the flow of his semen. She put her lips close to his ear and whispered her command;
‘You don’t come until I let you come, understand?’
‘Yes Mistress…I’m sorry’

Kay continued the torturous hand-job until Marcus was almost screaming; her pussy was wet at the exquisite power trip and it was only at this point that she would allow him shoot his load.
‘Lie down on the bed and spread your legs open like a bitch….that’s it…now I’m gonna make you come all over yourself. You’re not worthy enough for your slime to touch my body…’
Marcus’s voice reached an astonishingly high pitch as she jerked him rhythmically to his peak. He felt as though he was free-falling as the orgasm over took him.
‘Yes Mistress! Thank you Mistress…yes! Oh shit…yes! Yes!’ cried Marcus
The effect of forcing his orgasm back for over half an hour caused him to release a stream of hot come that seemed to go on forever. Kay had splashed it all over his upper body and actually admired her work. She threw him a towel to clean himself up and walked out of the room.

Once he’d left her place Kay contemplated on seeing Marcus again; he had confessed to her earlier in the evening that he was serious about being one of her submissives and wanted to see her on a long term basis. So serious that he was ready to pay double the asking price for another night with her; Kay shook her head at the thought. She really didn’t need the money at all, yet the thrill of making such easy money was too addictive. In the end, she picked up the printed out confirmation slip of his payment into her account and stared at it for a moment.

‘$15,000 for a few hours work’ said Kay to herself
After pondering upon it for a moment, she decided to put the money towards Troy’s first apartment fund.


‘Hello mom! Good to see you…’ said Troy to Kay
He was already at the table and stood up behind her chair to sit her down; at 6 ft 3 inches and 170 pounds, Troy towered over a tiny five foot nothing Kay. Sometimes, she couldn’t believe that she had birthed the same young man from her own small body. They embraced and sat down to eat at their favourite upscale chicken and ribs joint. The waiter put a basket of warm bread on their table and took their orders before continuing to talk.
‘So…how is my baby? Still chasing the girls?’ said Kay teasingly
‘Oh come on mama, I don’t just think about sex you know’ he replied with an equally light inflection
‘Troy, you’re twenty-three years old. What else are you supposed to think about at your age? It’s healthy and you’re not supposed to be settling down yet. Remember what I always say sweetheart…BY…’
‘Yeah, yeah…BYOC. Bring your own condoms! I got it ma! I am not gonna get trapped into some baby by some dumb chick. You warned me enough times about that mama’
‘I’m glad that it’s nailed onto your head then. What about college…’
‘Yeah I’m doing good. I can’t believe I’ve only got a year left until I go for my MBA’
‘I know son. I want you to know that I’m really proud of you…and if you graduate with honors, you’ve got a brand new apartment to look forward to’

Troy’s face exploded into a wide grin as he contemplated being able to leave home for good. As far as he was concerned he had the best biological mother in the world.

‘Mama are you serious? I’m still getting over you buying me an Escalade two years ago and now you wanna buy me a my own place! Oh my damn!…but can you afford it? I can rent for now if…’
‘Troy. You are my only child and you are not renting anything. The deed is gonna be paid for in your name and everything. Don’t worry…your mama is gonna hook you up…’
‘Mama I don’t know what to say’ said Troy while visibly overwhelmed
‘Thank you would be a good start…’
‘You know what I’ve learned mama? Sometimes…thank you ain’t even enough!’

Troy got up and kissed his mother on the cheek and squeezed her once again just as the food was arriving. Kay sighed as a warm feeling rushed through her soul; she wouldn’t trade the love that she felt for her son for anything in the world.


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