The Fabulous life of K.Wilson part -24 – Back home (Completed)

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Almira woke up fuzzily wondering where on earth she was. She could hear the sound of the muezzin distinctly in the background; it must have been early as the faithful were being called to the mosque for the midday prayers. She felt someone touch her feet and saw that it was one of the Sri Lankan maids attempting to give her a foot massage. Almira rubbed her eyes slowly and then it dawned on her that she was back home in Saudi Arabia and more specifically in her father’s palace.

She couldn’t remember how she’d gotten there or what was going on. She could only remember Jack. Almira knew that she had hurt him beyond reason and there was no turning back. There would be no forgiveness this time or second chances. There would be no trying to coax him back with her femininity or persuasion over the phone line. It was over and now Kay had him.

“Jack…I want Jack,” Almira cried in delirium. Her mental state was teetering on the edge of sanity, and the family doctor had wisely injected her with a strong sedative to knock her out on the flight over in the private jet.

When her tears turned into hysterical screams, one of the maids that feared for her job ran to call Almira’s brother. Yasef ran into the room to look at her followed by Abdul.

“She’s not doing well,” Yasef pointed out. “But we don’t want to shoot her up with more drugs do we?”

“What choice do we have? Almira has driven herself into this state and to be honest I blame father. He spoiled her amongst all of us.” Abdul reasoned.

“The doctor it is….” Yasef replied.

Almira would have no recollection of what was going on for the next two weeks. Everything became a blur.


“Gracie!” Troy exclaimed. He spotted her coming from the arrivals lounge and ran to grab her suitcase. The two of them embraced tightly and then Gracie saw Jack and Kay following closely behind Troy.

“Troy, I missed you so much!” Gracie replied, and then leaned up to kiss his lips, but he stopped her out of fear that Jack was within close proximity.

“Slow down baby…there’s more that enough time for that when we’re alone. Don’t forget that your dad is here.” Troy warned.

“Okay baby. I hear ya. I guess I better say hello to him and Kay too.”

And with that, Gracie threw her arms around Jack and then hugged Kay too. Troy had already picked up her luggage and was making his way out of the airport to the car park. As Gracie made small talk with her father about Saudi and her grandparent’s palace, she couldn’t help but to feel a twang of emptiness as Troy dutifully loaded up the trunk of his SUV. Not that she didn’t want to speak to her father; the thing was that another man had taken over her heart now. Gracie thought about Troy every single night of the seven day that she was away. He’d even scored more brownie points with her for the fact that he’d helped during the disappearance of her twin brothers.

As they drove back home, she could only count the days down until he completed their love. In fact something in her heart had told her that he was the one from the first day they met. Something else told Gracie that Troy knew it too.


“So we finally get some alone time,” Gracie said to Troy as they walked into his apartment. “Can I get that kiss now?”

“You can have as many kisses as you want now that we’re behind closed doors. I just wanna keep things neutral in front of your dad out of respect for him that’s all,” he replied.

Gracie shuddered as he pulled her close to him and kissed her deeply. The scent of his body was intoxicating, and it took all the will she possessed to stop her from begging him to take there and then. They moved to the massive floor cushion by the couch and continued to kiss, until she felt one of his fingers brush her breast. Gracie stopped and pulled away in shock.

“Troy – tell me that wasn’t a fluke and you meant to do that. Don’t be playing with me man….” She warned.

“It wasn’t a fluke.” He replied with a knowing smile.

“So are we gonna do it tonight or not?”

“Don’t be so damn hasty girl. Let’s just go with the flow and if we do get there…I’ve got protection, so don’t worry.”

“Okay baby, that’s more like it. Now where were we?” Gracie asked. “Oh yeah that’s right. You gave me my cue to take this dumb t-shirt off. I don’t want anything to get in the way of your work….” she joked.

“Girl shut up…and let me….”

He didn’t need to finish his words as she gasped loudly at the sensation of his thick lips on her breasts. No man had ever touched Gracie like that before, and the sudden rush that she got was instantly addictive. Troy stuck his tongue out and licked her nipple too to see what reaction that got; she was so aroused, that she instinctively put a hand into her shorts to feel how wet she was. Gracie took her fingers out to show Troy her sticky wet juices and was pleasantly surprised when he put them in his mouth to suck it off.

“You taste good baby,” he whispered. “Really good.”

“Lick me baby.” She breathed.

“My pleasure.” Troy replied and then proceeded to pull her shorts off. His dick became even harder upon the realisation that she had no panties on. Gracie spread her legs open for him and threw her head back as he began to eat her pussy. Troy enthusiastically licked the juice and then found her swollen clit. Gracie ground her hips into his face and he grabbed them in turn to keep her still. Troy’s tongue seemed to move at lightening speed, as her moans intensified. The pinnacle of the act was her dramatic orgasm. Troy thought Gracie would pull his hair out at one point, as she grabbed his head tightly as she came quite hard. He then inserted a finger inside her so that she could enjoy the aftershocks of the climax. Gracie had never had an orgasm that deep in her life – from that point on, she swore that she would never go back to masturbation ever again as long as they were together.

“Troy, oh my God, that was so beautiful. You made me feel so damn sexy….”

“You are sexy to me sugar.”

“Baby, I want you to do it to me. I wanna feel your dick inside me…I wanna know what it feels like.” Gracie pleaded.

“Not yet baby…let’s not do it all on the first night. It’s gonna be so much more special if we wait a while, trust me….”

“But are you gonna let that hard-on you’ve got go to waste Troy. I’ve never even seen it out of your clothes….”

“Okay baby.” He said and guided her hand to his pants. “Take it out….touch it.”

Troy’s smooth caramel penis did not disappoint and the only thing that Gracie wanted to do was put it in her mouth.

“Please let me suck it Troy…it’s so pretty!”

“Are you sure Gracie? Don’t feel like you gotta do it because I just went down on you. There’s no pressure.”



“Now it’s my turn to tell you to shut up.” Gracie declared and moved her head down sharply to explore his manhood. At that very moment, Troy though he had died and gone to heaven. The girl was a natural.


“So Jack….” Kay began. “What are we gonna do for your birthday? 36 is a big one you know.”

“35 was bigger. To be honest, I think I should play it down this year and concentrate on getting the boys back to normal. Going back to school should start things off, but they’ve both been a little distant since the incident. But I guess it’s only been a week or so since…it’s gonna take a while.”

“Yeah honey, I guess so. By they aren’t the only ones that are a bit distant. Jack, you’re not telling me all the things you’re feeling. I can sense it.”

Kay stroked his face in the dark as they lay next to each other in his bed that night; Jack smiled at her weakly and knew that he could no longer make any excuses. Since she was the woman that he wanted to be with, he saw no point in holding back anymore.

“Kay, I’m sorry that I get like this sometimes; it’s just hard that’s all. What Almira did was unspeakable. I could take her being abusive to me all day, but to think of what she did the boys kills me inside everyday. I only wish I could have protected them.” He said wistfully. “But at the end of the day, I think the family taking her back home is a good thing; she obviously has some sort of mental issue. You should have seen her in that cabin Kay, like a wild animal….”

“Look Jack, the only issue that I see with that woman is that she no longer has some man hanging by a thread and bending to her every whim. I mean, who would have thunk that she even had Jim under her thumb? How is he anyway? Any news from Genevieve?”

“He’s out of the woods now according to Genny and as spirited as ever. But I doubt that JMC will keep him on the board – to avoid any media attention, I think that the idea is that he will take “early retirement” and they will give him a nice payoff to leave the company. He’s actually very lucky, because if I had still been there, he would have been out of the door without a dime.”

“Good to hear that he’s mending anyway…but back to you. I want you to tell me what she did Jack…what she really did to you.”

Jack took a deep breath and looked at Kay very seriously before he began.

“Are you sure that you really want to know?”

“Yes baby, I do.”

“Okay then – here goes….”


Frank was a little disappointed that Troy couldn’t come to see him on their regular nights, but he guessed he needed to be understanding. His son was a young man after all. It was normal for him to be preoccupied with his new girlfriend and not babysitting his dad. Frank missed him all the same. He knew that his son looked out for him and had taken the role of the adult between them many years back.

In light of Troy’s absence, Frank had decided to call Pamela instead to see if she wanted to stay the night with him. He had long since deduced that he was not her only man. Frank felt like a chump at first for being played, but after some thought, he figured that sex with a chick as hot as Pamela was enough to turn a blind eye for. He remembered that he’d even considered her as a future wife, but after her repeated infidelity, that was definitely off the menu.

Pamela eventually turned up at Frank’s place; but she wasn’t alone. When he opened the front door, he was surprised to see her walk into the house with another woman behind her that was almost as stunning as she was. They both wore trench coats and Frank had an idea what was underneath, or more importantly, what wasn’t.

“What’s up baby?” Frank asked, “And who is your friend?”

“Frank…this is my girl Rebecca. I’ve told her so much about you.” Pamela replied.

“Hello Frank.” Rebecca said. “Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too.” Frank said and then turned to Pamela. “Now, why are you here dressed like that?”

“Well honey – I thought that a threesome would spice things up a bit you know. Isn’t having two women everyman’s fantasy?” she replied. “I just want my man to be satisfied that’s all….”

“Pamela; I’m your man now?” Frank asked. “What about all the other….”

“What about them Frank? They’re just for playtime; I would never do a threesome with any of them.” She explained. “But you Frank, you’re a real man and that’s why I know that you can handle us both. Look at what we’ve got for you.” Pamela concluded and then proceed to open her coat. Rebecca followed suit, and Frank’s eyes widened as they were both wearing just black panties and high heels.

“Let’s go upstairs.” Pamela suggested.

The threesome got to Frank’s bedroom and he stood there by the bed not knowing what to do.

“So?” he asked.

Both women looked at each other knowingly and dropped down to their knees. Frank could not believe what was happening as his dick was being serviced by two hot mouths. Rebecca took the length of his penis, while Pamela licked the balls. They were an amazing tag team and it didn’t take long before Frank was shooting his jizz in their faces.

“Oh my Lord!” he squealed. “Yes…oh yeah…it’s so good!”

Pamela looked at Rebecca and they both smiled at each other warmly; it was now time to sit on his face. Frank was in for a very long night.


“Oh my God Jack, she used to do what to you?” Kay said visibly shocked. “She used to get her brothers to tag team you?”

“Yes Kay – she started by hitting me; and then she would also get her father and brothers to join in too. I was only 15…she was 20. I mean she made me feel like shit as well and was verbally abusive. It’s been a long road to manhood for me baby.” Jack confessed. “Even on our wedding night, it was almost a disaster. It was my first time, but obviously not hers. She used to make me feel like shit about my performance in bed at first, but one day I overheard her saying to one of her cousins that I was like her personal “stallion”. That was really the day that I wised up…and started to fight back.”

“Oh baby, I’m so sorry…how could she live with herself?”

“I don’t know Kay. The worst part is that I put up with it and even let her use me while she was married to another man and we were supposed to have broken up. I thought I really loved her. I thought that being in emotional pain all the time meant hat I was in love. It wasn’t until I met you that I really knew what love was. Thank you Kay.”

“No honey, thank you. I love you.”

“I love you too Kay.”

Jack kissed his intended wife to be like he meant his words. The proposal was just around the corner and in his heart, he couldn’t wait to ask.


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