The Fabulous life of K.Wilson part -25 – Life Happens (Completed!)

LL – All done ladies!

Jack couldn’t decide. It was impossible. What on earth would Kay like? He asked himself. It seemed as if picking a suitable engagement ring was proving even more difficult than saving JMC from the brink of bankruptcy. The assistant at Harry Winston was no good either; it wasn’t a question of buying Kay the most expensive ring in the tray, it was more of choosing what would suit her best.

After deliberating within himself for about half an hour, Jack decided that he needed some extra help.

“What time do you guys close the store?” he asked the gentleman named Ralph that was attending to him. “I think I need to call in the cavalry,” he joked.

“Sir, we will be open as long as you need us to be,” Ralph replied. Someone had already whispered to him that Jack Benjamin-Ames was no pauper. There was a potentially large commission to be made, hence his enthusiasm.

“Don’t worry – I hope not to keep you here too late. I’ll just call my daughter to come and help me out here.” Jack explained and quickly speed dialled Gracie on his i-phone. “Gracie…honey…remember what I talked to you about before you went to Saudi? Well, I’m in Harry Winston and I need some help. I can’t make a decision…how soon can you get here?”

“Oak Street?” Gracie asked.

“Yup!” he replied.

“I’ll get Troy to drop me over; I reckon I can make it in 15 minutes….”

“It’s gonna take me a while to get used to that you know,”


“You being alone with Troy.” Jack confessed. “Anyway, he better be treating you like a queen or else…and tell him to get you here in 10….”

Gracie appeared about 12 minutes later and was met with Jack’s disapproving expression.

“I said 10 minutes….” He joked. “Come here and give your old dad a kiss; seems like I never see you anymore these days. You’re always with Troy.”

“Well it had to happen someday dad….”

“Oh my God Gracie, no father needs that much information.”

“No daddy – not that! I meant me getting a steady boyfriend.”

“Phew!” Jack said with a mock wipe of his brow. “You’re still my sweet innocent baby girl.”

“I’d better not say anymore then,” Gracie joked. “So lemme see the choices! What ring would Kay like…hmm….decisions, decisions…..”

She looked over the tray for a few moments as Jack hovered over her with bated breath; and then she saw it. A round, brilliant cut, plain mounted diamond ring. It was sharp yet elegant, and understated yet almost flawless to a trained eye. It was perfect for a woman like Kay.

“This one dad.” Gracie said with finality.

“You sure baby?” Jack confirmed.

“Yup – she is gonna love it. So when is the big announcement?”

“Well, it’s a little too soon after the incident to do it now, but I wanna at least be prepared. You see honey, this isn’t like how it was when your mom and I got married. This is something I feel compelled to do, rather than being forced. This is the woman I have chosen and hopefully she has chosen me too. I really love her Gracie – I’ve never loved any woman in my life like the way I love Kay.”

“Umm, what about me daddy? Don’t make me jealous now….” Gracie said in jest.

“Oh you know what I mean sweetie. Now my love for you is deeper than the ocean.” He said reassuring her.


“Always honey.”

Jack embraced his daughter tightly and kissed her on the cheek. Ralph tried not to cry as he looked on at them. They’re so damn cute, he thought, then quickly turned his back to them as he wiped a stay tear from his eye with his shirt’s French cuff. Once Ralph had composed himself, he figured it was time to encourage his wealthy customer to seal the deal.

“Made a decision sir?” Ralph asked brightly.

“Yes thank you Ralph. My baby says that this is the one.” Jack replied while pointing at the ring.

“Excellent choice sir,” He replied and then addressed Gracie. “And may I say that you have impeccable taste young lady.”

“Thank you!” Gracie said.

“Wrap it up sir?”

“Oh, no rush Ralph; I send the bill to my accountant and once its cleared you can send it by secure courier to my house.”

“Will do sir…will do….”

Ralph walked off to the register with an extra spring in his step. The commission on the sale of the ring alone had just paid his rent for the month.


Troy decided to go and see his dad since Gracie wanted to spend the night with Jack, Kay and the twins. It had been two weeks since he’d last seen Frank and they had a little catching up to do. He let himself into the house out of habit since he still had the keys – he’d sent Frank a text a few hours prior to let him know that he would swing by that evening and when he’d gotten no reply, Troy figured that his dad must have been busy at the gym or doing a counselling session.

The living room was empty when he got in, but the TV was on. It wasn’t like the new and improved Frank to just leave the TV on without watching it, so for a split second, Troy thought the worst. He made his way to the kitchen and found his dad’s cellphone and “new message” flashing on the screen. Evidently Frank hadn’t read his text. Troy’s heart skipped a beat and he ran up the stairs to his dad’s bedroom – he burst inside expecting to see a drunken Frank going thru a re-lapse, but the blood drained from his face at what he actually saw.

Pamela was grinding away on top of Frank desperately trying on get off on his dick; it took a few split seconds before both of them realised that Troy was in the room.

“Oh my God!” Troy screamed. “I’m so sorry – dad, I thought you were drin….oh damn, let me just get outta here!”

Pamela and Frank looked at each other dumbfounded as he ran out of the bedroom like a startled rat.

“Who was that, your son?” Pamela asked.

“Yeah.” Frank said. “We better stop and go down. The poor kid has just had the shock of a lifetime.”

“Not yet,” Pamela said, while pushing his chest back down on the bed. “You know I gotta get mine first right?”

“Come on baby, that’s my son!” Frank protested half-heartedly.

“And this is my pussy – or should I say your pussy, and pussy wants to come. I’ll be done in five minutes.”

Frank just lay back and let her carry on. When Pamela was at that stage, there was just no point in arguing.

It was at least fifteen minutes before they finished up and eventually came downstairs. Troy was on the couch facing the TV wishing that it would all go away. Pamela took one look at him and had an amazing thought, so amazing, that she felt it was best to keep it to herself. Well for the time being anyway. Frank followed closely behind Pamela and then decided he may as well introduce her to his son.

“Troy…” he began. “This is the lady I’ve been telling you all about. Pamela, meet my son Troy.”

Pamela reached out a hand to shake Troy’s but laughed when she found that he hesitated a little.

“Don’t worry hon, we had a quick shower before coming down.” She reassured and held her palms up to show him. “Look mom, clean hands!”

Troy laughed at her candour and then stood up to acknowledge her.

“I’m sorry Pamela…it’s just that, I wasn’t expecting to see all that, that’s all. I was pretty shocked to say the least, but I’m happy to finally meet you at last. Dad has been saying so many good things about you. I’m glad that you’re keeping him happy.”

“Oh I have my methods of keeping him happy…he’s a lovely man….” Pamela purred and flicked her long black hair flirtatiously before turning back to Frank. “Honey, I guess I’d better leave you two to have some quality time. I got an early start tomorrow too….”

“Sure thing baby,” Frank said to her.

Troy smiled to himself as Pamela kissed his father like her life depended on it before leaving the room.

“Goodnight Troy.” She said as she left.

“Goodnight Pamela.” He replied.

Once Pamela had shut the front door, Troy put the house keys on the coffee table purposefully. It was time he moved on; Frank would now be fine.

“Dad…I guess I won’t be needing these anymore. Next time, I won’t be able to walk in on y’all getting busy.” Troy chuckled.

“Son, that weren’t nothing. That woman was not even embarrassed and she would have just carried on regardless if you’d decided to stay. Come on Troy, you don’t need to go to this extreme.” Frank countered.

“No dad, it’s just that I know you’re fine now. You’re gonna be okay. I don’t need to be scared that you are gonna die of alcohol poisoning or choke on your own vomit after one too many at the bar. You’ve got a new career, you’ve got a steady woman and you’re a gym freak now. I don’t need to be afraid anymore dad. You’ve changed.”

“Oh Troy…I hope you’re right. I try to take each day as it comes and not put too much pressure on myself to be perfect. I can say though, that having Pamela has made things so much easier for me. Maybe it’s because she didn’t see how I was in the past, but she never makes me feel like an “alcoholic”. She just makes me feel like a man you know? Like I can do something for her…in a lot of ways, that was the thing about your mom that made me hate her for so long. Kay always made me feel like she didn’t need me, like she could get over by herself. But to her credit, she didn’t need me at all,. I just wanted to feel needed and it hurt my male pride that she didn’t come back to me begging when I took another woman into our home. You mom just turned around and kept it moving. But looking in hindsight now, I also love her for it….”

“Yes dad, so do I.” Troy agreed. “But dad, seriously, I ain’t taking them keys back. I have no intention of seeing you have sex with anyone again for as long as I live!”


“Okay birthday boy,” Kay began. “I have booked a table at Ciccone’s for your birthday next Saturday. We are gonna have a lot of people there, so they are gonna block off half the restaurant for us….”

“Kay, you didn’t need to do that all for me!” Jack protested. “I never really celebrate my b-day.”

“Well, as your woman I nominated myself as one who is gonna help you celebrate this year. The kids are so excited about it!”

“Right – so who’s coming then….”

“Your parents, Shaleef , Kathy and Javier, your sister Karen, the twins, Troy and Gracie….”

“Oh my gosh, they are known as a couple now?”

“Shut up and listen Jack; get over it,” Kay admonished. “Ok, where was I? Right, I remember. Ishmael and Farrah; I also invited Genny…I thought it would be nice since she was so helpful with looking for the twins. Do you mind if I invite Melanie too?”

“No…its cool, invite her,” Jack replied. He thought about the fact that Troy and Genny had had some dealings in the past and hoped that Gracie would not catch an inkling of this once they saw each other.

“Ok then…I am yet to confirm anyone else and if your other two kids can fly over to make it.”

“Well the list sounds great so far…better invite Ron and Tyrone as well. I gotta have some of my boys show up.”

“Of course….”

“Good. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, what are we going to do together for my birthday, I mean just the two of us…a weekend away maybe? Or….”

“That is a surprise Jack, so you’ll just have to wait won’t you.”

“Baby you know that I hate surprises.”

“Whatever…now let’s put that hard dick of yours to good use before those kids get back from school….”


Kathy lay in bed thinking. She couldn’t go to sleep easily. Shaleef had fallen asleep during her epic rant and in her heart she didn’t blame him. Kathy guessed that it was kind of mean making him sleep on the couch. She slipped out of bed and went off to the guestroom and put some fresh sheets on the bed. Even though Shaleef had put her through hell and back, she still loved him in her heart; he may have bee a train wreck of a father to Javier, but she could see that he had changed a little bit and was now trying to right the wrongs he had done it the past. While she wasn’t about to give him an easy ride, she was not going to subject him to unnecessary hardship any longer.

Kathy walked back into her room where Shaleef was now snoring on his back spread-eagled on her bed. She jolted him awake with a nudge of her fist and he rubbed his eyes a little as his vision came into focus.

“Kathy?” he began. “Is this my lucky night? The surgeon did a damn good job though….”

Kathy was puzzled and looked down at herself; she gasped at the realisation that she had forgotten to put any clothes on when she got out of bed. Shaleef was being blessed with the vision of her body completely naked.

“Oh my gosh Shaleef,” Kathy said and tried to cover her breasts and private parts with her hands. “Close your eyes dammit!”

“I don’t really see the point since I’ve seen your body a million times before woman, but if it will make you feel better….” He replied and closed his eyes.

Kathy scooted back into the bed and covered herself up to her neck before speaking again.

“Ok, you can look now.” she declared.

“Thank you!” Shaleef replied.

“I made the bed in the guest room for you so you can go and sleep in there.”

“Thank you Kathy. What’s the matter? You going soft? I thought you were ready to put me through hell….” He joked as he climbed out of her bed.

“No Shaleef. I just wanted to you realise the impact of what you did…the impact you have in both mine and Javier’s lives. You need to change Shaleef, I hope you know that.”

“I know Kathy…and I can’t say sorry enough times.”

Shaleef put his head down in shame as he spoke; at the same time, seeing Kathy’s body naked had given him raging hard-on that he was struggling to conceal. He turned his back to her and began to walk off for fear of offending her.

“Ok then baby…goodnight….” He said.

“Come back here….” Kathy commanded. She had seen his body’s reaction and was extremely flattered to say the least. “Get back in my bed….”

“But Kathy…I thought you….”

“Hated you? I don’t hate you Shaleef, I just wanted you to respect me and find me desirable. I still love you you idiot.”

Shaleef climbed back into the bed with a sigh of relief.

“I love you too Kathy…really I do. With or without the extra shit you’ve done.”

Kathy smiled at him and put her hand under his pants to feel his dick. She then spread her legs open in anticipation for what was to come. Shaleef quickly slipped his pants off and almost ripped off his t-shirt.

“Slow down boy…” Kathy giggled.

“I’m sorry baby, it’s just that it’s been so long.”

“You mean you haven’t had sex since the last time we did it months ago?”

“No…should I have? Isn’t that what you women complain about.”

“I’m not complaining Shaleef.”

“What about you? Has there been any action for you?”

“I could potentially make you squirm right now, but no there hasn’t been any other dick in here but yours. It’s been a long time for me too.” Kathy confessed. They were now both completely naked and skin to skin as he had climbed on top of her. Shaleef leaned in to kiss her and she let him. He kissed her lips urgently and then moved down to her neck with his tongue lightly brushing the skin to turn her on. Shaleef was about to enter her, but before he could, he knew that he had to put things right. He had to stand up and be a man for the first time in his life.

“Kathy…will you marry me?” he ventured.

Kathy paused as she was taken aback by his question; she’d yearned for him to say those words for so long and now that they were finally said, she wasn’t sure if they still meant anything to her at all. She truly didn’t know if she wanted to anymore.

“Shaleef, I…I’m so flattered that you asked me, but…I….”

“It’s okay baby. You can give me an answer when you’re ready, but for now…let me just make love to you. I love you either way….”

Kathy closed her eyes as he pushed his dick into her; she was so wet at that point, that it simply slided in. As Shaleef began to move in and out of her, Kathy became overwhelmed by the feelings of sheer love she felt for him. She kept asking herself how on earth she could love a man that had broken her heart so badly. At the same time, she knew it would be hard to let him go. As her body began to reach a deep orgasm, Kathy decided that she would give him an answer in the morning. Whatever she decided, their lives would change again from that night. In their passionate frenzy, Kathy had completely forgotten that she had stopped taking her birth control pills since she was no longer having sex; and just like the night that Javier was conceived, Shaleef never fired blanks.


“You asked her what?” Jack said to Shaleef over the telephone the next day. “Why now? Well what did she say?”

“I don’t know yet. She hasn’t given me an answer, but I love her Jack. I realised that I really love Kathy, that’s why I didn’t want her trying to pretty herself up. I didn’t want any other man to even try to take her from me….”

“Anyone could see that Shaleef, but you took it too damn far. If she says no, I won’t blame her.”

“Shut up you idiot; anyway, you need to help me find her a ring….”

“Shaleef – call Gracie. That’s all I’m saying.”

When Jack cut the line off, Shaleef laughed to himself. Maybe we could have a double wedding and get him to pay for it all! He thought. Just maybe…..


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