The Fabulous life of K.Wilson part -26 – The proposal (bonus added!)

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Kay pulled up to Kathy’s house the day before the dinner to meet the kids. Even though it would have been nicer for Jack to have introduced her to his second set of twins himself, she thought it best to fill them in on what was going to happen and when they were supposed to come in during the dinner to surprise Jack. Kay had planned for them to show up just when she’d announced to him that they “wouldn’t be able to make it” and present them as a birthday gift.

As she walked up to the front door of the house, Kay thought back to the way that Kathy now looked in comparison to the way that she did before. It was really something like looking at another person; Kay only hoped that the change would give both Kathy and Shaleef the motivation to make a fresh start and at least be amicable for the sake of their son Javier.

Kay didn’t wait too long before being let into the house; Kathy greeted her with an uncharacteristically warm embrace; it seemed to Kay that the surgery didn’t only change her physical appearance after all. In truth, Kay wasn’t to know that the reason behind Kathy’s deep hug was the fact that she knew from Shaleef that they were soon to be in-laws. Kay just didn’t know it yet for obvious reasons. After their hug, Kay noticed a fabulous sparkler on Kathy’s finger and put two and two together.

“Oh my God! He didn’t?!” Kay asked ecstatically.

“Yes he did,” Kathy replied nodding. “He finally popped the question after well over a decade. I’d say it’s about time don’t ya think?”

“I’ll say!” Kay remarked. “But I thought you two had broken up? You know with you having the surgery and everything, I thought you were about to get yourself a hot young stud….”

“Ha-ha,” Kathy laughed, “no that’s what I wanted him to think. He was always telling me that he loved me just the way I was and he would always get mad if another man so much as looked at me. I just never took him seriously until recently. Shaleef basically wormed his way back into my heart…I didn’t even expect him to ask me to marry him; I just wanted us to get along at least. I just wanted him to be a better dad to Javier.”

“Well has he improved?”

“Kay, you know me. I would not have accepted the proposal if he wasn’t.” Kathy concluded and then stretched her hand out for Kay to inspect. “Isn’t it fabulous? I didn’t know that he had such good taste. He knew exactly what I would like.”

“Are you talking about me honey?” Shaleef interjected. Kay saw him coming down the stairs with two individuals that she just knew were a product of Jack.

“Yes I was as a matter of fact; Kay noticed the ring,” Kathy beamed.

Shaleef put his arms around her waist from behind and kissed her before acknowledging Kay.

“Well you’re worth it Kathy. In fact that ring is just the beginning.” He affirmed. “Anyway, where are my manners? Kay, without further ado, let me introduce you to the last of Jack’s brood, this is Jay and Jazz,” Shaleef then turned to the two and then gestured to Kay. “Kids, this is Kay, your father’s fi…girlfriend.”

“Pleased to meet you both,” Kay said warmly.

“Hi Kay,” they chimed in unison. They both smiled at her, but also seemed to be studying her at the same time. Apart from their mother, Jack had never had another significant other, so Kay expected that there would be some scrutiny on their part.

“Nice to meet you at last….” Jay remarked. “Dad always talks about you a lot. I can see why.” He concluded while visibly enamoured. Damn, if I was only ten years older, he said to himself. I would have hit that before dad could look side ways….

“Thank you Jay.” Kay replied. “I’ve heard a lot about you guys too and I’m so glad that you could make it. I really wanna make Jack’s birthdays special from now on.”

“Well I don’t know if he’s gonna go for this type of thing every year,” Jazz said. “He’s never been one to make a fuss of himself….”

“I know sweetie; so that’s why I’m here to do it for him.” Kay said brightly.

“Oh, I hate it when people call me that,” Jazz corrected. “Only my dad can get away with it.”

The atmosphere in the room visibly shifted after Jazz’s statement. Kay was a little shocked at her attitude, but guessed that it would be a miracle if all his kids loved her. There had to be one that wouldn’t share Jack’s affections without a fight. Kay supposed that she should apologise to keep the peace and make a good impression.

“I’m sorry Jazz, I didn’t mean to be patronising at all, I was just trying to be friendly….”

“Well it’s a little early for that don’t you think?” Jazz scowled. “I mean we only just got introduced.”

“Jazz don’t be so damn rude,” Shaleef admonished. “Kay is a nice lady – she was just being friendly to you. She didn’t have to go to all this trouble and arrange for you two to attend this dinner for your father so at least be grateful…apologize now girl!”

“But uncle Sha….” Jazz began.

“I said now!” he growled.

“Sorry!” Jazz said grudgingly. “Happy now uncle?”

“You better watch you mouth in my house….” He warned.

“Uncle, this isn’t your house, its aunt Kathy’s.”

“Jazz why exactly are you being such a smart ass today?” Jay remarked.

“Whatever Jay….” Jazz concluded and folded her arms at her chest petulantly.

Kay felt a little awkward to say the least, but decided to try and keep things moving.

“Okay you guys, maybe I should explain about the dinner tomorrow. Your dad doesn’t know that you’re here,” she began.

“Obviously,” Jazz interjected. “Or we wouldn’t be here.”

Shaleef shot her a warning look as Kay continued.

“That’s right Jazz,” Kay replied calmly. “So, what I’d like if you both don’t mind is for you guys to arrive at the restaurant about 30 minutes before we get there and then come out from the back when we’ve all sat down. The owner of the place will let you guys watch the TV in his office while you’re waiting. Is that okay with you guys?”

“Sure Kay, that’s cool.” Jay confirmed.

“Fine.” Jazz responded.

After some more talk of the impending dinner, Kathy suggested that Kay stay for a bite to eat with them before she left. Kay felt uncomfortable to say the least, but was encouraged by the smiles of everyone in the room apart from Jazz. Kay didn’t know what on earth she could have done to get the girl to hate her already, but she sincerely hoped that Jazz didn’t ruin Jack’s day by behaving the same way at the dinner party the next day.


“It’s a shame that they couldn’t make it today,” Jack remarked as they drove to Ciccone’s for his birthday dinner. “You would have loved them, especially Jazz. You remind me of her so much.”

“Really?” Kay asked in awe.

“Yeah really. You’re both very strong willed and determined, but pussy cats at heart.” He explained.

“Well that’s a comfort….” Kay replied trailing off.

“I’m really looking forward to tonight though,” he confessed. “After everything that’s happened to us, it’s nice to finally have some kind of celebration. I don’t really see it like it’s my birthday – like a big deal for me – but more like a chance for everybody to get together. In fact, how about we do it at home next year?”

“Oh…I thought you didn’t like making a fuss about your birthday huh” Kay teased. “Getting used to it already?”

“It’s just nice to have everyone here that’s all,”

“Okay birthday boy….anyway, we’re here.”

They exited the car with Horace and Jacob trailing behind them, and then saw Troy pulling up with Gracie. Upon walking into the restaurant, Jack was pleased to find that a lot of the dinner guests had already arrived – his parents, Shaleef, Kathy and Javier were amongst those that greeted him as he came in. Jack’s sister Karen was in attendance and was the only other one of his siblings there. Genny was also there, as was Kay’s assistant Melanie with her husband. Last but not least, two of Jack’s oldest friends Ron and Tyrone were there at his request. It warmed Jack’s heart that Kay had gone to all the trouble that she had to get everyone there and it only made him want her to be his wife even more so. He patted his pant pocket to make sure that the ring was in there to reassure himself before they were seated.

Kay stood up once everyone was seated to make a short speech before they began to give the waiter their orders.

“Hey everybody.” She began. “I just wanna give a big thank you to you all for coming tonight and working with me – and Melanie – to make this happen. I hope we can have many more like this to celebrate the life of my favourite man….” She beamed.

“Aww….” Said the guests at the table. Jack put his arm around Kay’s hip to give her a little hug of gratitude when he heard a familiar voice.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?”

Everyone at the table turned around to see who it was and Jack let out a squeal of delight to see Jay and Jazz running toward him. He jumped up and also ran to hug the twins.

“You guys made it!” he exclaimed. “I thought you weren’t coming.”

“Yeah dad that’s what you were supposed to think,” Jay explained. “Kay set it all up this way as a surprise.”

“We’ve been in Chicago for about two days.” Jazz beamed. “Hi daddy…and happy birthday.”

“Hey princess! Oh it’s so good to see you both – I really felt like this dinner was missing something without you two, but Kay went and made my day.” Jack remarked.
“So I guess you’ve met Kay then?”

“Yeah – uncle Shaleef introduced us.” Jay answered for them both.

“Great! So you already know how wonderful she is….” Jack said. “Okay guys…take your seats. I’m ready to eat!”

The waiters quickly served the starter upon Kay’s signal and a trio of tenors that were hired for the evening began to sing a medley of operatic classics as the party dined. Jack looked very happy and content to be in the company of his family and friends; most of all, Kay was by his side rubbing his thigh under the table cloth every now and again and her hand threatening to make him lose control right there. He looked over at her and smiled at what she was doing to let her know how much he liked it.

“Eat up birthday boy….” She said in a silky voice that was only low enough for both of them to hear. “There’ll be more of that and then some when we get home tonight. The both your twins are staying with Shaleef and Kathy tonight so we will be all alone.”

“Well I like the sound of that.” Jack replied before going back to eat his food.

As the dinner wore on, Troy kept trying in to catch Genny’s eye without arousing Gracie’s suspicions. He needed to let her know that he was now taken somehow and that there was no room for flirting when his lady was around. After a while she eventually looked his way after speaking to Melanie for what seemed like an age.
Genny gave Troy a quick wave to which he nodded back just as quick. The look in his eyes gave the game away and Genny decided to put him out of his misery with a reassuring smile. While she remembered their numerous encounters fondly, Genny herself had moved on and was already dating another guy. She had no desire to mess up whatever Troy clearly had going on with Gracie.

It was only when Troy smiled back at her with gratitude that Gracie noticed their exchange; not one to sit back and wonder, she decided to call him on it.

“So…do you guys know each other or something?” she asked. “You know that Genny is my dad’s assistant right?”

“Yeah, I met her once when I went to say hi to your dad when he worked at JMC.” Troy explained. “I also later found out that we’d met once back in the day when we were kids. My mom and her dad used to work together for years….”

“Wow, small world.” Gracie remarked, and then gave Genny a warning smile of her own before turning back to Troy. “So…did you guys have a thing too; I mean before us?”

“Why would you ask that Gracie – it’s kinda random don’t ya think?”

“Well I saw the way you were looking at each other….”

“Gracie, you’re reaching.” Troy admonished. “Why don’t you stop worrying about things that aren’t there and enjoy your father’s dinner huh?” he concluded and then kissed her hand tenderly to reassure her.

“Okay baby…I’m sorry. I just got a little jealous that’s all.” She confessed.

“It’s cool, don’t worry about it.”

Following their exchange, Gracie completely forgot about her theory once Troy had set her mind at ease. They were getting to the part of the dinner that everyone had been waiting for; the lights were suddenly dimmed in their corner of the restaurant.
Everybody looked to the door and the maître d came in pushing a cart with cake on top of it fully adorned with lighted candles – it was at that point Kay gave everyone the cue to stand up and sing happy birthday to an embarrassed Jack. He blew out the candles upon encouragement from everyone and felt like a little boy again for a split second.

“So dad, make a wish!” Horace chimed.

“Yeah!” said everyone else at the table.

“Okay…okay….” Jack relented. “I’ll make a wish; actually as a matter of fact I’m gonna make an announcement.” He put his hand into his pocket and reached for the small Harry Winston box before continuing. “I wish that we have many, many other wonderful evenings like this. I wish all of you can feel the happiness that I feel right now…being with somebody I love and the same lady that put this all together.” He then turned to Kay and dropped down on to one knee as if in slow motion. Kay knew in her heart what Jack was about to do, and her heart almost stopped as he began to speak.

“Kay…this has been in my mind for a while, but I didn’t know when it was right to ask you. Just as we were getting ready to come out tonight, I knew it was right. I knew it was time to let the world know how I truly feel about you.” Jack paused for a moment to take her hand before continuing; “Kay Wilson, will you marry me?”

Kay felt as if the moment was suspended in time as Jack opened the tiny box to reveal a beautiful and flawless diamond ring. She’d never honestly expected him to ask the question so soon, but if there was anyone else she could imagine spending her life with, it would be Jack.

“Yes…I’ll marry you Jack.”

Kay would remember their subsequent kiss in front of the entire dinner party for all time.


“So are you really sure about this?” asked Kay.

“Of course I’m sure.” Jack replied. “A hell of a lot more sure than I was the first time around. You’re the only woman that I can see myself growing old with Kay…and I can’t imagine being without you.”

She rolled over to look into his eyes at that moment; they had come back to his place after the birthday dinner that had been an epic success. It had been a good night considering, Kay had been worried that Jazz would be sulky all evening, but she actually seemed to simmer down once she’d seen her had. Jack had been equally concerned that Genny would do something with Troy that would make Gracie raise an eyebrow, but similarly that had also not happened. Everything that night had gone without a hitch – it almost seemed to good to be true, but with Almira safely tucked away in Saudi by all account, they both knew that she wouldn’t have shown up to ruin Jack’s special night.

“Do you like the ring?” Jack asked. “You didn’t say much about it….”

“That’s because I was in awe of it – it’s fabulous Jack and I guess you know me well enough now to know my taste.” She replied.

Jack smiled to himself and decided not to reveal that it was actually Gracie that had picked it.

“So what now?” Kay asked. “How soon do you wanna do it?”

“Well now would be a good time since you’re in my bed.”

“No not that silly! I mean get married…when do you think we should do it?”

“Couple of months?”

“I’ll have to check my diary with Melanie – you know what my schedule is like.”

“Whatever, you’re the boss and you can call the shots lady. You don’t want a big wedding anyway do you?”

“I don’t know yet; let me sleep on this cos you only just asked me a few hours ago. Gotta let it sink in! I’m gonna be somebody’s wife!”

“No Kay, you’re gonna be my wife…now let me show you how I make love to my wife….”

Jack leaned down to kiss Kay’s neck and she felt herself sink into an erotic bliss as he continued. Just as he was about to get down past her tummy and to the point of no return, she stopped him. She couldn’t let him carry on without knowing the truth – if they were to be married, Kay’s conscience would not allow her to go on without being all the way real.

“Stop Jack.” Kay said and sat up in bed.

“What baby…what’s wrong?” Jack asked with concern.

“I can’t let you do this without telling you how much of a fraud I am….”

“What are you talking about Kay? Please don’t break my heart and tell me that marriage isn’t for you. I know you’re independent and all but….”

“No Jack – that isn’t it.” Kay said and swung her legs out of the bed and on to the floor. “Come over here…let me show you….”

She walked over to his laptop while he trailed behind her slowly. Jack dreaded whatever she was going to show him and in his heart he already had an idea where it was going.

“Remember when I told you that I shut down my website?”

“Which website Kay?”

“The Mistress Klymaxx one…well I kind of did and I kind of didn’t.” She began. “I kept it closed to the public, but I could still view it myself. I’m so sorry Jack…I won’t blame you if you want this back.” Kay concluded and began to take her engagement ring off.

“Not so fast Kay.” Jack commanded. “Tell me why you kept it.”

“I just couldn’t let go at the time…I mean you gotta understand – being a dominatrix was a part of my life for over 2 decades. I’ve never thought we would get so serious you know? And if you ended up treating me like Frank did, that was my own personal get out clause. I knew that if you turned bad, at least I still had my dom work to lose myself in.” she explained. “But I promised myself one thing.”

“What’s that?”

“That I would delete it completely if you ever asked me to marry you.”

“So what exactly are you waiting for?” Jack said as calm as anything.

“You’re not mad? You still wanna go ahead with this?”

“I said I love you Kay and I meant it…and trust me, that website is nothing compared to what Almira put me thru as you can imagine. I’d say I got off easy in your case.”

“Oh Jack!” Kay exclaimed and threw her arms around his neck relieved. “I thought you would at least walk out on me like the last time.”

“Nope…not happening. You’re gonna have to do a whole lot more to get rid of me! Now can we go back to bed please?”

“Whatever you say husband!”

“That’s more like it….”

Jack carried on where he’d left off and went down to lick her out slowly. The heat of his tongue was painfully delicious and Kay found herself wondering if it always felt this good. Her body was on fire as he brought her to a shuddering orgasm very quickly; he didn’t give her a moment’s breather as he entered her pussy with passion oozing from every pore. Jack’s stroke was even more intense for the fact that knew that he possessed her love from that point on. He knew that she would share more things with him as she now trusted his word as bond. Their intimacy was not just in the sex, but also in a profound meeting of minds and joining of souls. Before the preacher would even have the chance to put a seal on their love, both of them already knew that their union could not be broken. As he finally came inside her that night, Jack felt complete. He finally had his other half, and without the need for either to express it in words, Kay had found him at last.


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