The Fabulous life of K.Wilson part -27 – After the fact

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“So where is she?” he asked.

“I told you before…she does not want to speak to anybody. She is recuperating and she needs to be with family right now. No outsiders.” The other male voice replied.

“No outsiders? Do you know whom we are to each other?” said an exasperated Jim. “You have no idea do you? She was staying in my cabin when all that stuff happened! My home…and you refer to me as an outsider?” he continued. “Anyway, it’s not like her to just not call me in over a month. I didn’t even get word that she was leaving the county until I spoke to my daughter.”

“It is unfortunate,” said Abdul. “But I can only tell you what she has said.”

“Well let me at least speak to her in person. Let me at least be assured that she is okay….”

“I can’t do that. Our father will not allow it and he wants her to just take some time out from everything.”

“You know what man?” Jim began. “You’ve been feeding me that crap for 2 weeks and I still haven’t heard from her. It’s not like Almira to just be quiet as a mouse like that. She is a strong willed woman and I know that you people have an aversion to that. How do I even know that you haven’t locked her away in a room somewhere and thrown away the key in the name of family honor? Look if I don’t hear from her now, I’m calling the American Embassy…she’s still a naturalized US citizen, so you can’t keep her against her will.”

“I assure you Mr Templeton that this is not the case.”

“Whatever.” Jim concluded and cut the line. He picked up the phone and speed dialled his secretary at the office – where he was lucky to have even kept his job – and barked some instructions at her.

“Amy? Yes I’m fine…yes I’m still coming back to work on Monday.” He said. “But I need you to do something urgent. Check when my two year Saudi visa runs out for me and if it hasn’t run out then book me on a flight to Riyadh in the next week. Yes do it now.”

At that point Jim didn’t even think of letting Genny know what his plans were, all he had in his mind was Almira and how on earth he was going to bring her back.


Jack arrived at Kathy’s place to pick up Jazz and take her for a drive and some ice cream. By all accounts from Jay and Gracie, it seemed that Jazz was none too pleased about his engagement to Kay. He couldn’t think what on earth Kay could have done to get Jazz like that; he always saw his daughter as someone that would give everyone a fair shot. Or so he thought.

Jazz was already sitting outside on the stairs when Jack pulled up in his car. She stood up and walked over as she saw him stop in the driveway.

“I see you’re ready to go…” he said briskly.

“Yeah daddy I am.” She replied. “We have a lot to talk about.”

Jack sighed as she jumped into the passenger seat and quickly drove to the nearest Cold Stone Creamery. Once they’d ordered and taken two seats by the window, they began to speak.

“So honey.” Jack began. “What is all this I hear about you and Kay? You haven’t even known her for five minutes and yet you already hate her…is that true?”

“I don’t hate her dad. I just don’t know her. You’re right, I’ve only known her for five minutes and now she is gonna be my step mom? And I’m supposed to just play nice right? Daddy you know me…I’m gonna keep it real.”

“Jazz, keeping it real, as you call it, does not mean being disrespectful to your elders. I don’t care who they are,” Jack admonished. “I won’t even tolerate you being disrespectful to your mother even after all she’s done to this family. I didn’t raise you that way so stop acting up.”

“But daddy!”

“But daddy nothing. Look at this situation Jazz, everyone of your siblings like Kay…don’t you think that’s a reason to give her a chance? This is the same woman that thought nothing of helping me out when your brothers went missing….”

“I know all that daddy…but…..”

“But what Jazz?”

“I just don’t want another mommy that’s all. I don’t need another mother and I know that Kay is older than you so all she’s gonna do is baby me and try to replace my mom. I already have a mom. I know she’s crazy, but she still my mom!”

At that point, Jazz began to cry hot angry tears. It seemed to her that everyone had isolated her mother just because she’d had one out of control crazy episode. Jazz felt that her mother would never have hurt her brothers and that she’d only kidnapped them to make a point to Jack. What was worse to Jazz though, was that no one would listen to her point of view and they had all been dazzled by Kay’s even temperament. Since she knew she was outnumbered Jazz decided within herself to play nice for the benefit of her father’s eyes, but never when she was alone together with Kay. Nobody was going to try and take her mother’s place and get away with it for as long as she lived.

“Baby,” Jack said tenderly and pulled her in for a hug. “Stop crying now ok. Please don’t cry. Nobody is trying to take the place of your mom. I know that it hurts that your mom isn’t together with me, but you have to understand that we just stopped getting along. In fact, I’m not sure that we ever got along in the first place.”

“Well you managed to have five children!”

“Jazz, it’s not that simple. When you’re older, I think you’ll understand.” He explained. “Look, let me reassure you about Kay…she didn’t even bring up her own son; he was left with his father while she made a successful career. She is totally not the typical maternal type. She’s a good mother to Troy, but she’s not one to smother kids or anything. Come on sweetheart, don’t you want your daddy to be with someone that makes him happy? Do you want daddy to grow old lonely?”

Jazz shook her head from side to side to signify that she didn’t want any ill for her father and then wiped her tears with her hoody sleeve. She guessed that he had a right to be happy – it was just that she wasn’t prepared for the shock of a new woman in her father’s heart.

“So when are you going to marry her?” Jazz asked petulantly.

“You mean Kay? When I am going to marry Kay?” he replied.

“Yes, Kay.”

“Well we haven’t decided on a solid date yet, but I’d say in a few months. Look Jazz, I guess I’m sorry that this was sprung on you like this – I didn’t know you’d be at my birthday dinner and I thought I’d at least have a little time to warn you and Jay about it. Please don’t be upset anymore – I am going to marry Kay, that isn’t going to change, so I think I should help you get to know her a little ok. Wanna go shopping with her someday soon? Like a girls day out…Gracie could be there too?”


“Okay honey, maybe is a step in the right direction.” Jack beamed. “Right now the waterworks have stopped, how about a big kiss for your old dad? Come on honey gimme some sugar.”

“Oh daddy, you’re only 36, that isn’t old….” Jazz corrected and then planted a big wet kiss on to her dear father’s cheek.


“I told you that she hates me,” Kay said as Jack stroked her face in bed that night.

“She doesn’t hate you baby, she’s just in shock that’s all.” Jack replied. “And who can blame her? I told her about you, but I never let her know just how serious I was…she’ll calm down eventually. They always do – kids that is….”

“I’ll take your word for it sweetie.” Kay sighed. “She is such a cutie too…I think I’d love to take her shopping. I can just imagine the type of cute stuff she could wear. You know I always wanted a daughter….”

“Oh brother.” Jack groaned. “She told me that she does not want another mother and I assured her that you’re not the smothering type.”

“Na honey I won’t smother her…I’ll just love her until she can’t breathe!” Kay exclaimed playfully.

“Now that…I would pay to see….”


Gracie finally went over to Troy’s place for the night after spending all day keeping her brothers and sulky sister amused. It was a welcome relief for her to see her “man” after all the drama that had occurred and get a little peace and quiet. Maybe if the mood was right, it would be her lucky night. This was something she always kept in her thoughts whenever she was alone with him, but so far, Troy had been quite the gentleman. Gracie loved him and all, but was beginning to wonder if she really wanted him to be a gentleman all the way – she was getting bored with just making out and occasional oral sex. Gracie wanted the real deal and in the worst possible way. If Troy didn’t come through soon, she planned to give him an ultimatum. Yes that’ll work. Grace reasoned with herself. He is not gonna let me go by a long shot.

Troy opened the door and let her in. Gracie was looking a little more tense than he was used to and he kissed her forehead as she walked in.

“How are you baby?” he asked. “Had enough of them already?”

“You bet.” Gracie confessed. “I am so glad to have left them today.”

“So what do you wanna do? Watch a movie?”

“No Troy I don’t wanna watch a movie…not tonight….”

Gracie plopped herself into the couch and made a sulky face. Troy sat next to her and put his arm around her.

“Oh baby. Is it that bad honey?” he asked.

“Troy this just isn’t working….”

“What isn’t working?”

“This Troy…just being in your place hanging out every week.” She snapped. “Come on, I’m not a nun. I know that you wanna take it slow, but I want more baby. I want you to take me to that place. You know Troy…I just want us to take this thing to the next level.”

“Gracie what is the damn rush? You know that I care about you that’s why I’m holding back. If I was to jump into your pants, I would be labelled as some kind of dog. Come on Gracie? How can I win? You know that your dad is breathing down my neck all the time? I can’t do what you want me to do Gracie! I just can’t!” he exclaimed.

“Well Troy…you can’t let my dad hold you back everytime! Is that what I have to look forward to with you?”

“Don’t give me that Gracie! I can’t believe that you’re taking things this way! What the hell do you expect me to do?” Troy barked. “I can’t take advantage of you baby! I respect you Gracie, can’t you see that?”

“Well maybe I don’t need all that respect. I’m not some kind of old woman and I wanna know how it feels to not be a little girl anymore! Is that so damn bad Troy?” Gracie snapped and then bounced up out of the couch in anger. “You know what? Maybe this entire relationship is a bad idea…maybe someone else can give me what I want. Look, no hard feelings, maybe we’re just not compatible Troy. I’m out.”

“Gracie!” he exclaimed as she stormed out of the front door. It was too late. He had lost her.


Jim landed in Saudi Arabia unprepared for the heat. But there was only one thing on his mind and that was Almira. He only had a few words for his limo driver.

“Take me to Sheikh Abdul Rashseed bin Talib’s palace, as fast as you can make it.”

Almira wasn’t to know it yet, but she would be back in the United States within the next 48 hours.


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