The Fabulous life of K.Wilson part -28 – The Return (Completed!)

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Almira looked across at Jim in the seat next to her on the plane. They were sitting in first class which she thought was nice. The effects of the heavy medication she had been on for the past month or so were beginning to wear off quickly and she was becoming more and more aware of her surroundings and what was going on. Jim had been her proverbial knight in shining armor and somehow persuaded the US ambassador to come to her father’s home to see how she was doing. When it became clear that Almira was completely out of it, the ambassador gave her father an ultimatum; let her be taken back to the States by Jim for better medical care, or face the prospect of their entire family never being allowed back into the US ever again. Of course they weren’t to know that he was just bluffing; it was rare for the US to deny any Saudis entry into the country simply because they brought the oil dollars in, not to mention the fact that they loved to invest in the tourism industry. Nevertheless, Almira’s family quickly relented and sent her away in the care of Jim Templeton. Luckily for Jim, the US ambassador to Saudi Arabia was an old classmate of his so it was easy to call in a favor.

“Is she really worth all of this?” the ambassador had asked Jim when they were alone.

“Hell yeah she’s worth it.” Jim replied. “In fact I don’t know how I lived this long without her. She’s the first woman since my divorce with Lucy that I’ve felt this way for.”

“Okay then partner. She’s all yours….”

Jim caught Almira looking at him and grabbed her hand to comfort her a little. Since he himself had almost died from his heart attack, he had begun to look at life in a different way. He felt it was high time for him to stop acting as if he was still 25 and had lots of time on earth. Jim knew that he was still at risk of another heart attack and wasn’t sure if he could survive another one. At the very least, he aimed to be with the people that he loved if he did die. It was at that point that he remembered Genny. He felt bad for being impulsive and not calling her before he took off. She had been worried sick because she couldn’t contact him at all while he was in the air flying over to the Middle East. When she eventually got hold of him, Genny was crying and hysterical as she had imagined him dead in another hotel room somewhere because this time around the hooker had not been kind enough to call the emergency services. Jim promised her that he would never pull a stunt like that again; in her heart though, Genny knew that she could never believe him. She knew her dad well enough to know that he made too many promises and kept only a fraction of them.

Almira decided to speak after he’d held her hand for about 15 minutes.

“Why Jim?” she began. “Why did you come and get me?”

“Isn’t it obvious Almira? I’m in love with you. Crazy episodes and all…I can’t help myself.” He confessed. “I need you.”

“Well it looks like I need you too Jim. Maybe we need each other. You can help me to move on after the mess I’ve made of my life.” Almira replied and then began to blab on thru hot tears. “How can I even face them? My children will hate me for life; they will never trust me Jim! Oh what have I done to them!?”

“Don’t worry baby,” Jim said while stroking her thick black hair. “They’ll come around once they see that you are a changed woman. I don’t think you should see or contact anyone of them for at least 3 to 4 months. Give them time ok sweetie…just give them time.”

Almira nodded and then began to drift off to sleep; Jim kissed her hand and felt content that he had her back at last. Once they were both back up to good health, he predicted that their lives together would just be one big party.


Gracie was met with Kay at the door when she got to her father’s place. After spending the entire drive over crying her eyes out, she looked a mess when she walked in. Kay could also see that she was angry for some reason and was very concerned.

“What’s the matter baby? What happened, aren’t you supposed to be at Troy’s?” she enquired.

“Yes I am! But thanks to my dad, my boyfriend acts more like my brother!” Gracie exclaimed. “He won’t go all the way with me Kay…and it’s all my dad’s fault! Where is he anyway? I’m gonna tell him to back the hell off! Can you believe that I just broke up with Troy because I’m so frustrated?! I’m nearly 21 for crissakes not 12!”

Jack quickly ran out to the hallway after hearing the commotion.

“What’s going on?” he asked.

“I just broke up with my boyfriend that’s what!” Gracie barked. “And it’s all your fault dad! He told me that he can’t have sex with me because he’s scared of what you’re gonna do to him!? Is that what my adult life is gonna be like dad? I just broke up with Troy because I was so mad at him for having no damn backbone!”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down and calm the hell down.” Jack began. “You gave Troy his marching orders and you wanna blame me? For your information Gracie, I’m just being a father – you know, the guy that helped make you? I am not going to apologize for doing what I’m supposed to do. You on the other hand are so damn hot headed! The poor guy was only trying to do right by you, but you’re being so impatient. You know if sex is that important to you, then why haven’t you just gone off with one of the thousands of guys that would have you? Like you said you’re grown right? You don’t need our advice do you?” He concluded somewhat cynically.

“Dad, it’s not like that and you know it!” Gracie shot back. “I love Troy…its Troy I want not just anyone!”

“Honey look, don’t be so mad at everybody.” Kay said and put her arm around Gracie. “Look at it in Troy’s shoes; I’m sure he wants to tear your pants off too, but he’s trying to do the right thing. Even if he didn’t have Jack to worry about, I would still expect him to do that. Sweetie, you know you’re letting your emotions get the better of you right now – you can’t really blame your dad for the break up. You did that all on your own….”

“I know Kay, but I just….” Gracie didn’t finish her words as she began to sob in Kay’s arms.

“You know Gracie, maybe I should have just let you take your mother’s route – maybe you wouldn’t have barged in here blaming me for your mistakes.” Jack said, again quite cynically. He was mad as hell with his daughter for being so disrespectful to him, but decided to back off after a warning look from Kay.

“Jack, that didn’t help.” She admonished and then gently pulled Gracie back to speak to her. “Honey – do you wanna call Troy? You two can talk things through and I’m sure that he’ll get back together with you. Stop crying now okay? You guys will be fine.” Kay concluded.

Gracie nodded with thanks and then turned to her father.

“Daddy, I’m sorry for just now…I was just really mad at you. All Troy kept saying to me was that he couldn’t go far with me because he respects you and I just didn’t wanna hear that. I’m sorry for being out of line.”

“Gracie, it’s alright and I’m glad you realize things in a better light now. I just don’t want anybody to take advantage of you that’s all and to be honest, I’m glad that Troy is being such a good kid.” Jack said. “Look, you guys have my blessing with whatever you wanna do together intimately, as long as he treats you right. That’s all I want at the end of the day; it’s not that I don’t want you to grow up and be a woman. It’s not that at all baby.”

“Thank you daddy.” Gracie beamed and jumped into Jack’s arms. Kay stood back and smiled at the scene. It was good to feel the love in the room once again.

“You’re dad isn’t home for the next hour at least…wanna come in and wait for him?” Pamela purred.

“Sure Pamela. Thanks.” He replied.

Even though it was against his better judgment, Troy decided to come in anyway. He figured that it couldn’t hurt since he’d already left his dad a voicemail that he was coming around. Troy just needed someone to talk to about Gracie and figured that Frank would be an ideal sounding board. He walked into the house and sat in the couch in front of the TV, then picked up the remote.

“Can I get you a drink or something?” asked Pamela.

“No sweat Pamela; don’t worry, I grew up in this house so if I need anything I can get it myself. Just cos you’re my dad’s girlfriend, don’t mean that you need to cater to me or anything. Thanks anyway though.” He replied.

“You’re welcome honey.” Pamela said. “You don’t mind me calling you honey do you?”

“Well that could be a little awkward in front of my dad, so maybe you should just call me Troy.”

“Or maybe I can call you what I want to when he’s not around.” She replied and then sat down quite close to him on the seat before continuing. “You know, your father is a good looking enough man, but why is something inside me telling me that I should have met his son first? I can’t deny the fact that I’m attracted to you Troy and to be honest, I’m a woman that doesn’t believe in putting all my eggs in one basket.”
Pamela gently stroked Troy’s face and then concluded her campaign. “Like I said, your dad won’t be back for at least an hour, so why don’t we get acquainted?”

“Where is he?” Troy said quietly.

“He’s at a counseling session and he left about five minutes before you arrived here.”

“So you don’t even care that what you’re proposing is…well basically wrong?”

“You’re grown, I’m grown and Frank doesn’t have to know. I usually get what I want anyway Troy, so if I have to dump him to have you then I will.”

Troy sighed deeply at the situation; Gracie had tossed him to the curb after he was just trying to do what he thought Frank would have wanted him to do. At the same time he was so mad at her. It wasn’t as if he wasn’t as horny as hell every time Gracie came around; she acted like he had no feelings at all. It was a few days since they’d broken up and she hadn’t even called him to talk. At that point, since Pamela was offering him pussy on a platter, he wasn’t about to say no.

As if to compound her point, Pamela then stood up and peeled off the shorts she was wearing to reveal her Brazilian waxed pussy. Troy put his hands between her legs to feel the wetness that was inevitably there. She seemed to like that and threw her hair back in pleasure. He then unzipped his jeans and pulled out his hard dick.

“Suck it.” he commanded and Pamela dropped down to her knees like a slut. As she gobbled up his thick shaft, Troy took his I-phone out of his pocket and set the camera to record. He fully intended to show his father the footage; Troy figured that if Pamela could do that to his dad, then she wasn’t a healthy addition to his life. She sucked his dick as if her life depended on it, and he found himself calling her name.

“Oh Pamela…oh shit! Yeah baby, suck it hard just like that.” He gasped. “Your mouth feels so good baby; but I feel so fuckin’ bad for my dad.”

“Fuck him.” Pamela replied.

Troy closed his eyes and leaned back in the couch as she continued to suck him. After a while, he grabbed Pamela’s head and held it still while he fucked her hot mouth. As his dick slid in and out of her, he was turned on by the look of pure determination in her eyes. Troy knew that she wouldn’t stop until he busted hot jizz down her slutty throat. The gagging noise that Pamela made as he kept stroking brought him even closer to the edge; she looked ecstatic she realized what she was doing to him. She knew from experience that he was about to come.

“Pamela! Oh Pamela…you bitch; you’re making me come…shit!” he exclaimed and released all his tension on to her expectant tongue. She let the fluid spread all over her lips for the visual effect and then licked it all off once he had finished.

“Umm…yummy.” She whispered.

“We shouldn’t have done that.” Troy declared. “Maybe I should go….”

“But I didn’t get to come yet!” she protested.

“Well my dad is gonna be back soon…so he can take care of you. This is the last time I will allow us to be alone together Pamela. You got me at a weak moment cos I just broke up with my girlfriend.” He explained. “This can never happen again.”

“I told you I always get what I want Troy. Just make me come and we’ll call it quits. We’ll never do this again.”

“You wanna bargain with me?”

“Well I know that you’re a good kid and you don’t wanna break your poor daddy’s heart. Can you imagine what might happen? Might get him back on the booze again and I know you don’t want that do you?”

Troy took a deep breath and reasoned with himself; he’d never thought of that angle before. He had to admit that Pamela had a point.

“Okay, just this once. But if you come at me again….”

“Just shut up Troy and put on this condom; that the good thing about a man your age. Y’all get it back up so damn quick. Don’t worry I won’t be long.” Pamela concluded and slipped his dick inside her pussy quite easily. She knew exactly how her body worked and rode herself to a spine-tingling orgasm within a few minutes.

After that, Troy came again for the last time that afternoon before he left. He just couldn’t face Frank after that and most importantly, he had to figure out a way to break it to his dad gently that Pamela was an outright slut. But how? He thought as he drove off. Just how?

“You wanna go to my place tonight or are you okay here?” Jim asked.

They had just arrived at Almira’s home, which was nice enough, but not welcoming at all. The place was beautiful but empty – he wasn’t sure if it was the right place to make a recovery.

“Let me get some of my things together and then we go to your apartment.” She said and then began to climb the sweeping spiral stairs slowly up to her bedroom suite. Almira looked around at her empty life once she got up to her walk in closet and wondered what it all meant to her anyway. The way she was feeling at that point, it meant absolutely nothing. There was nothing for her to be proud of and she had destroyed all that was dear to her due to her stupid vanity. Almira threw a few pants, t-shirts and dresses into a Mulberry overnight bag with some underwear and left the rest behind. When she reached Jim downstairs, he looked shocked to say the least.

“Is that all?” he asked.

“Yeah Jim, let’s go.” She replied.

“Are you sure baby?”

“Sure. I don’t need the rest and I’m not sure if I ever will again.”

They left soon after and made their way to Jim’s condo in relative silence. He didn’t expect much to happen that night, but at the very least he was happy to have her in his midst. Jim was sure that her family meant well, but it was no reason in his opinion, to keep her in a room drugged out of her mind without the capacity to think for herself.

“Make yourself comfortable.” Jim said as they entered his bedroom. “Put your stuff where ever you like. I want you to think of this as home.”

“Thanks Jim.” Almira said. “I’m just gonna take a shower first okay and then go to bed.”

“Sure thing. Want a bite to eat?”

“No Jim, I’m fine. Thank you.”

As Almira walked into the bathroom, Jim felt she looked a shadow of her former self. What she had done seemed to have hit her very hard indeed – it would take some time to get over it – but time, he thought, better spent with him.

Almira let the tears finally flow once she was under the shower. The water would hide them from Jim’s concern. She knew that she didn’t have any feelings that even came close to love for him but what could she do? He was being so nice and in all honesty, no one else had given a damn or bothered to visit her in Saudi. Not even one of her own children even, not that she could blame them. Almira decided to pull herself together and wash her sticky body and shampoo her hair. Once she was happy with how clean she was, Almira dried her body with one of Jim’s fluffy towels and then found some body lotion to slather all over herself. When she walked back into the bedroom to an expectant Jim who had warmed up some garlicky Italian ciabatta and hot vegetable soup.

“I thought you’d be hungry anyway because I am.” Jim said.

Almira sat down next to him on the bed and let her robe loosen a little to reveal the side of her creamy breast. The effort was not lost on him and he became more relaxed in her presence.

“That smells good…can I taste a little?” she purred. “Feed me….”

He did as he was told and broke off a little of the bread, then dipped it in the soup before putting it between her lips.

“Umm….” She said. “Tastes good too.” Almira licked her lips seductively.

“Glad you like it baby. Let me feed you some more.”

Jim and Almira shared the meal until they had finished it and were quite satisfied. Well not quite satisfied.

“Let’s get in bed.” Almira said softly.

“We don’t have to do this tonight you know…if it’s too soon I understand.” Jim replied

“No it’s okay. I want this…with you, tonight. It feels right.”

Jim let her take his pants off and he did his shirt himself. Almira untied her robe underneath him and let it fall off the bed. Jim leaned down to kiss her passionately just before forcing his steel into her. Almira’s eyes watered as it went in, but she didn’t let him know she was in pain as she felt that giving him her body was the least she could do. Jim thrust in and out of her pussy like he was on speed and soon enough she felt his semen hit inside her and then slide between her thighs.

“I’m sorry baby…it’s just been so long.” Jim explained.

“It’s fine Jim…we’ve got all night.”


Troy got home and quickly uploaded the video to his computer. The audio of the scene was good and Pamela could clearly be heard saying “fuck him” in reference to Frank. He only hoped that his dad would be able to handle it when he eventually told him the truth. Troy saved the item and was just about to grab a coke when the door bell rang. Instinct told him who was on the other side.

“Gracie?” he asked as he opened the door.

“I’m so sorry Troy.” She said with tears in her eyes. “I love you too much and I’ll wait for when you’re ready.”

As he let her in, she simply fell into his arms.


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