The Fabulous life of K.Wilson part -29 – The Union

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“I now pronounce you, husband and wife. You may kiss your beautiful bride.”

As soon as Ishmael heard those words, relief filled him and he pulled Farrah’s face to his in earnest. He let the loud applause of the crowd behind them blur so that al he could hear was the loud beating of his heart as he claimed what now officially his. Farrah seemed equally relived as they kiss gently – but not too passionately – in front of both of their families. At long last, she would no longer have to endure the urging of her parents that she should have been long since married and given them grandchildren. She decided to give Ishmael the best wedding present of all once they were alone together that night. Her doctor had confirmed her pregnancy the day before and they would be parents around seven months later.

Jack and Kay smiled at each other knowingly as they applauded the happy couple. Each of them wondered how they would feel on their big day and what the future would bring. Kay put her engagement ring weighted hand in Jack’s and he squeezed it as if almost knowing what she was thinking.

“I don’t want our thing to be this big.” Kay remarked.

“You can have it however you want baby.” Jack replied. “I don’t care what you wanna do as long as you’ll be my wife at the end of it.”

“Well I was thinking of a small outdoor wedding out in the Hamptons. I have an old friend that wouldn’t mind renting his backyard for a day…and the use of his kitchen for the caterers.”

“Backyard as in how many acres of land?” Jack chuckled.

“Ok. Harman’s place is not exactly a “backyard”. He has a beautiful beachfront mansion that has enough space at the back for his helicopter to fly him to and from Manhattan every weekend.”

“Not sounding like a very “small” wedding to me right now.”

“Shut up Jack.” She admonished playfully. “Ok, it’s time to head for the reception…everyone is filing out.”

As they stood up, Kay thought that she saw a familiar face in the crowd but shrugged it off. It can’t be her, she thought. Almira is still in the Middle East. Kay turned to look again, but thought nothing of it when she saw no-one there. Jack put her arm in his own proudly as they walked out to the vast banqueting hall that would stage the wedding reception. Music began to fill the room as the live jazz band that was hired for the occasion struck up a familiar tune; Jack and Kay were shown to the table at the top very near to the bride and groom’s table where Horace and Jacob were sitting. Ishmael had wanted his sons to be a big part of the occasion and made sure that his new in-laws were aware of their importance in his life. Blood or not, he had brought them up since the day they were born and in his eyes would forever be a part of him.

None of the guests noticed Almira and Jim as they watched from the every back door of the hall. She remembered her grand wedding ceremony with Ishmael all those years ago when they got married – Almira looked at Farrah’s beautiful glow and her heart ached at the fact that she knew that feeling very well. She noted that Ishmael had spared no expense with the venue; the flower arrangement alone must have cost a small fortune at such short notice, let alone the bride’s dress. Farrah looked stunning in a cream hand embroidered satin and lace strapless wedding gown, with what looked like a 12ft detachable train at the back. The old Almira would have loved to storm in there and throw a glass of red wine all over the dress, but the new Almira couldn’t impede on Farrah’s glory. Nobody had stolen Ishmael from her, she had lost him all by herself. She had, in her pride and arrogance, managed to estrange herself from her family and those whom she held dearest – her children. Almira had almost made eye contact with Kay as she left with Jack for the banqueting hall, but was glad that she didn’t see her. The last thing that she wanted was for Jack to think that she was back to make trouble. Attending Ishmael’s wedding was just a way to close a door on the past in her heart – an attempt to move on.

Jim saw the tears in her eyes and put his hand on her arm to try and bring her back to reality. Almira had just stared at Ishmael and Farrah on the stage since they’d got there and he was afraid that she was getting ready to do something stupid.

“You okay baby?” He soothed. “Seen enough…or did you wanna talk to him?”

“To who…Ishmael?” she asked.

“Yeah. Or even Jack. We can’t just stand here like a pair of gatecrashers….”

“We are a pair of gatecrashers.”

“You know what I mean baby, don’t try to be funny. So?”

“No Jim, I don’t want to talk to him. It’s best this way…everyone can just live their lives without me. Neither of them need me anymore – seems like no one really did in the first place. Oh God Jim, what was I thinking? How could I have….”

“Almira, come on sweetie, you can’t kill yourself over this. We all make mistakes. Some of us make bigger ones than others, but at least nobody was fatally hurt. I’m sure that you were not in the right frame of mind when you did all that stuff and after you’ve had some therapy, you’ll know a lot more about yourself and why you did it. Also for the record, I need you. I love you Almira do you know that?” he said facing her. She looked up at him with her eyes filled with sadness at his admission – she could only but wonder why

“I know Jim…I know.” She replied. “Let’s go.”

As she put on her shades and turned around, Jim followed her with a heavy heart. He knew that she didn’t love him back, but the fact that she couldn’t bring herself to lie for his sake hurt him deeply. At the very least, he was glad to have her companionship. Jim didn’t plan to be alone in a hotel room the next time another heart-attack came around. He figured that second best was better than nothing.

Frank looked worried as Troy came into the house that morning. He still hadn’t explained why he’d left without waiting for him the previous week, and Frank had a sinking feeling that Pamela hadn’t told him everything that went on when Troy had come around.

“Come in son,” he said briskly. “It ain’t like you to show up on a Saturday…so what’s up?”

Troy sighed deeply as he sat down in the couch and ran his hand over his newly shaven head before speaking.

“Is Pam here?”

“Naw, she left already…had to open up real early at work today.”

“Okay, that’s cool. It’s about her.”

“What about her?”

“How do you feel about her dad? Is she like someone you’d think of seriously being with a long time?”

“I don’t know son…it depends on if she can put up with my ass for a long time. She’s young and beautiful if you hadn’t noticed. Only God knows what she’s doing with an older man like me. But why do you ask? It’s about when you came last week isn’t it? What the fuck happened Troy? Tell me.” Frank said in a terse voice.

“I don’t know how to tell you dad….”

“You fucked her didn’t you?…I knew it! I fucking knew it!”

“Dad…I…I didn’t mean to just do it like that! She came on to me really hard. She started sucking my dick and shit. I’m sorry dad…I know I shouldn’t have let her.”

Frank waved his hand to stop Troy’s tirade and shook his head.

“It’s okay son. I saw the way she looked at you when you two first met. I knew she’d try you…I just never thought that you’d take the bait. But what the hell, I would have done worse at your age. I’m not gonna let some two-bit whore come between me and my son.”

“Dang pop!” Troy exclaimed. “I was here thinking you loved her and that I was gonna break your heart and shit. I even recorded it cos I wanted to show you what she said so you could see for yourself. I actually came her to warn you about her….”

“Lemme see then.”

Troy pulled out his I-phone and hit play when he found the video clip of his tryst with Pamela.

“Well I’ll be dammed.” Frank remarked. “She actually said “fuck him” didn’t she? You know what Troy? I’m glad you put this shit on film. Fuck her too…I’m putting her shit out the door. She can go back to sharing a room with her knocked up sister and her boyfriend for all I care.”

“But dad…how did you know she was gonna do this?”

“Some of the guys at the gym warned me when they realised we were hanging out together. A lot of them had already hit it and they didn’t want me to take her seriously or believe any of her bullshit. I did give her a chance though and things were looking good for her until she saw you. Any woman that isn’t bothered when her boyfriend’s grown ass son walks in on her being fucked is a red flag to me. I just didn’t wanna accuse her until I knew she actually did something and I knew you’d tell me if she made a move on you. The dumb bitch left the condom y’all used in the trash can in the bathroom.”

“Damn…you really had me sacred dad. I thought you were about to freak out on me for sure.”

“Never that son. No over a woman….” Frank concluded. “Okay Troy, wanna help me pack her shit before she gets back?”

“It would be my pleasure….”


Kay didn’t like to come into the office too early anymore since she’d begun to plan the wedding, but made an exception that Monday. Since Ishmael and Farrah’s extravaganza was now over, she felt it was time to get the wheels moving on her own nuptials. Kay found Harman Marmaduke’s contact details and called it hoping she would catch him out of a meeting. She had a favour to ask of him and hoped that as an old friend and ex-lover, he would come through.

The phone rang endlessly until it was picked up sharply just before the answering machine could do its job.


“Harman, is that you?” Kay asked. “No assistant?”

“Kay baby! How are you doing?” he replied brightly. “Yep no assistant. I fired her and one of the office juniors – they were caught fucking in the filing room on the security cameras so I had no choice I’m afraid. The dumb broad should have fucked me instead, probably would have kept her job that way. Anyhow, to what to I owe the honor of your call? I’ve not heard from you since…since God knows when!”

“I’ve been a little busier than normal Harman so please excuse my not calling you sooner. The thing is, I have something to ask of you.”

“Shoot baby, anything for you.”

“Well this might come as a shock, but I’m getting married.”

“Married! Gaddamn Kay, some poor bastard broke you down at last! I’d love to meet him, cos I sure as hell couldn’t break you down. But does he know that you’ve got the herp…I’d hate to think that….”

“Oh, about that. I’ve got a little confession to make…I was kinda in love with him so that’s why I lied to you about that. I couldn’t bring myself to let another man….”

“It’s okay, no need to explain. I understand Kay. I’m not gonna hold it against you since you’re gonna marry him I guess. Is that why you were staring into space while we flew to my place that night?”

“Yep – I didn’t really realise how much he meant to me until then.”

“So what did you wanna ask me?”

“Well I want us to get married in like a month or so, and I thought your place in the Hamptons would be a perfect setting for the wedding. I’ll pay you of course and there will be caterers and all that.”

“Don’t be silly Kay. Think of it as my wedding gift to you – I’d be honored to let you use my place for your wedding. Just call me as soon as you have a date in mind.”

“Thank you Harman – I can’t thank you enough.”

“No sweat, and Kay….”

“Yes Harman.”



It was a familiar feeling as he kissed her deeply. Troy held Gracie in his arms and willed himself not to get harder as she pressed her pelvis against his. Even though they were now back together and she no longer mentioned sex, her body told a different story each time they made our. As she pulled his hand to her breast, he couldn’t help but to get more aroused. Gracie knew what she was doing and she was determined to wear him down in a silent protest until she got what she wanted.

His tongue caressed the inside of her lips; he knew them so well now, yet felt that their yearning was not satisfied. Gracie pulled away from him and pulled his t-shirt off so that she could see his muscular chest in all its naked glory before letting him kiss her again. To her surprise, he reciprocated by unbuttoning her shirt and then touching her nipple through her thin bra. She let him keep kissing her as she it off too and then guided his head down on to it. Gracie watched as Troy began to tantalise her breasts with sharp, wet licks from one to the other in quick succession; as he continued, she pulled her panties off and grabbed his free hand to put it between her legs. He didn’t stop his work at the top of her body as he fingered her inviting wetness until she was gasping for air. Gracie held his hand to guide it, as an orgasm began to build from deep inside her. In her heart, she loved him so much for treating her like a lady and being man enough to hold back even when she’d begged him to take her. Even though she knew she was still years away from knowing what true love really meant, Troy had in essence shown her a little of it. As he sensed her about to go over the edge, he came back up to kiss her lips gently. Gracie’s breathing became short as the climax took over her body; she closed her eyes tightly as the enormity of her feelings hit her. Troy had just given her the strongest orgasm she’d ever known and she only wished that he’d been inside her to feel it.

“Oh baby…it feels so good.” She whispered. “I love you Troy, I love you so much. You make me feel so beautiful.”

“I love making you feel this way.” He replied and then paused before saying something that would change their lives forever. “Gracie – I think we’re ready now….”

“Are you sure baby? You wanna do it?”

“Yeah…cos if the worst does happen and you get pregnant, I know that I’ll be with you and do what a man should. I love you too Gracie, so don’t ever forget that.”

She nodded in silence and let tears of joy roll down her face as she watched his put on a condom and then leaned over to kiss her. The right words to say escaped her as he wiped her cheek with his hand. When he finally entered her at last, Gracie’s lips parted at the shock of the feeling and then moments later there was only trust. Troy would never break her heart and as long as she knew that, it was all that mattered.


Kay picked up Jack’s cell the next day when Gracie called. He was in the shower at the time and since they would be married soon, she guessed it was time to get used to such things.

“Gracie, honey…how are you?” Kay enquired.

“I’m good Kay.” She replied. “My dad around?”

“Yeah, but he’s in the shower. I could get him to call you as soon as he’s out is that okay sweetie?”

“Yeah sure, that’s cool. I’ll wait for his call.”

“Oh before you go. Did you two patch things up? You and Troy.”

“Yeah we did.” Gracie said dreamily.

“See…I knew you guys would be just fine. I hope you enjoyed your first time too.”

“But how did you….”

“I’m a woman Gracie and I’ve probably seen things that would shock you. Let’s just say it’s my intuition. Don’t worry, I won’t tell your dad.”


“No problem…just make sure you kids use protection.”

Kay cut the call off and smiled to herself. Jack’s baby girl had finally become a woman.


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