The fabulous life of K Wilson – part 3 – Unexpected (new series from lynxx!)

Kay threw her head back as Doug licked the inside of her thighs with a remarkably heightened intensity; it had been a while since he’d made love to her that way and she wondered what he was so happy about. They were having their regular mid-week session and she had finished with her usual dominant play with him. When he’d kissed her passionately prior to moving his head down earlier, Kay felt the need to let go and let him take the lead for the first time in years. If she were honest with herself, Doug was the only man that she would let take her in that way. As his tongue began to wildly caress her pussy lips; Kay found an orgasm approaching faster than it normally would and she squeezed herself internally to hold on to the feeling. As the waves of her climax consumed her senses Doug flipped her legs back behind her head and entered her wetness. It took all the will power she possessed to stop the renegade tear that was about to escape from the corner of her eye; even though she had given him a little control for the moment, she still wasn’t about to let go completely.
Doug rode her body to perfection and Kay found herself holding on to the bed in a feeble attempt to contain her shudders; as he grew closer to his own liberation, his breathing became short and tight. She didn’t see anything wrong with this at all and took no notice at first; at the point of orgasm, Doug buried his head by her neck and whispered in her ear.

‘Kay…oh my God, Kay! I love you woman! I can’t get enough…’
His words were abruptly cut off and he began to clutch his chest; Kay froze for a second as the realization of what was occurring before her eyes hit her like a speeding truck. Doug was suffering a massive heart-attack and for the first time in decades Kay felt completely helpless. She knew no first aid and there was nothing she could do but call 911.
The phone seemed to ring a second too long for her and she found herself screaming down the line at the operator to get assistance.
‘Hello! I need an ambulance now…my…my…my lover is having a heart attack! What do I do…what can I do for him!’ she screamed
‘Its okay ma’am calm down. I can see your address…5544 Acacia Avenue?’ said the operator
‘Yes yes….it’s apartment 33c…’
‘Okay they’re on their way now. Okay ma’am I need you to put his legs…’

Kay quickly followed the commands of the operator robotically in a frantic attempt to save Doug’s life; as she worked he seemed to be whispering something. He then grabbed her arm to get her attention with what seemed like the last of his physical strength.
‘Kay…Kay listen to me…’ he said
‘No Doug don’t try to speak…an ambulance is coming’ she replied tearfully
‘Will you listen to me for once woman! I was going to tell you today that I am leaving her for you. I wanted you to be mine Kay, to be my wife…’
‘Oh Doug, not now please….don’t do this to me! You have to live dammit! Don’t speak you silly man…’
‘You’re the only woman I’ve ever truly loved Kay Wilson. The only on…’
His eyes closed and his body went limp; a searing shot of dread filled Kay upon the realisation that he was slipping way. She pulled him close to her naked body in an attempt to bring him back to the land of the living.
‘Doug no! Please, don’t do this! Don’t die on me…don’t leave me like this! Nooooooooooo…’

There was a heavy knock on the door 2 minutes later and Kay let the paramedics do their job; they managed to get a heart rhythm going but warned her that he may not make it to the hospital alive. Before they left one of them asked her a question.
‘Are you coming with us? I’m assuming that you’re not his wife…’
‘No I’m not his wife. I should call her…please take him. I need to put some clothes on and I’ll meet you at the hospital’


Kay took a deep breath when she saw Dana Buchanan rush into the ICU; the two women locked eyes for a split second and then Dana went in to see her husband. Kay could see the doctor shaking his head gravely at her and breaking the bad news that Doug would probably not make it through the night. Kay had already been informed half an hour before Dana arrived that there was nothing more they could do for him.
Kay herself couldn’t understand it; he was a relatively healthy man even in spite of his age and kept himself reasonably fit. There was no reason that he should die at the age of 57. As she fought within to rationalize it, Kay didn’t hear Dana walk up to her side.
‘So, what was he doing at your apartment?’ she asked coldly
‘Dana…I’m so sorry…I didn’t…’
‘Oh please save it Kay. I know what he was doing, I’m not stupid’
Kay took a deep breath and braced herself for the inevitable tirade of a woman scorned that was coming.
‘I’ve known about you two for years. I had a private eye follow him and find out where he was going every Wednesday night. To be honest Kay you did me a favor. I told Doug years before he met you that I could never do all those perverted things that he wanted me to do to him. Can you imagine, we had an argument about it one day and I told him to go find a whore that would do it for him. I guess he found her!’ concluded Dana with a disturbingly haughty laugh.
‘I guess I deserved that right?’ said Kay dryly
‘Whatever bitch. Just know this, I don’t care what he put in his will but you are getting nothing. Nada. Not even a dime. Understand? If you even try to…’
‘Dana hold it right there. I don’t need nor want any of Doug’s money so you can relax. I’m sorry about what happened to him, but to be honest we don’t need to speak to each other again. I’m leaving, I’ve already said goodbye’

Kay took her car keys out of her pocket and left the hospital; as she tried to start the engine to drive off, despair over came her and she broke down into hysterical tears at the wheel. He was gone and her life would never be the same again.


Edgar noticed that Kay looked troubled as the sat down to their long awaited power lunch; he decided to ignore it for the time being while they discussed the dynamics of the brand planned brand re-vamp for Ebony Laboratories.
‘So what has your team come up with?’ he asked with a mouth full of steak
‘Well they have been brainstorming for a week now and have some solid ideas for the ‘Mother’s Secret’ and ‘Fly hair’ product ranges. We’ve got some picture boards up for the campaigns, they look good so far. One of the ideas for Mother’s Secret hair dressing pomade is to sell it as a classic. Like something that is in every household and that has been trusted for generations; it doesn’t need much, just something to remind people of our heritage as Black People. In fact we should try to get a magazine article where people would talk about their childhood memories of their mama or grandmamma or whatever getting their hair ready using the product. We don’t need to ‘modernize’ it or anything because it is an institution of your brand and that would cheapen it. Some classics are best left alone and the pot design of that particular pomade has stood the test of time compared to some others…’ said Kay
‘I see you’ve done your re-search Kay. I’m impressed’
‘That’s why K-Maxx is the best at what we do. But thanks anyway’
‘When can I see some of the mock-ups?’
‘I’ll rush them to you in a couple of days’
‘No…no rush. You’ve just made me eager to see them that’s all. But on another note are you okay? You seemed a little subdued when we got here. Talking about work can only mask so much…’
‘Oh I’m sorry, lost a very close friend the other day…’
‘Do I know him?’
‘Maybe not personally but you probably know of him. It was Doug Buchanan. He was a good friend of mine and he was the one that gave me a shot at starting my own business. Doug was my main investor…’
‘Oh God Kay; I had no idea that you and he were acquainted. I am so sorry’
‘No that’s fine. It was sudden, but I guess it was his time to go…’
Edgar nodded and didn’t know what else to say; he could tell that she was very grief-stricken by the loss but had no doubt that she would throw herself head first into work to get through it. People like Kay were workaholics and never stopped because of mere tragedies; he had seen that in her since the day they met and planned to exploit that trait of hers to its full advantage.

After their lunch Kay was riding a taxi back to the office when she got a call; it startled her a little to hear Dana’s voice on the other end of the line.
‘Yes, speaking’
‘It’s Dana’
‘I gathered’
‘Well I’ll make this quick then. The funeral is this Sunday at St Ignatius on the hill’
‘I know where it is…’
‘So you’re welcome to show up if you want to. You and I are the only ones apart from Doug who knew about your affair so I want to keep it that way. If you don’t show up to pay your respects then people might talk. His peers might talk and I don’t want my family name sullied in anyway…’
‘So you’re basically ordering me to attend to save face? Let me make this clear Dana, it wasn’t an affair at all. I was just providing him a service. A service that you were too lily white to provide your husband and I am not making a reference to your skin color at all. Our main relationship was business only and in that we worked together fantastically. If I show up…IF I show up, it will be because I want to and not to keep up appearances. I’m not the one with anything to lose’
‘What about your precious reputation in advertising? You think if some rumors about your dominatrix activities came out you would be able to ride the storm? Girl please…’
‘Dana. I am in the business of advertising so as you can imagine I know people in public relations. If any woman in this country can make a bad story look good, then you’re speaking to her. And for your information, I know enough people in this business to bring your credibility down as well if I want to. I’m not at the top of my game for nothing…anything else before you’re done?’
A silence told Kay that Dana had fully bought her empty bluff.
‘I didn’t think so’ said Kay defiantly and cut the line.

She knew that she would attend the funeral anyway, but she couldn’t do it alone. Troy was the only one that she could lean on at a time like this.


It seemed unreal as the coffin went into the ground finally laying Doug to rest; Kay tried not to collapse and held on to her son’s arm tightly. For the most part of the funeral service she had avoided Dana’s cold blue eyes and kept facing front.
A small choir sang Amazing Grace and the crowd began to walk towards their cars to leave the graveyard. Kay threw a rose on the coffin and then started to leave with Troy. She was surprised to be stopped by a short balding man that reminded her of her old high school Chemistry teacher.
‘Kay Wilson?’ he asked
‘That’s me…and you are?’
‘I’m William Chambers, Doug’s attorney and executor of his will. I have a letter that he asked me to give you in person in the event of his death and I also want to invite you to the will reading at my offices this afternoon. Everyone should be there by two o’clock’
‘Will reading? But…there must be some mistake…I don’t think he would…’
‘Don’t make any preconceptions about Doug; he was a good man, albeit a little mis-understood. Please try your best to make it…he would have wanted you to Miss Wilson’
‘Fine. I’ll be there and thanks for this’
Mr Chambers nodded and walked off towards his own car and left Kay standing with the letter in her hand.
‘Wanna read that alone?’ asked Troy
‘Yes please baby. I’ll meet you in a few minutes’ she replied
Kay opened the letter and struggled to stand as she read on.


If you are reading this, then that means I’ve died before I could make you my wife. When the doctors told me that I probably had two years to live from advanced heart disease, I decided that I wanted to spend my last years on earth with you whatever the cost. Apparently a minimal workout routine and a questionable diet doesn’t cancel out years of indulgent business lunches, too much wine and a stressful job.

Any way it’s too late for regrets, I’m just happy to have had you in my life. You understood me and accepted me and I guess that most people don’t even have that.. So don’t cry Kay and let’s make a toast. Here’s to all the children we never had together, all the vacations we didn’t take and all mornings we didn’t wake up with each other on. I hope that you will find a man that is strong enough to give you what I was too much of a coward to.

Remember that life is short sweetheart, please don’t waste it with someone that you never loved.



Troy had been watching his mother from afar and ran back when he saw her fall to the ground in tears. He’d guessed rightly that she had really loved that man.


William Chambers cleared his throat before beginning to do what was essentially one of the hardest parts of his job. Will reading never got easier over the thirty plus years that he had been doing them. Dana Buchanan’s face was stony, but he had no choice but to say what Doug wanted him to say.

‘Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you all for coming to the reading of the last will and testament of Douglas Stuart Buchanan. Let me say at the beginning that this will is not contestable; it was revised only a few months ago and signed in front of myself and Doug’s physician to ensure that he was of full sound mind when it was signed. Dr Peters is also in attendance today if anybody doubts the authenticity of the witness signatures on the document’ said William
His words seemed to be a blur to Kay as he listed Doug’s various bequeaths and wishes to the occupants of the boardroom until he finally said her name.
‘To Kay Wilson, I leave $10 million dollars cash. She was my best protégé and has worked for every penny. If life had been different, I would have spent a lot more time guiding her into being the best dammed ad executive that she has the full potential to be. Hopefully, this contribution will help her a little in that quest’

There were notable gasps in the room as the otherwise WASP crowd realised that Doug Buchanan had given a black woman a sizeable sum out of his $150 million dollar estate. Kay and Dana’s eyes met once again, but this time Kay was the victor. She squeezed Troy’s hand and got up to leave the room in silence; as they made their way down the corridor, she heard Dana call her name,
‘Kay! Kay Wilson! This isn’t over by a long shot do you hear me, or my name isn’t Dana Buchanan’ screamed Dana
Before Kay could reply, William’s small frame came across Dana’s shadow.
‘Dana, you heard what I said at the beginning. This will is not contestable; just let it go and let that woman live her life. You’ve lost this one. Don’t waste your time’ he concluded
Kay kept quiet out of respect for Doug and left the building.

It looked like life was about to get even better.


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