The Fabulous life of K.Wilson part – 30 – The Ending (Series Finale)

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She looked at Jim while he was asleep in bed next to her. He was deep in a dream, snoring away and resting. She thought he looked so peaceful, so rested. She knew that she could never give him that life. Almira knew that she could never give any man peace of mind. She knew that and felt that it was time that she accept her life for what it was. Life goes on, she told herself. Life goes on. Jack had shown her that life goes on and so had Ishmael. So had her children in their own way and then finally even her family in Saud that had not contacted her much since her return to the States.

Almira got out of bed slowly that morning and walked to the bathroom to get rid of the night’s pee from her bladder and do a little more thinking. As she relieved herself, she though of what her life had become and sobbed into her hands. Jim was nice enough at best, but spending the rest of the year with him stuck to her side was not the way she had envisioned things to have panned out. Almira had hoped that Jack would have crawled back to her the way that he always had over the years, but one Kay Wilson had snatched him away. They would be married the next day and there was nothing Almira could do to stop it. Absolutely nothing. Jack was the only man that she had ever come close to loving – he was the reason that she did all those crazy things – at least that’s what she tried to tell herself.

She got up to brush her teeth and take a shower, still lost in her thoughts, but Jim coughing in his sleep broke the silence. Poor Jim – he would never know that was incapable of satisfying her like Jack had. Even Ishmael and his well meaning heart was unable to do it. No, if she couldn’t have Jack then what was the point? She opened up the mirrored cabinet and saw a bottle of Advil. The pills went down quickly enough, but she decided to go to the kitchen and find a knife for good measure.

Jim stirred out his sleep as she walked out of the bedroom.

“Almira?” he asked half-awake.

“Go back to sleep Jim…it’s not time to get up yet.” She replied.

His snore was her answer – she was happy that he was too tired to get up or he would have been able to stop her. Almira knew that she could never really change. Once given the opportunity, she would only go back to her old ways. No point in flogging a dead horse, she thought as she pulled the sharp chef’s knife over her wrists. The blood flowed out much faster that she had even imagined. At the point of no return, she suddenly wanted to live.

“Jim!” she screamed. “Jim help me! Jim please!”

Jim heard her voice out of his sleep and walked down the stairs in his boxers and then only sped up as he heard her voice filled with more anguish. As he walked into the kitchen, he slipped upon the blood that had poured out of her.

“Almira, what have you done? You stupid woman what have you done!” he cried in shock.

“I’m sorry Jim. I wanted to die.” She replied. “But now…I can’t. Please call the ambulance. I swallowed a bottle of Advil too….”

She had slipped into unconsciousness by the time the paramedics arrived. Jim held her hand anyway on the way to the hospital as if that would make a difference to what was going to be. Almira had hit the self-destruct button, only Jim didn’t know if there was a fail-safe.


Kay and Jack had taken the entire weekend off work for the wedding. They were due to fly out to the Hamptons later that Friday and then spend the night as guests in Harman Marmaduke’s home. As Jack made love to her that morning, Kay wondered how she would feel once they were finally husband and wife the next day. Would anything change? Would they end up hating one another once the “honeymoon period” was over? Marriage was something she had never done in her life – it was a big commitment and most of all meant that she would have to put her trust in Jack. More trust than she had ever put in anybody in her entire life. Kay eventually let her mind drift back into the moment at hand; she looked up at him and then into his eyes. She could only see the pure pleasure in them at what he was feeling. They had become so close, that she could almost swear that she knew of the ecstasy in his body as he came inside her.

They didn’t usually use missionary position if they could help it, but that morning was different. In Kay’s mind, having him on top of her was symbolic of letting him be a man and take the lead. For once in her life, a man was in control of her heart and she didn’t mind. In fact it was a relief. Ever since she could remember, she had been forced to pick herself up, deal with situations and get on with it by herself. Frank had let her down the first time around as did her father when he bailed on her in the wake of her mother’s alcoholism. Kay had always been forced to take care of others where no one had ever taken care of her. But now the tables were turned. In many ways, she imagined that experiences were what had driven her to be a dominatrix in the first place. If placed in the position to be helpless or to dominate, Kay had always known what her choice would be.

Rather than pull out after his orgasm, Jack made the moment even more special by leaning down to kiss her passionately. They had only agreed to stop using condoms just a week before their wedding, so he still savoured every second inside her. As his lips touched hers in earnest, Kay found tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Why are you crying sweetie?” he asked gently.

“I love you so much that it hurts.” Kay began. “Really I do. Sometimes I have to pinch myself because I can’t believe that a man like you exists.”

“Well I can’t believe that a woman like you exists, so I guess we’re even. Can you please stop crying now? You’re too beautiful for me to let you walk around with puffy eyes and you know you’re gonna want to look your best tomorrow. Tomorrow when you become my wife. Its unreal isn’t it? We’re gonna be married tomorrow.”

“So unreal…okay I’m not crying anymore.” she said smiling and then her expression changed to one of shock. “Damn baby, you’re hard again. That was quick!”

“Yup. I’m beginning to remember the perks of raw sex again. Makes me get hard faster than if I was wearing a rubber. Kay, you are a lucky woman. Now just relax; I’m gonna make you come again a few more times before we get out of this bed.”

Just as Jack was pushing her over the edge for what seemed like millionth time that morning the phone rang. They ignored the first set of rings and then it rang again. Somebody seemed to be desperate to get through.

“Let me get it,” Jack began. “It might be one of the kids…could be important.”

“Okay honey. I bet it’ll be nothing to worry about.”

Jack picked up his cell and before long his face became serious. Kay suddenly forgot about her lustful haze and sat up. Some thing was wrong.

“Ok Genny, thanks for letting me know.” He said and then ended the call.

“What happened?” Kay enquired.

“I’ve gotta get all the kids together; we have to got to the hospital. It’s Almira. She’s in a coma….”

“But how…what?! Is she even in the country?”

“You know that Genny is Jim Templeton’s daughter right? She just explained it all to me. Jim and Almira had been together for quite some time apparently. She’s been living with him since he went to Saudi Arabia about three months ago to take her from her parent’s home. They had drugged her up and he had to call in a favor from the US Ambassador to get her out. Anyways, this morning she swallowed a bottle of Advil and slashed her wrists…she tried to kill herself. Oh my God Kay I feel terrible.”

“Oh dear God. So Jim found her there?”

“Well when she had already cut her wrists in the kitchen she called Jim cos she suddenly got scared of dying. He got to the hospital on time and the managed to pump her stomach before all the pills were digested, but she lost a lot of blood. Look we gotta get the kids now. I don’t want it to be too late and she dies.”

“Sure Jack; let me call Harman and tell him that the wedding is off.”

“Honey…I’m so sorry. I wish we could still do it, but I….”

“Jack there’s no need to explain. She’s still the mother of your kids and you have to be there for them. You go throw some clothes on while I make this call. I’m right behind you.”

As Jack ran to the bathroom to freshen up, Kay let a few tears of disappointment fall. She quickly wiped her eyes in case he came back to the room for any reason; she didn’t want him to feel guilty – that was the hazard of being with a responsible man. He would always do the right thing. Jack just could not be selfish at a time like that.
Kay called Harman to tell him of the news, but still asked him to keep everything on hold just in case. Five minutes later, they were out the door.


Ishmael rubbed Farrah’s growing tummy as she lay on his chest on their extensive living room couch. It warmed his heart no end to know that their child was growing inside her with each passing day. There was a deeper feeling for him that this time around, there was no deception and no mistaking that the child she was carrying was his. In spite of her busy professional life before their union, Farrah had quickly settled into life as a wife and mother-to-be. Her skin seemed to glow more and more when ever he looked at her and in his opinion, pregnancy suited her well.

“You look more beautiful to me do you know that?” Ishmael asked.

“Yes because you keep telling me sweetheart. Thank you. Maybe it’s because I love being married to you. I love you.” Farrah replied.

“I love you too….”

They began to kiss each other tenderly, and Ishmael put his hand on her tummy again as if to include their unborn child in the bliss they were both feeling. Just as they broke their embrace, the telephone rang thus ending their moment abruptly. Ten minutes later they were also headed for the emergency ward.


Troy decided to visit Frank before heading off on a plane for the wedding. He felt great that his relationship with his father had been strengthened in the wake of Pamela. It was amazing to him to think that just a year and a half prior, Frank had been a raging gambler and alcoholic. They were finally getting to know each other at last through the clear sight of sobriety and Troy realized that his father was actually a fun person to hang out with. It was no wonder that his mother had fallen in love with Frank all those years ago. Troy had all these thoughts in mind as he gave his father a hug upon stepping into his home.

“Hey dad…how you doin?” Troy asked beaming.

“I’m cool son. I’m cool.” Frank replied. “Good to see ya.”

“Yeah I figured I better see you before I fly off to the wedding tomorrow.”

“That’s nice son. So they’re finally gonna do it huh? I’m happy for Kay…and Jack. They suit each other I think. Much better than when I was with her. You think I should send them a wedding gift? I don’t wanna be inappropriate….”

“Yeah dad. I think they would like that. I think that would be cool.” Troy reasoned. “What about Pamela? What happened when she found her shit out the door?”

“Well that was a week ago. I couldn’t explain everything over the phone to you ‘cos you were with Gracie, but basically, she screamed like a bitch when she saw it. I confronted her about the vid that you made and she was crying in the end. She begged me to give her another chance and I had to let her in the house cos it was making a damn scene for the neighbors to see! I told her that I never wanted to see her ass again so she got down on her knees like a slut. Cut a long story short, I got mines before I threw her ass out for good.”

“Dayumn dad! You’re a dog!” Troy chuckled.

“Damn straight I am…well with her I was anyway. I’ve left the gym and joined a new one. I will never get involved with another chick that works in a gym I’m a member of ever again! I need to find another way of meeting women….”

“Don’t worry dad, they’re everywhere…you’ll find one just when you don’t expect it!”

“Well let’s just hope that she ain’t a physco bitch like Pamela!” Frank said laughing. “So how is your lil’ lady? Gracie right?”

“Gracie is cool dad. She’s just great.” Troy said bashfully. “I think I’m in love for the first time dad. I ain’t told her yet though….”

“Then make sure you tell her son. There is nothing un-manly about being in love no matter what the boys in the locker room tell ya.”

“For sure dad…for sure. Thanks.” Troy began. “You know, we did it the other day…she was a virgin. Gracie had been bothering me for the longest time to pop her cherry, but I didn’t wanna just do it for the fuck of it. I wanted it to be special for her you know? Even if we don’t end up together in the future, at least she knows that I didn’t rush her.”

“Oh so she’s a big girl now huh?” Frank replied with a chuckle. “You did good son. I hope you used pro….”

“C’mon dad. Of course I did…I ain’t stupid!”

“I know you ain’t son. Just gotta do the right thing and ask ya…anyways, I’m happy for y’all both. Now when are you gonna bring her over to see me?”

“I’d say we arrange something in about two weeks. Once this wedding is out of the way, we’ll both have time.”

Just as the words left Troy’s lips, his cell rang. It was Gracie.


Jack and Kay had been at the hospital with Horace and Jacob for about an hour, when Gracie turned up accompanied by Troy, who had also picked up Jazz and Jay along the way. They all rushed into the emergency ward and didn’t even notice Ishmael, Farrah and Genny who were also waiting on the sidelines, worried as hell about Almira. Jim and Jack were deep in conversation when they arrived.

“Jack I don’t know what to do!” Jim wailed. “I don’t wanna lose her…she isn’t waking up! What if she doesn’t wake up!”

“Calm down Jim. Come on buddy, let’s not think negative. She’s Almira, she’ll pull through.” Jack reassured. “I think the doc said that we can go in and look at her, but I wanted to wait until the kids were all here first.”

Jim nodded and wiped his face with his palm as Kay ushered the kids into the private emergency room where Almira was deep in a coma. Her heart rate was weak, yet stable. She looked like a shadow of her former self and Jazz couldn’t help but to break down when she saw her mother in such a condition. The vibrant and formidable woman that they once knew was now at the mercy of a drip and life support equipment at a hospital. Horace and Jacob tried not to cry or say anything inappropriate; it was hard for them to forget what she did, yet the fact that she was their mother made the love they felt for her at that moment stronger than ever. Jim looked as if his world was about to collapse and Troy held Gracie close as she sobbed into his arms quietly. Ishmael and Farrah held hands tightly and looked at each other – they felt equal pity for her and he couldn’t believe that he once loved Almira as much as life itself. Jack felt nothing and just wanted it to be over. He didn’t show his indifference for the sake of his children, but all he really wanted to do was leave the place and go marry his woman. As if to reassure his thoughts, Kay squeezed his hand and then kissed it. They would be alright, with or without Almira. She just knew it.

They had been there for about an hour talking quietly, when she opened her eyes. Was she in a dream? She could hear Jim, then Jack and also Ishmael. She listened a little harder and then heard her children and some other voices that here not familiar.

“Doctor, do you think she will pull through?” Jack asked.

“Well these couple of hours are the most crucial. If she doesn’t wake up soon, then she won’t make it through the night.” The doctor replied.

“Jack….” Almira stirred. “Is that you?”

Her eyes began to focus slowly as if she didn’t want to see what was before, yet is was a scene that she had never expected in a million years. Almira motioned to sit up, but her body felt weak.

“No don’t try to get up Ms Al Aziz! The bed sits you up automatically….” said the doctor. He then pushed a button on the wall and the hydraulics of the bed frame began to work. Almira’s bed was seated upright and everyone gathered around it in disbelief. They had all thought she was a goner for sure.

“Oh my God!” Almira said with tears in her eyes. “You’re all here! Why? You shouldn’t have come! I don’t deserve this….”

“Baby don’t say that!” Jim replied. “You’re back and you’re alive that’s all that matters. I called everyone here because I didn’t want you to die alone like I almost did. I wanted your family to be around you if the worst happened.”

“But Jack, aren’t you supposed to be getting married tomorrow? Shouldn’t you have left?” she enquired.

“And what kind of man would that have made me Almira? You might have done a lot of things to me, but you’re still the mother of our kids. I had to be here for them…trust me, it wasn’t for your benefit.”

Almira nodded and began to cry from the shame she felt. It was the end of the road and time to make a fresh start. She knew at the very least that her family and Jim loved her enough to be there for her at the crucial moment.

“Everyone…how can I ask you to forgive me?” Almira began. “I’m truly sorry for being so selfish. Horace and Jacob, I’m sorry that I wasn’t a mother to you…I’m sorry for what I did. I know that you will probably never trust me again, but I’m going to spend the rest of my life trying to earn that back. And Jack, sorry will never be enough for what I’ve put your through – I can never turn back the hands of time, but I’m glad that you’re found someone to love you now. I wish both of you happiness and have no hard feeling towards you. Kay I’m sorry that you had to go through all this too, I only hope that we can at least be friends some day.” She wiped the tears that were fast streaming from her eyes before continuing. “And Ishmael…I wish you and Farrah happiness too. Thank you everyone for being here and thank you Jim for saving me from myself. I don’t deserve you…I don’t even know why you love me….”

Everyone in the room were choked up to say the least at Almira’s admission. Jack sincerely hoped that she meant it. The future was for him and Kay from that point on.


Kay was glad that she told Harman to keep the wedding plans on hold and not cancel. They just about made the last flight out of Chicago to the Hamptons. It was a pretty tight squeeze time wise, but they made it. In fact, the entire wedding ceremony went without a hitch. Kay could remember Kathy and Shaleef smiling at her in the front row when Jack recited his marriage vows to her. It warmed her heart to know that the two of them would be doing the very same thing in three weeks time and their family would be gathered once again. With Almira on the mend, it was easy for everyone to have peace of mind and have a good time. When Jack put the wedding band on Kay’s finger, it felt as if it had always been there – she knew that she would never take it off if she could help it. No other man mattered in her world anymore; well, apart from Troy that is.

The sound of the crowd was deafening when the happy couple eventually kissed. They held hands as they walked by down the aisle, now compete as one unit as they had declared before the world. Kay had never been so happy in her life. It had taken all her life, but she finally knew true love at last.

“This is all so surreal.” Kay said to Jack on their flight to Fiji for their honeymoon. “I’m now Mrs Benjamin-Ames. No more Kay Wilson…and you know what? That does not freak me out one bit! I never thought I would get married…I mean once a woman hits 40, you think you’re over the hill you know.”

“Well you hadn’t met the right guy.” Jack reasoned. “You didn’t wanna get married until you met me.”

“I guess. With Frank, there was just too much drama going on and he never did ask me to marry him. I just accepted whatever he threw at me until he broke my heart.”

“You know they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I think it’s true for both of us. We’ve both been through hell with our exes, but we made it in the end. We found each other and that is all that matters.” Jack concluded and then paused for effect before his next statement. “I love you….”

“I love you too Jack…until the day I die.”

And they sealed it, with a kiss.

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