The fabulous life of K Wilson – part 4 – The Challenge (new series from lynxx!)

It felt good to have the check finally paid into her account; it was about a month after the showdown at William Chambers’ offices. Doug’s money had come through and for the first time in her life, Kay actually had to wonder what she was going to do with her finances. She usually planned out what she would spend her monthly pay packet on in advance, but this time, anything was possible. At the same time the sum of $10 million dollars scared Kay a little. When they’d left the attorney’s office that day, Kay had already promised Troy that she would buy him an apartment almost as soon as the money cleared. She had also spoken to her personal accountant about making some other smart investments with her new windfall. After downing the cup of coffee that Melanie had left on her desk, Kay flicked through the Chicago Tribune and quickly found the obituaries section. The remembrance of Doug’s life was quite dry and clinical compared to the man that she knew. The endless list of achievements he’d made in his life did nothing to fill the void that Kay felt without him; she began to reminisce on the times that they spent together and wondered if she had been foolish to have never pursued a serious relationship with him. The painful truth was that Kay knew she could never have a man that she could dominate as a life partner; this was one of the reasons that she had resigned herself to being single. She had not yet met a man that she couldn’t dominate in some way or another; strangely, in Doug’s passing Kay could just sense that something significant was coming around the corner.


If she could possibly help it, Kay never ever missed the yearly American Advertising Agency Convention that was held in New York City. Everyone who was anybody within the industry attended and it would give her an opportunity to network and make some more connections than she already had. In recent years, it seemed as if the various delegates at the convention were eager to meet Kay and not the other way round. Powerful men especially liked to be introduced to her and enjoyed sizing her up, then finally admiring her petite frame. At this years event, Kay was determined to let them all know that K-Maxx was now a force to be reckoned with; Edgar Moses of Ebony Laboratories had made good on his promise and signed over his entire account to her company. Kay could already smell the fear in the air from her long established rivals; they now had to contend with the same woman that had once worked for them. In fact the Ebony Labs account was snatched from JMC advertising, who just happened to be Kay’s last employer before she’d made the jump into her own business. They were already struggling in a tough market and the loss of an $83 million dollar per annum account could have been the straw that broke the camel’s back. Luckily, the board of directors had a ‘plan b’. They decided to hire notorious company clean up man and acquisitionist Jack Benjamin-Ames. Within two months of being at JMC, he had already cut 200 non-essential jobs and put a tight reign on the executive expenses budget. Jack even had the CEO quaking in his boots; it was clear to all that no job was safe within the current climate. Jack fully expected the firm to start making some better returns in the next quarter.

Kay had done her homework before arriving for the New York convention and had made up her mind that he was one of the power players that she just had to meet. After viewing his portfolio of work over the years, Jack reminded Kay of herself a lot and while only 35 to her 42 years, he was determined and ruthless. But of course that was just on the outside; her new mission now, was to find out how on earth Jack Benjamin-Ames could be broken.


$10 million dollars meant that one could arrive at any venue in style; Kay’s chauffeur opened the door to the liquid black limo that had ferried her from JFK to the Time Warner Center in the middle of Manhattan. The Mandarin Oriental hotel was situated at the top of the building and the view of the city from her penthouse suite was breathtaking. Kay smiled internally as she thought of Doug’s gift to her; he’d given her a chance to experience a part of life that she had been chasing for so long. Another part of her wished that her son could experience it with her; at the very least Kay was determined to ensure that Troy wouldn’t have to wait until his 40’s to do so.


Kay wasn’t the only one that had been checking portfolios; Jack had been sitting in the lobby when the great Ms Wilson walked in. He just wanted to see with his own eyes what kind of woman was capable of snatching such a lucrative account from the clutches of JMC. Though she wasn’t big in stature, Jack noticed that something about her commanded attention; he could imagine that she had the power to reduce grown men into babbling babies. Even the bellboy that was attending to Kay seemed to be enamoured by her. Jack sipped on his iced tea as he watched her walk off towards the elevators. He tried not to get hypnotized by her switch walk and the click clack of her 4 inch black Louboutins. Thankfully, the rise in his pants was shielded by the copy of USA Today that he was reading.


As usual, Kay dressed to kill for dinner. Her dress had the main ingredients for maximum impact; it was tight, black and short. She’d owned the Azzedine Alaïa classic piece since the mid-nineties and it still did the trick every single time. The sliver Jimmy Choos and matching clutch that she added to the look seemed to work with it. Once she was happy with reflection in the mirror, Kay made her way to the venue wrapped in a luxurious black velvet stole. As she was just walking out of the building, Kay caught sight of a tall imposing figure out of the corner of her eye. She turned around fully to see him; it was Jack Benjamin-Ames and he seemed to be expecting her. Kay decided to let the limo wait for a few minutes while she made his acquaintance. The pictures that she had been sent by her contacts within JMC did him no justice at all. Jack looked very much the dashing leading man from his full head of lush black curls to his superbly cut and equally black dinner suit. To top it off, he possessed the most luminous light caramel skin and a beautiful set of white teeth. Kay noticed the Patek Phillipe watch on his wrist and was secretly impressed; he was a connoisseur and didn’t care for a regulation blingy Rolex like everyone else.
Jack approached her full of confidence and Kay knew instinctively that he would be a tough nut to crack.

‘And you must be the famous Kay Wilson…I’m Jack Ames. I’m so pleased to finally meet you’ he said and then planted a fleeting kiss on her hand
Kay pulled away ever so slightly while feeling a little unnerved; she put on her game face and replied to the competition without revealing her feelings.
‘I know who you are, but I had no idea that you are staying at the same hotel as I am. What can I do for you?’
‘Well, can I assume from the way that you’re dressed that you’re attending tonight’s dinner and ball? That’s a beautiful dress by the way…if I were to guess I’d say that it’s an Alaïa?’
Kay smiled at his accuracy, but decided not to let him win the game.
‘No, wrong I’m afraid. It’s YSL and yes I am going to the event…’
‘Good…so is that your car outside?’
‘Yes…what about it….’
‘Well I was hoping that we could get to know a little on the way there. I mean it’s on the other side of town and with the traffic at this time, we’d probably have at least a good thirty minutes of conversation. I’ve always admired your work and I don’t want to miss an opportunity to talk one on one with you. Once we hit the convention, there’ll be no time for us…’
‘No time for us?’ asked Kay with alarm
‘I did say that I didn’t want to miss an opportunity with you. So are you gonna let me ride?’
Kay thought about it for a few seconds and made a decision. Unbeknownst to him, Jack had made her work easier. A casual conversation in the back of her limo would give her a chance to scope him out.
‘Ok…let’s go Jack’ she replied calmly and left him trailing in her wake.


Kay was only half listening to what Phillip Moss was saying; she had been seated next to the advertising veteran on the dining plan, but really wanted to be next to Jack. On the ride to the venue, they had made polite yet flirtatious conversation with each other and the air within the small space had been filled with electrifying sexual tension. As he spoke to her in the back of the limo, Kay noticed that Jack had a habit of licking his lips ever so slightly as if to tease her. She found herself getting wet at the sight of his glossy tongue and crossed and un-crossed her legs in an attempt to contain her arousal. Fading back into the present, Jack finally caught Kay staring at him from across the tables and he raised his champagne glass as if to make a toast to her. After a while Kay made her excuses to Phillip and went off to the ladies room; upon spying her leave her table, Jack followed her. He had banked on the bathrooms being empty since everyone else was still busy eating their main courses and he was right. The click of her heels meant that Kay didn’t hear him creeping up behind her; as she walked into one of the toilet stalls, she felt a weight behind the door as she tried to close it. It was Jack.

‘What the hell…’ Kay tried to protest, but her words were cut off as he held a thick finger to her lips.
‘I’m only doing what you want Kay. I saw you looking at me in there…’
‘But I was just looking…it didn’t mean anything’
‘Didn’t it?’
Jack pulled her body next to his and then buried his head into her neck; Kay tried not to slip as she lost control of her senses. She couldn’t seem to regain her composure as he came up to her mouth and devoured it in a sea of wet kisses. Jack was just about pulling her dress up when she was finally able to push him off.
‘No… Jack, please stop’
‘You sure?’
‘Yes. I’m sorry, but I can’t do it like this. Not in here’
‘But you know that it’s gonna happen at some point this weekend. That is inevitable…’
‘Come up to Penthouse B at the hotel’
‘I’ll walk across to you; I’m staying in Penthouse D. You’re not the only one that can afford to stay at the top…’


He didn’t even let her take a breath as he silenced her with his heavy stroke; sweat dripped off Jack’s temples as he pounded Kay’s pussy into submission. She found herself helpless to the whims of his thick nine incher and also unable to introduce her usual dominant talk; Jack had pinned her arms down to the bed with his own and she couldn’t move at all. If any other man had even attempted to do that to her, Kay would have fought him until he let her go; as she looked into Jack’s eyes, he seemed to be daring her to do so. She squirmed underneath him and tried to push him off her, but he wrestled her back down. He was far too strong and as a last resort, Kay turned her head and bit him sharply on his arm. Jack recoiled in pain but slapped her cheek firmly in response but not hard enough to leave a mark. Kay gasped at his boldness and then remarked upon it.
‘How dare you slap me you bastard!’ she screamed
‘You bit me first…and I believe in fighting fire with fire’ replied Jack
‘Don’t ever slap me again Jack or you’ll regret it’
‘And don’t ever bite me again or you’ll regret it. Now can I continue to fuck your brains out or are you not finished yet?’
‘Jack…you’re lucky that your dick is so big. Just fuck me…’
‘Thank you Ms Wilson!’
He was still holding her down when she climaxed; Jack pulled one nipple into his mouth and sucked hard as she bucked under him in ecstasy. Once she calmed down a little, he withdrew from her and pulled the condom off. Kay became furious as he emptied his spunk onto her tummy; now she would have to lie there until he gave her a towel to clean up.
‘Jack’ she said menacingly ‘you’re a bastard, you know that?’
‘Well you seem to like it…so why should that bother me?’
‘After that performance, this is going to be the first and last time that I let you fuck me. That is a promise Jack’
‘I hope you’re good at keeping your promises Kay…’
‘Get out Jack. You’ve had your one night and just know that the next time that we meet will be on opposing sides of the ring’
‘I look forward to it Ms Wilson. Have a good night…’
As he walked out of her suite, Kay had a sinking feeling inside. She had just made a big mistake and given in to her desires. Jack didn’t seem like that much of a challenge at first, but his good looks defied the devil within. She wasn’t sure how she was going to back track on it, but was glad that had hadn’t taken the bait and discussed any of her future business plans with him. Something would have to give and as she drifted up to sleep that night; Kay just didn’t know what.

*Note – Jack Benjamin-Ames is actually a character created by LadyBass and exchanged with me through our messages to each other. I thought that he could be a match for Kay Wilson, so I decided (with her permission) to add him to this story periodically. A blog with Jack’s own story will be coming from LadyBass at some point so watch out for it! – Lady Lynxx*


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