The fabulous life of K Wilson – part 5 – Decisions (Completed!)

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Being a multi-millionairess meant that Kay would have to a lot more selective about the submissives that she would take on in future. She wondered if it would be better to shut down the Mistress Klymaxx page and let word of her services go around by word of mouth instead like old time. That idea got shelved in the end; more money also meant the possibility of a blackmail attempt be more apparent. Mo’ money, mo’ problems began to rear it’s ugly head and as a result of her now elevated social crowd, Kay had to think deeply about her unconventional indulgence. All of a sudden, invites began to come through for lavish charity galas and opulent shindigs that Kay wouldn’t have normally been invited to in the past. For one that had had to fight tooth and nail for most of her achievement in life thus far, things were falling into place a little too easily since the windfall. It almost became unnerving to her; Kay lived by the basic rule that, when people are overly nice to you…they usually want something back in return.

It was coming up to about four months after Doug’s passing and Mistress Klymaxx was itching for a new plaything. Kay was at home checking the messages from her site; when a fleeting thought of Jack Benjamin-Ames crossed her mind. Since their one night in New York, Kay had gone back to business as usual and had fought to banish the memory to the back of her mind. It was always there though; she could almost feel him hovering, but just out of reach. He was the first man in decades that had managed to get under her skin in such a way; Kay shuddered at the thought of it and then made up her mind on her date for Saturday evening. Dinner was not required this time around; she instructed him to make his way straight to her place.


As a gynaecologist, most of Dr Phillip Cross’s patients would be appalled to know that he was a bit of a pervert. On the outside, he was the typical all American guy, albeit slightly worn by age. Phillip’s blond hair, blue eyes and perfect teeth made most people guess that he was an actor on some daytime soap; it always shocked them to find that he’d actually gone to med school to be a doctor. In fact, he sometimes wondered if he was on the wrong profession.

Before he’d met Mistress Klymaxx, Phillip loved to jump out on unsuspecting women in the park and give them an eyeful of what he was hiding under his coat. After been arrested a few times – but quickly released on account of family connections – for indecent exposure; he eventually found another way to contain his sexual urges. Phillip loved his sessions with Kay because she was prepared to do damn near anything that he wanted her to do to him. Just the thought of what she was about to do to him with some of his toys was making him very hard.

Phillip had been seeing Mistress Klymaxx on and off for five years; he hadn’t had a session with her for a while and was literally gagging for it. He walked up to her door carrying his briefcase and wearing a long trench coat with nothing underneath. Kay let him in and let him kiss her after he had begged for a few minutes. After the slobber began to become unbearable, Kay put her hand up signalling him to stop. He then began to stare at her much like an expectant puppy would and she sighed in mock exasperation before saying what he wanted to hear.

‘Follow me to the dungeon slave….’

The room was lit by candlelight just the way Phillip liked it and there was soft Jazz playing in the background; Kay would never understand the need for soft music with what they were about to do. She put on a pair of elbow length thick black rubber gloves, and then attached the crocodile clips to each of his nipples. He watched her expectantly as she turned the voltage up slowly on the machine; Phillip’s body began to twitch intermittently as electric currents flowed through his body. Kay turned the level up a little more and then took his penis in one hand, the other hand poured lubricant onto her rubber gloves. She linked her fingers together, then wrapped her hands around his dick and proceeded to jerk him off slowly. Apparently, he could have most mind-blowing orgasms by being almost electrocuted at the same time.

After about five minutes of this, he began to drool a little from the effects of the electric current. Any normal human being would have turned the machine off, but Phillip was determined to get his nut; when he finally got there, his entire body shook uncontrollably as he came. At that point, Kay walked out. She just didn’t know if she could do it anymore. Maybe it was too soon after Doug or even the after effects of Jack storming into her life, but something in her heart told her that it didn’t feel right. Phillip followed her out of the room shortly after coming down from his climax; her strange behaviour made him feel a little out of place.

‘Kay, what is it? Did I do something wrong?’ he asked tentatively
‘No Phillip, not at all. You didn’t do anything wrong. It was me that did something wrong tonight. I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to invite you over here but I did anyway. Just being stubborn I guess….’ She replied
‘Would you like me to leave then, we can always do this another time’
‘That’s what I’m afraid of Phillip. There might not be another time. I’m sorry.’

After her admission, he quickly packed up his things and made his way to leave; before he left, Kay said something that she felt was only fair considering the circumstances.

‘No need to pay for tonight Phillip. I wasn’t myself today and you shouldn’t have to suffer for it.’
‘Kay, you know that the money means nothing to me. You’ve given me enough good times to earn it. I’ll be going now; maybe I’ll see you around?’
‘Don’t worry Phillip; I know where you work so I can always make an appointment. A girl will always need a good gyno….’
‘Of course, anytime.’

Kay let the door slam before she let the tears roll. Something was going wrong inside her and she just didn’t know what it was. It felt like inner turmoil as if there were two sides of her both fighting for autonomy. She didn’t sleep that night at all.


Troy walked around the apartment feeling quite speechless; his mom had asked him to check out a place with her on Sunday, but he never imagined it would be quite like this. His father Frank decided to tag along, much to Troy’s discomfort. He wanted to call and let his mom know first, but sent a discreet text instead for fear of making his father feel uncomfortable. Frank himself just wanted to see what else Kay was going to do to make him feel worth less than she was and even more undermined. In spite of Frank’s commanding chocolate skin and tall, muscular build, he was a deeply insecure man. It seemed to him that Troy worshipped the ground that his mother walked on from the way that he spoke, yet Frank constantly fought to get his son’s respect. He just couldn’t understand the basis of Troy’s loyalty to her seeing that she hadn’t been much of a mother to him in the first place.

Kay was happy that Troy liked the place; she had instructed her real estate agent to find her son a beautiful bachelor pad, which also had the capacity to be transformed into a real home once he was ready to be a little more grown up. The apartment was a loft style and had floor to ceiling windows throughout. The some of rooms featured exposed brickwork and steel fittings; the kitchen looked like something out of an Italian modern interiors exhibition and the adjoining open plan living room was furnished with black leather seating. There were two bedrooms (master bedroom fully equipped with a king sized bed for Troy and a guest room with a queen size), two bathrooms, a walk-in closet, a ‘games room’ in which Kay had put a full size pool table and some more seating that Troy could use as a chill spot with his friends. The la pièce de résistance was the movie room. Kay had asked for a 12 foot wide projector screen and movie theatre style chairs to be put in; it could seat at least 15 people very comfortably. Anyone else would equally be happy to chill on the floor on the luxurious beige carpet. She smiled to herself as her son ran around the place like a kid in a candy store; Kay wondered how different her life may have been if she had been given the same opportunity at the same age.

As Troy checked out the spacious apartment in awe, Frank had to bite his tongue.
Not only was his ex more successful that he could ever dream of, she was also now a millionaire. Frank felt like shit that day, because he knew that he could never give Troy what Kay was about to give him in a million years. He also felt that Kay was spoiling Troy a little too much; in Frank’s opinion, buying the kid his own pad at 23 would mean that he would never really know what it was to struggle.
He cringed internally as his soon whooped and sang with delight.

‘Mom! I totally love the place; it’s perfect! How did you know exactly what I’d like mama? This is amazing!’ said Troy
‘Oh honey you know that I already promised you this months ago. I just added a few extra boys toys that’s all. I’m glad that you like it sweetie’ replied Kay. She then turned to Frank who had been moodily quiet since they had arrived. ‘So Frank, what you ya think? Good enough for your son?’
‘Oh come on Kay, it’s a great place. It’s just that….’ Frank said trailing off.
‘It’s just that what?’ she replied
‘I just think it’s a little too much for his age ya know. Troy ain’t no Hollywood kid and he’s grown up modest, but we had enough. I just don’t want this to get to his head that’s all. Some people have to work hard to have all this shit…’
‘Yeah Frank. That’s right, some people like me! I’ve worked too damn hard all my life to have my only son struggling to rent some dirty little apartment! Who do you think I been working ten hours a day for over twenty years for? If my son can’t enjoy the fruits of my labour then who will?’
‘Whatever Kay. That’s what it always was with you wasn’t it? Always about the money…you’ve changed so much from the girl I used to know. I mean what happened to you along the way? All I know is that money ain’t everything; you gotta be realistic Kay. I don’t want you filling his head with dreams of being some big time CEO, only to realise at the end of the day that he ain’t got what it takes! I know Troy more than you do remember?’
Frank felt bad for his last sentence, but blamed Kay as usual for making him say it. She always knew how to rub him the wrong way, but in truth it was just his pride talking. The shame that Frank harboured for his own short comings was killing him and only made his jealousy for Kay’s success infect him further.

Troy could hear them arguing in the other room and felt awkward; he loved both of his parents in different ways, but knew that his father was just hating. Over the years, he had never told his mother how much his father constantly found fault in what ever she did and always belittled her many achievements in life. If he were honest with himself, Troy couldn’t wait to move out of the damp ridden three bedroom house that he shared with his now single father since childhood. He actually felt a little sorry for Frank and could understand why he was angry and bitter; at the same time, Troy knew that his father was the one that had stuck the knife in first when he was only a baby. He could only imagine how betrayed his mother would have felt to come back home to find that her man had replaced her with a new model. Frank was the kind of man that felt that Kay owed it to him to pull him up with her, even in spite of everything. Troy was thankful for the fact that, at the very least Kay had a backbone. Frank was just an old loser who didn’t realise that he had already lost the game. Troy decided to join them when their heated exchange began to escalate.

‘Oh yeah Frank, that’s right! Blame me for not being a good mother…blame me for coming back home to find that you’d moved some whore in the house to replace me. It’s never your fault is it!’ barked Kay
‘Don’t gimme that Kay! Your son was a baby when you left and he needed a mama! What the hell was I supposed to do, wait for you? I told you not to go to Springfield to look after your mom full time. I told you to let her stay in a hospital if she needed to, but no you were so damn stubborn and you didn’t listen! Even your father kept away from her…because she drank herself to death; why the hell should anybody have any sympathy’ spat Frank
‘Don’t you dare go there Frank! She was my mother and the least I could do was make her last days comfortable. I can’t believe the nerve of you Frank; so is this why you tagged along with Troy? To undermine my place in my son’s life? You know what? You make me sick!’ she replied and turned to Troy. ‘Baby, I’m sorry about doing this in front of you; I think I need a minute alone. Once you’re done looking I’ll be in my car. The deed for this place has already been signed and paid for anyway; I’ll leave the keys by the mirror in the hall on my way out.’

Troy called after his mother as she stormed out, but she left too quickly. He burned with rage inside and turned to his father.
‘What the hell is wrong with you dad! Why do you always do this? Can’t you just be supportive of me for once in your life? Just once that’s all I ask!’ said Troy.
‘Oh shut the hell up will ya! And I’ll tell you something for nothing, you ain’t moving into this place. It’s too much for you Troy. You’re not grown enough for a place like this…movie theatre indeed’ replied Frank.
‘The hell I am moving in here! You can’t stop me dad!’
‘Oh yeah? Just remember that you only have one father and I won’t be responsible for you once you leave home. You’ll be on your own and you’ll have to run this shit yourself. You know that you can’t handle that, no matter how much she makes you believe it!’
‘Dad, even with all the horrible shit that you say sometimes, I still love you and I always will. But make sure that you remember this too, you only have one son.
I’ll be moving out by next weekend.’

Troy walked out of the apartment and left his father standing there dumfounded.

At that very moment the boy finally became a man.


Melanie dropped a mysterious looking card on Kay’s desk that had come with a beautiful bouquet of red and pink roses; she opened the tiny envelope suspiciously. It was baffling to Kay to receive such a gift since none of her submissives would have had the guts to contact her at her place of work. She just couldn’t place who the secret admirer could be until she opened the card and read what it said:

‘Miss Wilson,

Your taste in lingerie is almost as good as your taste in fashion. La Perla, I like, but Agent Provocateur was unexpected. I had you down as a lady that loved the classics, but it seems that you harbour a bit of a wild streak. In case you’re wondering how I knew that, it’s because I decided to keep a small souvenir of our little soiree. This way you can’t lie to me the next time I guess the label that you’re wearing correctly. I know an Alaïa when I see one Kay.

I’ve started the game, so the ball is in your court now.



Kay let the card fall from her fingers and shuddered at the thoughts running though her mind. ‘What to do now?’ She said to herself.
Either Jack was really taken by her or he was playing a mind game and Kay figured that it was the latter. Going to dinner with him could mean that her life was about to go in a whole other direction than she wanted it to; yet at the same time if she declined she would appear to be a chickenshit.

After a little internal deliberation, Kay decided that the game was on. She only hoped that she would make it to checkmate first.


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