The fabulous life of K Wilson – part 6 – Games

Slap, slap, slap, slap. The sound of the paddle smacking his butt felt quite rewarding after a long hard week at work. Kay had Jim Templeton stretched quite naked across her knees, shuddering in ecstasy as she beat the skin off his ass.

“Yes Mistress, please Mistress, harder Mistress!” he begged.

“Shut up slave. I’m going to give you exactly what you deserve.” she replied.

Kay increased the intensity as she imagined Jack being on the receiving end of her leather paddle. To completely dominate him and make him submit to her whims had recently become her most favourite fantasy. The fact that such actually happening in reality was so slim, made the notion even more attractive. Her mind wandered so far that she nearly had a slip of the tongue.

“Oh I love it Mistress…yes!”

“I said shut up Ja…Jim. Just shut your dirty little mouth.”

There was a pause; Jim knew that she’d just corrected herself after almost calling him another man’s name. He pondered upon it for a few seconds, but quickly forgot about it as the next spank rained down. He wanted to shoot his load then and there, but knew that Mistress Klymaxx would not be happy if he did so without her permission. Jim’s most favourite part of their session was now upon him; he loved to beg.

“May I speak Mistress?”

“What is it?”

“I want to come Mistress. Please Mistress.”

“And why should Mistress Klymaxx let you have any pleasure slave? What have you done to deserve it, you pathetic scumbag. I should really say no….”

“Please Mistress! I’ll do anything for you!”

“Okay. Boots, then toes. Now!”

Jim did as he was told and licked her thigh high boots slowly one by one from heel to top; he was an excellent licker, and Kay actually looked forward to seeing him, as he always gave her multiple orgasms. After doing a thorough boot licking, he untied the laces and paid attention to her toes; her pussy did a little backflip as he sucked one of her big toes gently, while giving her foot a hand-job. Kay moaned softly as she imagined Jack doing exactly the same thing, but controlled her mouth this time around. Jim’s balls were turning blue as he serviced her; she was the hottest woman alive in his opinion. Just watching her slit become wet as he sucked her toes was turning his cock to steel; it was getting increasingly difficult to hold on.

“Please Mistress, can I come now. Mistress, I’m desperate for it…I beg you!”

“I’m not done with you yet….” she said, with a devious smile.

Jim then found his head being forced down to wet pussy; as he licked her out of reflex, he couldn’t help but to touch it. What she had down there was beautiful; it was thick yet smooth, dark and then internally pink, but inviting as it was treacherous. He could feel his finger being clamped by her well trained kegels, as he massaged her g-spot. Her clit jumped as his tongue flicked it rapidly; he then began to smother each of her lips in quick succession, while keeping up the finger work. Kay could feel the pressure of a forthcoming explosion rise up inside her and she couldn’t help but to bark out a few commands to speed it up a little.

“Faster slave, lick faster,” she breathed, “Yes, that’s it! All over my clit…oh God yes!”

Jim did as commanded and was overcome with glee as her body bucked into multiples; her legs moved around wildly and she almost called out Jack’s name, but stopped herself. Kay struggled to compose her breathing from the depth of her climax and then remembered that Jim had been waiting well over half an hour now to have a release of his own. After feeling a little guilty for thinking about another man, she decided to let poor Jim have some pussy.

“Do you wanna fuck me slave?”

“Please Mistress. I beg you , let me….”

Kay leaned back on her elbows and spread her legs almost as wide as the splits; the overwhelming visual display caused him to almost pounce. Jim entered her and could only manage a few thrusts, before his face contorted in orgasmic bliss. Once he’d emptied the tank, she pushed him off her and got up off the bed.

“Clean the room before you leave.” she said and walked out to the bathroom.


“So, is Jack giving you guys a hard time?” asked Kay. Inviting Jim Templeton round that night was no mistake; he just happened to be the current Vice President of JMC Advertising.

“Yeah, its the usual sound of balls being broken inside the boardroom. But you already know that Kay; you remember what happened the last time the market took a slump. They brought in some young hotshot that time around too. How long was it now since you left the company, about ten years ago?”

“Around that many years.”

“But you did the smart thing and bailed out to start your own business. You did good for yourself Kay….”

“Thanks Jim. But that’s why I need you on my side this time around. If that Jack fella wants to start chopping heads off, I want you to know that you have an instant place in my company.”

“Well that will surely be the tables turning won’t it? I mean I used to be your boss; I can deal with being your business rival, but you being my boss? I don’t know about that.”

“Jim, come on. Get real. JMC is like an old war horse. I know that company inside out and I know that you guys have the same old heads, doing the same old campaigns. They aren’t young, fresh ideas like those coming out of K Maxx. My company is the future of advertising in the US today and you know it, or you wouldn’t be here. We both know that sex isn’t the only reason we both still see each other. Let’s not pretend.”

“But you are a dammed good dominatrix Kay, and since I know that much, you can imagine my apprehension to you being my boss. So what do you wanna know about Jack? Do you see him as a threat or something? I know he’s young but at the end of the day, he’s just a parts man. He’s not in the business of advertising; he’s only in the business of salvaging the best parts of a company and discarding the rest.”

“I make it my business to know everything about everybody; I’ll figure out whether or not he is a potential threat once I have enough information. We’ve spoken a few times and he’s even asked me out to dinner. God knows why, but I haven’t given him an answer yet.”

“Probably wants to scope out the competition. I hope I’m not being used though?”

“Oh please Jim. You should be glad that I’m giving you a heads up. When the JMC ship eventually goes down, at least you know that you have a potential job waiting. Come on baby, I’ve known you for over fifteen years now and have I ever double-crossed you in that time? Give me a little credit here….”

“I’m sorry Kay, I guess not. I’m just feeling a lil paranoid that’s all, with everything that’s been going on. Forgive me….”


Kay paid her son a visit the next day; she wanted to make sure he was settling in well and that the place hadn’t already turned into a garbage dump. Troy smiled at her as he opened the door wide to let her in.

“Mi casa es su casa!” he said exuberantly.

“Hiya sweetheart, hope I’m not intruding. Just wanted to see how you’re doing after a week all by yourself.’ she replied beaming.

“Oh mama I’m good! Let me show you what I’ve done with the place….”

Troy took Kay on a little tour of the apartment; he’d made a few little changes to make the place his own. Her favourite part of this was the inclusion of all his basketball trophies in the games room; it seemed that her little boy had amassed quite a lot of silverware over the years. Kay sometimes felt a little disappointed that he’d chosen to pursue a career in business instead of the NBA; but at the end of the day, the fact that he wanted to be recognized for his mental prowess rather than the physical was also a constant source of pride. Once they were done with the tour, Troy made a beeline for the kitchen and opened the huge refrigerator.

“So what can I get you mama? I went and stocked up the fridge the other day….”

“Umm…let me have a glass of that cranberry and blackcurrant juice son.”

“Aight, coming up.”

Kay watched her son doing domestic things and realized that she wasn’t actually aware how domesticated he was. She noticed the stove had been used and washed plates were neatly stacked in the drying rack by the sink. The place looked tidy and clean; he’s such a good boy, she thought happily.

“So, how is life as a bachelor treating you Troy? Had any friends come round to trash the place? What about girls?” she asked teasingly.

“You know what mama? Only my boy Devin has come round and that’s cos we go way back. You remember him? Since the fourth grade….”

“Yes Troy, I know him. He’s the only friend of yours that I ever approved of. Devin seems to have his head screwed on, but what is he doing lately?”

“He’s still enjoying the life of an young NBA baller; I know he’ll probably never forgive me for taking another path, but that’s life isn’t it mama. Every man must walk his own path….and every woman of course!”

“Glad that you got that right! How’s your father coping without you though?”

“I don’t really give a damn right now mama.”

“Come on Troy, don’t say that. He’s still your father regardless and you gotta respect him. I don’t care what’s gone on between you two, it can’t be that bad sweetie.”

“Can’t it? Well let me fill you in on a few things mom. I didn’t wanna tell you this years ago, cos I didn’t want you to feel guilty and make me move in with you. I know that your lifestyle has no place for a child and I understand that; even though I didn’t grow up living with you mama, you’ve given me more than my father ever did. You always came to see me every week without fail and you always gave my daddy more that enough dough to take care of me even though he always complained.”


“No mama, you need to listen to this shit; every time you put money in his account, it would either go to a bet on the next b-ball game or wasted at the bar. Dad would go and get shit faced whenever he lost money with the bookies, so that meant I would have to eat ramen noodles for the week again. Why do you think he got pissed when you started giving me my money directly once I hit 18? Dad’s meal ticket was over; but it still took him six months to dry out from drinking. So you see why I can’t respect him mama; he ain’t never been an example for me and he never will be.”

“But Troy, you should have let me know…I would have taken you away from all that.”

“Mom, I might be young, but I ain’t stupid. I knew that living by yourself helped you to be successful; I didn’t want to jeopardize that and to be honest, I learned to take care of myself. I cleaned the house, bought the groceries and made sure that the bills were paid on time. Remember when my so called other mom left him?”


“Yeah Selina. I was nine then and he couldn’t handle looking after me on his own; dad hit the bottle hard back then and could barely hold himself together. But you were the only reliable person in my life mama. I did wanna live with you, but I needed to have that regular money from you each week cos I knew that dad would not survive without it. Oh, and I saw inside the guest room in your place one day…you forgot to lock it.”

“Oh Troy, you didn’t need to see that. I wish you didn’t see that…oh my God. I’m so sorry baby; I feel terrible for what you went thorough. Why couldn’t I see that Frank was a drunk?”

Kay then broke down as the gravity of her son’s admission hit her; she felt as if she had failed him as a mother and even worse, he had an idea of her kinky perversions.

“Mama…don’t blame yourself at all. If anything, it’s helped me to be a responsible person. I never wanna be like him; I love my dad, but I hate his weaknesses. That’s one thing about you mama; no matter how many times he tried to cut you down in my eyes, I could see that you were strong. Don’t worry about me seeing your guest room either. What you do in your private life is your own darn business; but I sure am curious about trying some of the stuff I saw in that room though….” he chuckled.

“Oh boy, you better hush your mouth!” she admonished lightly.

After that, things didn’t seem so bad after all.


Jim walked into Jack’s office with his heart in his mouth. He felt bad for what he was about to do, but had to protect his own interests. If anything, he needed to appear useful to both sides just in case. Jack looked positively presidential sitting at his desk and this scared Jim a little; between Jack and Kay, he couldn’t figure out who was scarier.

“Hi Jack, so how’s things?” asked Jim nervously.

“I get a feeling that you’re about to tell me that,” replied Jack. “So to what do I owe the honor of this visit?”

“Tell me, do you know of a Kay Wilson? CEO of K Maxx….”

“Yes…she also used to be a JMC employee. Why do you ask?”

“Well I still keep in touch with her at times and I saw her recently. She mentioned your name and asked me about you. I didn’t say much of course, but I just wanted to let you know that she was asking.”

“So you think that because you’re a tattle-tale, I’ll save your job?”

“Come on Jack, it’s not like that. I’m still a JMC person and we need to protect our collective interests that’s all. This is completely off the record, but I know Kay; she’s like a little pit bull and if she could take over this company tomorrow, she would do it in a heartbeat. I know what she’s capable of and I for one don’t want some bitch to be my boss. I can imagine a man like yourself wouldn’t want that either.”

Jack didn’t immediately respond to Jim’s statement for effect; he aimed to unnerve him a little, tattle-tale or not, the Vice President needed to know that even his job was not guaranteed.

“Okay Jim, I heard what you have to say.”

“So what are you gonna do?”

“About what?”

“About Kay?”

“You’ll see. Make sure you shut the door on the way out.”

Jim knew at that point that their conversation was over; he hadn’t achieved what he had aimed to. Jack Benjamin-Ames had proven to be a tough nut to crack. As he took the elevator down to leave the building, Jim felt increasing dread for what he’d just done. He’d just given a virtual stranger the upper hand over a friend that he had known for over fifteen years; he decided to spend the rest of the evening scoring some coke to try and forget the whole thing.


When Kay put the phone down, she shook her head miserably. Amanda Grimes, who happened to work alongside Jack’s personal assistant, just informed her that Jim Templeton called a meeting with Jack that morning. Kay actually felt a little hurt that Jim had betrayed her; now that he’d drawn the battle lines, there would be no mercy at all. Irrespective of Jack’s next move; Kay was about the set the wheels of her assault in motion. One of JMC’s longest standing clients and biggest accounts was about to be poached. L’Ingénue was one of the largest mainstream beauty companies in the world and she was about to make an appointment to see the head of the advertising dept in the New York headquarters.

After making that call, she made another very important call.

“Jack Benjamin-Ames’ office please; yes he’s expecting my call. Tell him it’s Kay Wilson on the line….”


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