The Family of Jamee Johnson Is Requesting An Independent Investigation

The Family of Jamee Johnson Is Requesting An Independent Investigation Into His Shooting Death By Jacksonville Sheriff’s Officer Josue Garriga

22-year-old Jamee Johnson was attending Florida A&M University as a business major when he was gunned down by Officer Josue Garriga of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office during a traffic stop on December 14, 2019. Authorities have always maintained that the shooting was justified, claiming that Johnson began to resist arrest, and the officer feared that the young man was reaching for a weapon. However, the Sheriff’s Office has been unable to provide definitive proof that Johnson threatened police, claiming no dashcam footage of the incident exists nor is bodycam footage available. According to police, the body camera somehow became “dislodged” while the officer struggled with Johnson.

But Johnson’s family is not buying the explanation. In fact, they are now demanding an independent investigation into the shooting.

Florida House of Representative members are also backing the family’s call to action.

“As a member of the Florida House and a state citizen, I ask myself what I would do if Jamee was my relative,” said Representative Shevrin Jones. “I would probably be doing the same thing his family is doing here today.”⠀⠀⠀⠀

Florida rep Geraldine Thompson D-Windermere also chimed in, stating, “We’re asking law enforcement in Duval County to work with FDLE so that there will be an independent investigation with regard to what happened in Jacksonville. The funds and there will be no question to partiality if you bring in an independent body.”

Days after the shooting, the Jacksonville branch of the NAACP released a statement that was obtained by

“It is our immediate request that the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office provides more details about the encounter and release the body camera recordings. Transparency is essential to public trust, and our community deserves nothing less.” the statement read in part.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office has not responded to the request for an independent investigation.

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