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“The Forever Side Chick Club” – When Will It End?


-Blogged by @A_shewrites –

“So when does it end? How long will it be before men, attached and married stop approaching me?“ The real question is, when will I stop allowing myself to be a side chick?

Unbeknownst to the rest of the world living their perfect heart-shaped cookie cutter lives, women are giving up the chase, taking a pass on commitment and engagement and vowing to be a side chick forever. Is it a cop out or is it more like settling? For an example, some mega stars have set the trend for it to be cool to have a beloved baby momma and a side chick around and flaunting it in the public eye. Either [we] have forgotten his bad boy ways or it has become acceptable. Granted men have been doing this for ages, women are now taking responsibility and owning up to the fact that they’d rather have a piece of “him” or nothing at all. It’s no longer a secret, It’s more like being apart of the club, the “Forever Side Chick Club.”

Secretly, there are women who actually go out to pursue other women’s boyfriends, significant others and spouses. What ever happened to aiming for the high fruit? Not the fruit that’s already had a chunk bitten out of it! I’m well aware that this article may raise a few eyebrows and even ruffle some feathers but girl I’m not mad at you. If this keeps love around and your bed warm at night then by all means keep doing you.

Some women believe that they only attract married men, wrong, men are very strategic, they can smell a woman who accepts infidelity with open arms. They know that she will play her role effortlessly without question of receiving more. This side chick isn’t here for that. She has the game down to a science and has been doing it for quite some time. This is the scariest side chick of them all because, in fact she wont be stalking or planning the demise of his relationship or marriage, she‘s not hoping for a ring nor is she praying that he‘ll leave his lover, the kids and the dog, yet she is content. And subconsciously, there does live a motive in the back of her mind. Yes, she does expect something in the end, and what that something is, only she knows.

Some women are groomed from birth to be housewives and some have been taught to take what they can get, even if that means losing their dignity. So what are the perks of being a member of the Forever Side Chick Club? A lot of lonely nights, lonely holidays and just being plain ol’ lonely. But is it all really worth it?

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