The “Hustle” List

I don’t know about yall but I’m pretty much tired of buying my own shit. Being independent is a lil overrated. I’ve been doing the shit since I was 17. Woo fucking hoo! I can name countless things that I’ve done and bought for myself. But there are some things I wished someone else (i.e. a man) could have been done or bought for me. Now don’t get me wrong, being independent has gotten me to where I am today. And I strongly encourage women to be self-sufficient. However, you don’t have to buy and do EVERYTHING for yourself. Put these ninjas to work and let them be productive.

At the beginning of the year, I made a New Years resolution, which was to stop paying for shit someone can buy for me.  There are things that I want but I refuse to pay for. I’ve always had a list of things that I desired and placed it on my “goals list”. However, I have now moved all of those items over to my “hustle list”. Now the only thing on my goals list is “to get folks to buy the shit on my hustle list”. Personally, I have placed a lot of things on the list…from buying drinks to my Bentley. When I go to the club, I usually always prey upon some brother with low self esteem to buy me drinks all night. It always works. Try it. Picture the scenario: Ya’ll know the brother in the club that is eyeing you and you’re like….ewwww. Yeah him. Well, he really wants to be in your presence cause you’re cute. So his only line is to say “Can I buy you a drink?” Don’t turn this brother away. Let him do his job. Save your money. I don’t give a fuck if the drink is only $8. That’s $8 still in your damn bank account.

Now, let’s turn our attention to the big stuff. I have turned down big ticket items cause I was so stuck on showing my independence. Or I was fearful for what he might want in return. I know ya’ll have been there too. You get a gift and you’re like…”no I can’t accept this”. Well oh yes the fuck you can. WTF? What in the hell was you and I thinking? Well, not anymore.

So ladies, if you feel like me then create your list. It can be big items (cars, houses, businesses) or small items (food, drinks, parking tickets). Even things such as registration fees for your business can be included. My suggestion is anything that you feel like someone should pay for should be on the list. Here are some tips to get you started,

1. Stop spending money on expensive ass outfits and clothes. Let these ninjas upgrade you. I don’t spend hella money on clothes anymore. I rock fresh tees and jeans. These men don’t care about clothes; they just want pussy anyways and don’t really care how expensive your shoes are. They’ll still fuck you. Let them buy your next pair of Christian Louboutin’s.

2. Be needy. Now I know you’re thinking WTF? But hear me out. There’s some shit that I need. For example, I needed a piece of technology for my biz that was $2000. I was damned if I bought it. Well after mentioning it a few times, one of my exes offered to buy it. He felt like he was investing in my biz. So for you, play the scenario up like “you need your lights paid” kinda shit. They’ll do what they can to help.

3. Date men who own or possess the shit that you want. Men with money are generous. It’s NOTHING for them to give you the shit they already own. I got this valuable advice from of my baller friend. He said that if a woman he dates asks him for something he already owns then he don’t mind giving it to her. For example, she wanted a Benz just like the one he owned. He was in the process of buying a new car so he just gave her his old car. He has the money so it wasn’t like he needed to trade it in.

Good luck ladies!!! Reach for the stars. My momma says, if you reach for the stars, the worst that can happen is that you fall on a cloud. If you reach for the clouds, the worse that can happen is that you fall on the ground. Dream big!

Now for all the ladies that LOVE to buy their own stuff, WHY? Just kidding….kinda….good for you. *Applause*

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