The Inferior Man Complex: Why I Could Never Date A Man Who Makes Less

Dating back in time, men were always groomed to be the man of the household. The provider of his family and the protecter. Over the years the playing field has leveled a bit and women have started to make more money and in some cases, she’s surpassing men in the workplace.


As much as we as women want to find love, what happens when a successful woman tries to date a man who is not financially as successful as she is? She ends up with a guy that has Inferior Man Complex. He immediately feels like a lessor because his woman is doing something great. This is why women like Beyonce go for Jay Z’s and not for Jamal.


What happens when you date a man with inferior man complex and why is it a bad thing? Well, first off he will constantly remind you that he doesn’t have what you have. He says things like “So, you think you’re better than me because you make more money than I do?” or things like “Why do you want to go to this expensive restaurant like I can afford that?”. You’re constantly walking on egg shells because no matter what you say or do, he’s going to take offense. You can’t talk about your hard day at work because he’ll try to out-complain you. You can’t splurge on nice things because he’s secretly jealous of you. If you buy a new car, he’ll secretly wish for it to get repossessed. 


Men with Inferior Man complex are bitter, jealous and often times angry. The only way he’ll ever be happy is if he’s doing better than you. This means the only way he’ll win is if you do bad, or he progresses. The deceiving part about a man with Inferior Man Complex is that most times they are very good about hiding  it. His pride will allow him to smile through the complex and not let you know that they envy you. When he’s not being direct about his feelings you will think everything is okay. The best way to determine if you’ve got a man with inferior man complex is to continue to be a successful woman. If he drifts away, you know your answer.

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