The Lip Stick War Is Back On & Popping

Just when you thought the lip stick beef was over, Keyshia Dior has re-ignited it and this time she has her sights set on Draya, the new face of Secret Kisses.



Apparently it all started when a fake Instagram page surfaced using Draya’s name. Draya, who admits to only having a Twitter page, had recently been celebrating her 27th birthday and was surprised with a Secret Kisses birthday cake, shaped like a pair of lips. 



A friend of Draya’s posted this to her Instagram and the fake Draya posted it to HER Instagram apparently making comments that SK was better than Keyshia’s Ka’oir brand. When the news got back to Keyshia she was not too happy. 



Well Of course Draya had to speak up yet again about not having an Instagram:




Gates,CEO of Secret Kisses and the man who gave Keyshia her name [CLICK HERE], had a thing or two to say himself: 

This is a hot blue lipstick mess!



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