THE OTHER SON: Part 10…Murder…

*This series was written by LadyBass of and told to me in parts…it was so good that I asked her if I could share it with you guys! Read and enjoy!*

*Sorry it’s late! (Thank you miss p!) Been really busy this week. The finale to this is coming next week! *

The house was quiet and peaceful but it didn’t help Jack sleep. His eyes were open and
his body motionless on the soft bed in his brother house. Next to him lay the cold dead body of the freshman girl he had set Damien up with at the party. Around her neck were a black scarf and a small golden cross. Her naked body was pale except for the deep purple marks around her neck from where he had strangled her. The sun wasn’t up yet so the only light outside was that of the moon. He saw that it was full and so some unknown reason that caused him to smile. A hunter’s moon and soon he would rise to hunt his next victim. He lay still for another moment before letting the smile slowly disappear from his face. His mind wondered to Katrina and what she was doing now. Was she up studying or in bed sleeping believing that she was safe? He did know the answer to those questions but he was tempted to find out. An early morning visit perhaps? No he thought by the time he would have gotten to her apartment it would be after seven and that might raise her suspicions. He didn’t want that. He was glad Damien was out of the way for now or at least he hoped he was. If he got in the way again he would have to kill him sooner than he wanted to. He did want to kill Damien so soon because wanted him to see something before he died. When Jack thought about what he wanted Damien to see, he smiled again.

Jack finally got up from the bed and stretched out. He looked over at the dead girl in his bed and decided it was time to mover her. He put on some clothes and put on a pair of rubber gloves as he moved toward the bed. He wrapped up carefully in a sheet. He didn’t lift her off the bed until he had made sure that the sheet was perfectly wrapped around her. It took him three tries to lift her off the bed because the sheet would fall or wrinkle and Jack would put the body down again to fix the problem. Once he got it perfect he carried the cold body out of the room. He walked through the wall way slowly until he reached the basement door. He gently laid the body down on a long table while he unlocked the basement door and held it open with a doorstop. He gently picked the woman’s body up and carried it down the stairs. He walked toward a black coffin and laid her in it. He stared at her for a it before getting some makeup and some clothes ready. He rolled another table next to the coffin and very carefully lifted the body out of the coffin and on to the table and began to apply make up to her face.
A couple of hours later Jack had dress the girl in a long blue dress and had applied make up to her face and painted her nails. He carefully placed her in the coffin and stared at his work. He said a few prayers and mumble sorry and placed a bible in her coffin and a thing white sheet over her body and closed the casket. He wheeled the casket in to a wooden box and sealed it. Jack pushed the box to the back entrance, which lead to the back yard. He pushed it outside and loaded it up to a truck. He got into the drivers seat and drove off into the sunrise.


Jack drove the truck to the cemetery a few miles out side of town. The gate was open so he just drove straight into the graveyard. He drove until her reached a partially clear area with a large building near by. He got out of the truck and opened the back. He wheeled out the box that contained the body of the women he killed and wheeled it to the building and up the ramp that was located on the side of the main entrance. When he was at the door and paused and got the key to the door and opened. He wheeled the box into the building and through a long hallway into another room. The room was dimly light but that was not a problem for Jack. He had been in that room many times. The room contained many boxes that were the size of the one he entered the room with. These containers are going to be transferred to another cemetery and Jack knew this. He placed the box with the others and then left the room. A he walked back, he thought back to when he was a little boy. He was the black sheep of the family. Just about everyone thought he was weird and that wasn’t a good thing especially when your family is wealthy, children that where thought to be black sheep were put away and disowned by the family. He knew that for a fact because that is what happened to him. Jack was always fascinated by just about everything. He became very fascinated by death when his grandfather and best friend died when he was nine. No one could explain to him very well so he was always searching to find out why the two people that treated him well had to leave him. His grand father had always loved him and showed it. There were times when he wanted to live with his grandfather just to escape his parents. His grand father seemed to understand his curiosity and saw his potential. He would buy him small science labs and magazines about animals, spaceships and other things about science. His best friend would always have the latest comic book and they would get his grandfather to take them to the comic book shop where they would explore the isles. It was a very happy time for him until the accident.
His parent hated him. He knew that for sure. They have always seemed to have this great distain for him that he didn’t understand. They loved Joe to on end but they hated him. He wasn’t the child they wanted but Joe was. It wasn’t that Jack got into a lot of trouble when he was younger but it was some things about him that his parents didn’t like. They would usually refer to him as the other child or as the other. It was rare that his parents called him by his name for referred to him as their son. Jack pushed those thoughts away as he got back into the truck and blew a kiss to the building. It was time to get on with his other work.


“Damien, I think you should come with me when I go home next weekend.”

“Really? I guess this means I have to be on my best behavior then.”

“Well that would be nice especially around my father.”

“Does he own a gun?”

“Yeah he does. He owns a few actually. He is in the military.”

“Then I will be saying some very long prayers.”

“Don’t worry Damien. You’ll be fine.” She said as she cut her pancakes.

“Yeah,” he mumbled.

“Don’t worry it’ll be a fun weekend.”

“Okay. I look forward to it.”

“Good.” She said as her phone rang. It was Joe. “Hi Joe what’s up?”

“Hi, ummm I was wondering if you wanted to come to my house to eat. I’m cooking and it seems that I have made way too much for just myself.” He said to her.

“Who is that?”Damien asked.

“It’s Joe. He’s asking me over to breakfast.”

“Say no and hang up.”
“Damien, stop it.” She turned back to the phone. “Thanks Joe but I’m already eating. Thanks for the invite.”

“Oh alright… I’ll see you later then. You said that you would meet me in the library.”

“Yeah we’re still on for that.”

“Great, I’ll see you then. Bye.” He said and hung up the phone.

“What was that about?” Damien asked her.

“I am going to meet Joe at the library to get some work done and that is all.”

“I don’t want you to go.”

“Damien I will be in a public place with him. I’m just going to help him with some stuff and that is it.” She said

“Just don’t go anywhere else with him. Library then make sure people see you and call

“Damien calm down. I’ll be ok.”

“Hmmm yeah I know.”

Okay that’s all for now…thoughts ladies?

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