THE OTHER SON: Part 8…the wrong impression

*This series was written by LadyBass of and told to me in parts…it was so good that I asked her if I could share it with you guys! Read and enjoy!*

A knock on the door is what woke Katrina up from her sleep. She slowly walked to the door and looked through the peek hole. When she saw it was Damien she immediately opened the door for him.

“Hey babe,” she said when she saw him.

“Hi. Uhhh did you speak to Joe today?” he asked. The walking past her.

“Well thanks for the hello without a kiss or how are you doing. Yes I did speak to Joe today why?”

“Did he seem strange to you?”

“Well not really, maybe a little bit but that is because he just lost his brother, he has to plan a funeral and was blamed for things he didn’t do. Did you know his mother blames him for what happened? He needs a friend or two right now.”

“I don’t know. I asked him about the lab key and he acted like he barely knew what I was talking about. In fact he acted like he didn’t know whom Professor Morton was. He doesn’t know where the key is or if he gave to his brother before he died or not. It’s alittle strange don’t you think?”

“Yeha but Damien come on. He’s probably a little mixed up. Give him some time besides I said you and I would go to the Greek party with him tomorrow.”

“You to a party tomorrow with him? I don’t know if that I such a good idea.”

“Damien come one now.”

“I’ll go.”

“Good. Now if I got my time right we still have 90 minutes before our next class together.”

“Yeah that’s right.” She wrapped her arms around his waist.

“So how about we make the most of that time.” She said leaning into to his chest. He lowered his head and kissed her.

“That sounds really good.” He said and kissed her again.

They made their way to the couch as they continued kissing and feeling up each other. Damien started kissing her neck and Katrina laid back and was pulling his shirt up. Damien Stopped and pulled his shirt off and went back to kissing her. Katrina’s hands slid up and down his spine, her nails teasing his flesh. Damien unbuttoned her blouse and took it off her while still kissing her. He moved from her lips to her neck licking and sucking and removing her bra at the same time. Katrina let out a loud moan when Damien took one of her nipples in his mouth. She held his head in place as he sucked and caressed her breasts, switching back and forth. He finally licked a trail back up to her lips for another kiss. Katrina started slipping her pants off. Damien stopped kissing her and pulled her pants off completely then stood up.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“Getting a condom.” He said as he went over to one of the draws then rushed back one her got some condoms. He started to unbuckle his belt but Katrina stopped him.

“My turn.” She said and took over unbuckling his belt and pushing his pants and boxers down. She licked down his chest just below his belly button as her hands wrapped around his dick and twisted them in up and down his length as she stuck her tongue in his belly button. Damien groaned when she licked the head once then gave a long lick to the underside.

“Shit baby, you gotta stop teasing me.” He moaned.

“But it’s so fun.” She said and then swirled her tongue around the head and in the slit. She gained a moan from him in response. She then took him inside her mouth slowly and pulled back even slower and let her top teeth drag on his sensitive skin over the head. Damien closed his eyes tight and threw is head back. She sucked on him slowly at first so she could get used to his size and take as much of him in as possible. She had her hands wrapped around the rest of him as she sucked him off. Damien stopped her when he was fully erect and moments before cumming.

“That’s enough,” he breathed. “I won’t be able to give you yours if I cum right now. Damn babyhmmmm.” She groaned as she gave him one last hard suck and then licked the head again. He pushed down on the couch and took her panties off and spread her legs. He got on his knees and started giving her head. Katrina squirmed and gasped as his tongue dove inside her. Damien then took his tongue and swirled around and over her clit as his fingers entered her. She started moving her hips to the rhythm of his hand as his tongue moved quickly over her sensitive clit.

“Damien!!! Uuuuh yes!” she screamed as his fingers curled and stroked her g-spot in quick strokes. He started sucking on her clit and moving his hand faster and after a few seconds Katrina squirted as her orgasm took over her.

“OOO I love when you do that!” he exclaimed as he licked up her juices.

“Yeah I can tell.”

“I want you to taste yourself.” He said and put his wet fingers to her mouth. She sucked on his fingers hard making sure there were no trances of her on them. Damien found that so erotic that he kissed her. He broke the kiss to turn her over and once she was on her stomach he began to probe her ass with his tongue as he put his fingers back inside her. He moved his fingers faster inside with his tongue still in place. Katrina couldn’t help but orgasm two more times. While Katrina recovered, Damien grabbed a condom and slipped it on himself and aligned his member with her entrance. He took a different approach this time and entered to the hilt in one stroke. He heard her moan when he did this and stayed in place for a few seconds. He moved his hips slightly forward then back, forcing Katrina to hold on to the arm of the couch. He did this for a few minutes and then placed his hands on her hips and leaned back, she pushed forward on him and he pulled back. They kept at this until leaned forward again and increased his pace. Katrina called out his name once more and he felt her tighten around him. Damien started slamming into her hard to bring on her orgasm. After the third stroke Katrina came and passed out.

“Kat?” he asked cautiously. She was laid out, half on and half on the couch and dead to the world. Damien slipped out of her and adjusted her body so she was on the couch in a comfortable position. He gently shook her arm to wake her up.


“Are you okay? You passed out on me.” Damien said.

“Yeah, sorry. I couldn’t help it. Hmmm Did you cum?”

“No. You passed out on me before I could.”

“Sorry, well come on let’s finish.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, Damien.” She said and kissed him on the lips. He positioned himself at her entrance again and guided himself in quickly. He moved quickly so he could reach his orgasm but before he did Katrina climaxed again. They both breathed heavily as they rested.
“So is it time for class?” he asked as he pulled out of her. She looked over at the clock.

“In about 20 minutes, so we have a little time.” She said and wrapped her arms around him. He snuggled into her and closed his eyes for a second.

“We should do this before and after every class.”

“Yes we should.”

“So you want me to seduce him and then you’ll get my grade changed and do my paper?” a female voice asked.

“Yes you have it exactly right.” Jack said.

“You must really like that girl to have me do this.” She said

“You must really be desperate for that grade change and paper to do this.”

“Whatever just have him in place.”

“Oh he will be and make it good, real good.” He said to her before leaving.



The Greek Fest Thursday night

“I don’t see him. Are you sure he said he would meet us here?” Damien asked Katrina and looked through the crowds of college students. It was hard to hear each other because of the loud music.

“What?! Oh yeah he said he would meet us here.” She yelled over the music.

“Alright, hey I’m going to get some beer. Do you want any?”

“Yeah get me one too.”

“All right I’ll be back here in a few minutes. Call me on my cell if you can’t find me or you move.” He said and disappeared into the crowd in search of beer.

Katrina stayed where she was. The crowd seemed to get more rowdy as the music switched from soft rock to hardcore hip hop. Ten minutes had pasted by and she saw no sign of Damien or of Joe. She was starting to wonder what was going on until she felt a hand touch her shoulder.

“Katrina, there you are. I’m sorry I’m late but I had to do some setting up in the back. Where is Damien? I thought he was coming.” Joe asked.
“He did come. He went to get beer for us a few minutes ago. He hasn’t come back yet. I wonder what happened to him?”

“Well come on I am sure we will find him. I’ll show you where the drinks are. He should be there.” Jack said.

“Thanks Joe.” She told him as he guided her through the crowd. She took a look around to see if Damien was around trying to get to her the other way but she did not see him. There were plenty of other men and women grinding on each other and drinking heavily. Joe finally led her to a table full of drinks. She looked around but couldn’t see Damien anywhere in the crowd.

“I don’t see him.” Jack said to her. He was happy. It seems that the girl was doing her job.

“Me either. I’m going to call him and see where he is.” Katrina said and began dialing his number. Her phone rang and rang and soon his message came on.” He’s not answering. I wonder what is up with him?”

“I don’t know. Do you think he left?”

“No, he wouldn’t do that.” She said looking around.

“Hey look I’ll ask around to see if anybody has seen him.”

“Thanks.” She said as she saw him ask around. After a few minutes he comes back to her.

“Somebody said they saw him go up stairs with some girl.”

“They say him go where with whom?” she asked incredulously.

“Come on let’s go up stairs and see if he’s up there. I’m sure he’s just helping out or using the bathroom.” He said as they made their way up stairs. Once they got to the second floor it was a lot easier to maneuver because there were very few people up there. They both searched around until the came upon the last room at the back of the hall. Jack pushed on the door to see the girl he employed on top of Damien on a bed kissing him.

“Damien!!!” Katrina screamed. This caused the girl that was on top of him to jump off him. She was topless at the time with her breasts hanging. Damien looked a little dazed at the time. His pants were undone and a semi erection was evident.

“Damien, How could you?!!!” she yelled very upset.

“What? No it’s not what you think.” he said trying to get up but he felt funny and his head was spinning.

“Not what I think!! I can’t…not now.” She said and rushed out of the room. Jack followed right behind her. Jack finally stopped Katrina outside of the building.

“Katrina wait. Don’t leave like this.”

“I can’t stay here. Not after what just happened. I have to go. I’m sorry Joe. I’ll see you later.” She said and rushed off. Jack smiled to himself.

Damien tried getting up and almost fell over. His head was swimming and he didn’t know why. He didn’t drink much at all. All he did was have a couple of sips of the beer the girl had giving him. That was it. She drugged him. She was the one that pushed on the bed in the first place but he was too out of it to fight her off. He didn’t really know what was going on. He tried getting up again and this time he was successful. He used the wall as balance as he made short steps to the pother side of the room.

“Hey you don’t look so good.” The girl said as she put her top back on.

“No shit. You put something in my drink. What was it?” he asked.

“I don’t know. I just put it in the drink like the guy told me too. Look sorry about your girl friend but I really need that A and my paper done and this was the only way. Don’t worry, he said in an hour you’ll be alright.” She said before leaving.

“Wait who told you to do this he called out to her in the hall?”

“The guy that came in here with your girlfriend. Joe or something like that.”


Okay that’s all for now…thoughts ladies?

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