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I have been sitting on “The Pink Print” for some time now.  I was given a sneak peek into Minaj’s most personal effort to date before the rest of the world was gifted. At first listen, I wasn’t initially captivated as some albums managed to do for me this year.  I did not want to discredit Minaj’s diligence and work so I gave the album a week’s worth of a more spins, something I am excited I did.

“The Pink Print” is a statement album. It isn’t courteous or well mannered. It is direct and arrogant. The album speaks to the confidence that is Nicki MInaj. Enlisting music heavy hitters – Zaythoven, Mike Will Made It, Polow da Don, Dr. Luke, Will.I.Am and yes, Hitmaka, ensured the album would be wrapped with banging baselines. Minaj’s collaborative efforts with writers has past, present and future grammy recipients. It is a recipe for dope status.

There are numerous tracks that bump from jump. “Anaconda”, “Shanghai”, “Feeling Myself”(feat. Beyonce), the list can go on. Then there is a song or two that require a few more plays before the listener is sold on the song. The single “Pills and Potion” is one of the latter. I strongly believe that song framed my bias in listening to the album. It isn’t a poor quality song, but it didn’t excite me. “All Things Go” was okay as well. Two out of twenty isn’t bad at all. The remaining eighteen are jams. The bulk of Minaj’s effort has no doubt the ability to revered as a classic. 

I am all for women being authoritative. ” Get On Your Knees” featuring Arian Grande is by far the most femininely vulgar song put out in a long time. It’s brash and I like it (possibly for all the wrong reasons, sue me). It speaks to those with insatiable appetites. It speaks on the wave length of women in control even if it’s behind the closed doors of the bedroom. 

“Buy A Heart” (feat. Meek Mill) is a song of transparency as well as “All Things Go” and “Grand Piano”.  I feel a sense of vulnerability and borderline insanity with “Moana Lisa”.” I don’t want to fight, but you gave me no more tries/I will f*ck around and end your life [Moana Lisa]. It is  a tranquil song with charming melody and hypnotic drums. “Favorite” (feat. Jeremih) is no doubt the women’s anthem as it caters to those in search of their life compliment.

“Big Daddy” (Feat Meek Mill) is where the Trap meets Pre-Barbie era Minaj.” Want Some More” (feat. Jeremih) is riddled with so many quotable bars. It may be one of the most hubristic (rightfully so) tracks on the album. “Four Door Aventador” is simplistic melody- a nice compliment to the track listing. If I had to pick a song to cruise the streets with, “Four Door Aventador” would be that song.

“The Pink Print” is a solid album as expected. It is a composition of confidence that narrate Minaj’s stance in today’s industry. It is a great addition to any music junkie’s collection. No it isn’t philosophical, however it is honest. And honest records transcends into being classic records.

Cop “The Pink Print”.

-Niko Rose

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