The Real Meaning Behind Five Popular Lines All Black Mothers Say

The Real Meaning Behind Five Popular Lines All Black Mothers Say

It’s Mother’s Day! This is the day we celebrate and spoil the women responsible for raising us and bringing us into this world. Mothers are literally the center of a being’s life. They are our first connection to life beyond the womb, our primary source of nutrition, and the first voice we hear.

That voice, while graceful and true, over time adapts into one that is comical, insightful and one that will get you together real quick before you enter a store. Mothers – Black mothers in particular – have a few notable phrases that we all jokingly mimic. These phrases have lasted through generations of Black motherhood, and have been recycled for use on the next era of Black children. These phrases are sometimes hard-hitting, carry valuable messages that mothers need their children to listen to and learn with a quickness. Here are the real meanings of our favorite Black Mama lines.

“You Got McDonald’s Money”

Translation: Yes, I have enough money to buy you food, but I’m going to spend it on things the family actually needs. Would you spend the money you’ve earned on McDonald’s?

This phrase is typically accompanied with “There’s food at the house.” She’s pretty much asking, would you spend the money you’ve earned on McDonald’s when there’s food at home? Nine times of 10, your mother is telling the truth, there is food at the house that you could eat instead of begging for fast food every other day.

“I’m Not One Of Your Little Friends”

Translation: I’m your mother, not your friend. Respect me as such.

You’re kinda on thin ice with moms if you hear this. She’s sending you a PSA that while she wants you to see her as someone you can go to and confide in, the threshold of her being your caretaker cannot be crossed – ever. This phrase is usually said when you are getting too comfortable and end up saying something rude or inappropriate to your mother.

“When We Get In This Store Don’t Touch Nothin!”

Translation: Because you are a child who is capable of mistakenly breaking something that doesn’t belong to you, it would be best if you keep your hands to yourself. I don’t want to pay for anything you break.

Before you enter any establishment, your mother has to give you a heart-to-heart. The conversation is to reiterate that she is responsible for you. So whatever you do, she will be affected by it. All mothers know they’re children. If this is said to you, you’ve probably given her a reason to from past experiences. As you get older and more of your maturity shows the less she will feel the need to remind you.

“Don’t Keep Running In And Out My House! Either You’re In Or Out”

Translation: You asked to go outside, now I’ve let you and you don’t want to stay out. I’m annoyed.”

Understand your mom is not just your mother. She is a working woman with her own personal issues. The last thing she wants to hear and think about is you running in and out of the house, wasting the heat or air and tracking dirt in from outside. She’s not being mean, she’s being reasonable.

“You Better Fix Your Face Before I Fix It For You”

Translation: If you embarrass me in public, I’ll embarrass you.

This is usually said when you and your mom are out in public and you are starting to act up. This quick message is the last lifeline for you. This the borderline between her knocking you upside your head or you faking the funk until you all get home. Remember, you are a direct reflection of her. No mother likes to be embarrassed – especially in public – especially by her child. In this moment, it’s best if you wipe the tears from your face and act like you’ve got some sense. Otherwise, a switch or belt could be in your future.

What are your favorite lines?

Popular Lines All Black Mothers Say

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