The Reason Why Chris Bosh Baby Momma Allison Should Get 20% Of His Salary (video)

Allison wasn’t a jump. She didn’t poke holes in the condom to trap her NBA Baller. The pregnancy was planned. So planned Mathis was going to the fertility clinic to get pregnant. So why is she barely getting help from Bosh? This goes back to the blog Eleven wrote about a man only being a good father when he is in love with the mother.

According to Gossip Extra:

Their child, however, was wanted, the product of love: Mathis and Bosh lived together for two years when he played for the Toronto Raptors, and she says Bosh had her get fertility treatment when getting pregnant proved harder than he thought.

In her first interview since their daughter Trinity was born three years ago, Mathis says she doesn’t understand why Bosh is ignoring her pleas for help after she lost her job last month, placing her on the edge of foreclosure and public assistance.

Worse: She says Bosh has spent upward of $2 million on a coterie of lawyers to keep his child support payment at $2,600 a month – millions that even the Orange County judge handling their case said would be better spent on his daughter.

“Chris really wanted us to have a baby, that why he had me go to a fertility doctor,” Mathis exclusively told Gossip Extra at the downtown Orlando office of her lawyer, Jane E. Carey. “I followed the treatment and we eventually became pregnant. He was very happy when Trinity was born.”

In the above video watch chris bosh’s reaction when Allison told him she was pregnant. Now you spending 2 million to keep child support at 2600 a month? Sorry Bosh but the child should be living just as good as you.

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