Things Black Men Love About Black Women

In recent years, it has been so many articles written on the black man not loving the black woman anymore. Today I picked up Essence with Idris Elba on the cover and featured story read “50 Things Black Men LOVE About You”


I wanted to share this with my beautiful black BA sisters:


(written by black men, all ages,  all over the world)


My ex likes to be all colorful. She’d take 45 minutes to get dressed, but it was worth it.


My wife and I were walking past some young sisters in Harlem, and each of them had a different, cool hairstyle. It was natural and very creative. They were all just glowing.


When Black women dance, it’s much deeper than just shaking their hips; its an organic connection to the music. With Black women, dancing is high art.


After a long day I can talk to a Black woman and know she understands what I’ve been through.


I love that my wife has a silly side. When we go out dancing and the DJ puts on something like Kid n Play, my wife Lauren, starts dancing the kick step.  It’s hilarious.  We have a lot of fun when she gets in her silly mood.


I love that a Black woman can pick up on my sense of humor even if nobody else is at the table is laughing. 


A lot of us men are afraid of a Black woman’s intelligence. But I like a woman who can stand her own ground. 


My girlfriend knows what she wants in life and has an answer for everything. I learn from her daily.


Black women are built to survive.  I watched my single mother give up a career she had worked hard for just to make sure my autistic brother could have everything she needed.  Black women don’t talk about it, they do it.  My mothers passed in 2008 and now I look at my baby sister, Sirine, who is 14, and already I see the power in her.  I see the strength that she doesn’t yet see. It’s beautiful.


When I was 17 years old, going off to college, and ready to take over the world, my mother gave me some great advice.  She said, “Don’t argue.”  That was the best way she knew to give me the message:  “Do more listening than talking”


The best advice my mom ever gave me was always put on lotion. Always!!!





It’s so many beautiful stories in this article. I don’t know if it’s online but if it’s not please pick up the Essence with Idris on the cover.

What do you love about the black women in your life?

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