THIS IS NOT BALLIN!: Teen bride: ‘My wedding cost £100,000’!! WTF?

For this mess? That’s about $200,000 to you yanks!

“The bride dazzled in her £16,000 Swarovski crystal-covered dress, the guests guzzled dozens of bottles of champagne and the smell of fake tan hung thickly in the air.

It sounds like a typical celebrity wedding, but the bride was 16-year-old traveller Missy Quinn, whose family threw an extraordinary £100,000 bash, celebrating with 150 guests.

“I wanted a proper Cinderella wedding. A day where I’d be the centre of attention,” says Missy. “It cost a fortune, but I’ve always wanted a big wedding and my dad has been saving for ages to pay for it.”

Missy met her husband, Thomas Moghon, 17, on a day out at Alton Towers theme park when she was just 13.
She recalls: “Our first date was at a cinema, but my mother made my cousin, Mary, who was then 15, escort me!”
The couple continued to date, despite Missy’s family leaving their caravan park in Stoke-on-Trent every summer to roam the UK, while Thomas lived with his parents in Wolverhampton.

“I just knew he was The One from the beginning,” says Missy. “I’ve never dated anyone else. He’s perfect.”
Thomas proposed to Missy five months ago, when she was still only 15, in the same cinema where they had their first date. “I said yes straight away and we ran home to ask my dad’s permission,” recalls Missy.

“I was surprised they wanted to get married so young in this day and age,” says mum Theresa, 33, who tied the knot with Missy’s dad when she was 16. “But we could see they were madly in love, so we agreed to the wedding and all celebrated that night.”

The couple set a date for just six days after Missy turned 16. And for the next five months, there was a flurry of preparations. Missy went to a wedding dress designer in London and specified a two-piece ensemble encrusted with Swarovski crystals, along with a three metre-wide train. The outfit weighed an incredible 24st.

The sheer size of the dress meant Missy had to spend the night before her wedding day in a hotel – as the dress wouldn’t fit in her parents’ caravan.

On the day of the wedding, Missy was an hour late, not least because she struggled in and out of a Rolls-Royce Phantom to get to the wedding at St Mary’s Catholic Church in Congleton, Cheshire. It took 10 guests to help pull her out of the car.

Missy accessorised her dress with a £500 crystal bouquet, sparkling choker, tiara, belly-button jewel, hair clips and garter, plus fake tan, false eyelashes and body glitter. But it was the dress that stole the show.

Missy had to squeeze her way up the aisle, ripping the outfit on a pew as she struggled to the altar. “It was huge,” she says. “I wanted to outdo everyone else’s wedding dress. “It was extremely heavy and just standing in the church was really difficult. It felt so tight. I had to take off the train for the reception and it was still hard to stand. But despite all that, I felt just like Cinderella.”

When the ceremony – which was constantly interrupted by chatting from guests and even the bride and groom – finished, everyone moved on to the reception, in the North Stafford Hotel in Stoke-on-Trent. There, Missy and Thomas had their first dance to Destiny’s Child’s Brown Eyes, while guests guzzled bubbly and grazed on an all-day buffet.

The £100,000 bill – around five times the cost of the average UK wedding – was picked up by Missy’s dad Simon, 35, who tarmacs driveways for a living. Watching his little girl pose for photos on the big day, Simon, who wore a Hugo Boss suit and a diamond earring, said: “I’m very proud of her today.”

Showing no signs of being affected by the credit crunch, guests’ outfits featured crystals and feathers and they were plastered in gallons of fake tan. Girls as young as nine posed proudly in bikini tops, high heels and full make-up, while babies wearing £350 dresses were carried into the church.

Guest Victoria Docherty, 23, whose £700 hot pants and bra top outfit was handmade by a Welsh dancewear company, explains: “This isn’t unusual – it’s just what we do at weddings. It’s all very extravagant. Everything is paid for by the bride’s daddy.”

For the five months leading up to the wedding, while other teenagers around the UK were revising for their GCSEs, Missy was busy preparing for her big day – she’s been home-tutored since she was nine and will not sit any exams this year.

But the youngster already knows what she wants to do for a career. “I want to spend my days applying make-up and styling my hair. I want to get into glamour modelling. I don’t know if Thomas will like it, but that’s his problem,” she says.

Missy and Thomas honeymooned in Turkey and are now settling into married life in a new £18,000 caravan – a wedding present from the bride’s parents. “I think there will be times I’ll miss my parents, but they’re in the same caravan park so I can always visit, says Missy.

“Thomas might expect me to cook and clean, but I’m not going to. He can look after me as far as I’m concerned!”

I’m sorry but as the old adage goes…money does not buy you class.


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