Three LAPD Officers Charged After Being Caught Falsely Labeling People As Gang Members

According to NBC News, Los Angeles County prosecutors have filed tons of felony charges against three LAPD officers.

The outlet reports that the three officers have been suspected of falsely labeling innocent motorists and pedestrians they have pulled over, as gang members. 

Dozens of charges are being brought against Braxton Shaw, Michael Coblentz, and Nicholas Martinez, who were all notified Thursday, to surrender in court by early Friday, per various law enforcement sources. 

With over 59 criminal complaints, the trio has been charged with conspiracy, filing false reports, and preparing fraudulent documents for court. 

Each of the officers involved is also accused of falsifying cards used by officers in an effort to conduct interviews while in the field. 

The officers got caught up, after writing on the card that a person admitted to participating in a gang, however, body-worn cameras on the officers prove the officers never asked about gang affiliation, nor did it come up in conversation, according to prosecutors. 

Other instances have also occurred where the defendants would claim a person would admit to being in a gang, however, the person would deny those accusations. 

Shaw is facing up to 31 years and eight months in county jail for allegedly falsifying 43 field interview cards. 

Coblentz, who is being accused of falsifying seven cards is looking at seven years and eight months in prison. 

Lastly, Martinez, who is accused of falsifying two cards Is looking at facing potentially up to four years and four months in jail. 

“Public trust is the bedrock of community policing, and these allegations shake that foundation,” LAPD Chief Michael Moore said in an official statement. “The actions of these few tarnish the badge we all wear. The Department is committed to continuing this comprehensive investigation in our effort to restore the confidence of the people we protect and serve.”

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